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Hookup Spots
  • Giveusafeelofyourbumchumgiveusafeelofyourbum
  • yer ma;s hoose
  • Don't try hooking up with females in Aberdeen. They all think they're God's gift to the world. Mostly they're little proncesses who've spent their entire life living the good life off their father's oil salary. Most of them couldn't add two numbers together yet they think they're the smartest things out. If you want your leg over go somewhere normal and leave the Aberdeen ever-to-be virgins alone.
  • M Mckimmie
  • Arlene Adams fae Torry gaping rotten hole.She doesn't discriminate.If you got some ching yer in.
  • Eh rude
  • In aberdeen??? Better just stay single!!!
  • New to Abz so need to find best place to find fresh and clean pussy on Friday and sat nite wihtout havin to spend too much money on the sluts - no mingers please. Need help of local lads with this one. Kind of place where you would have to be bent, ugly as fuk or a monk if you cannae get ure hole.
  • with all the black crack dealers who stand outside the pub in seaton
  • Young Torry Derry Runnin It Ya Paps!
  • Y o u n g B o d M a s s i v e R u n n i n I t 2010 :)
  • Because of the difficulty of finding car parking spaces in town, (boy do they have access to a lot of yellow paint), easiest place to hook up is the beach (or failing that any of the numerous NCP car parking spaces).
  • the back of a saxo
  • The Howf is qaulity for watchin fitba. need to get in early for a seat though!
  • McDonalds is the place if your a ned or every second bus shelter on Union Street.
  • The best place to hang about in Aberdeen is down the beach or at underground! if u have a mod'd car and wanna show off thats where to go. Everyone thinks that its all mummies boys down there but its not.There are quines too. We dont all drive about in mummies or daddies cars some of us do work hard for wat we have got!!! Any1 who slags us off is just jelous cause they are either spending their money on drugs or cheap nasty cider. We are just ppl who want to chill wi our mates n hav a laugh! u gotta check it out!!
  • Good to see that the 'Placey' still exists. Once when the (then) 'Placey' overfilled and we started hangin oot on the wee courtyard outside where that horrible massive pub is now (but which used to be outside the Music Centre), the staff of Poldino's flipped and threw loads of (veg.) oil over the slabs so that we couldn't use it. Fair enough I guess, as dozens of jumped-up 'smellies' can't have been helping their business very much. Ravers used to go to outside 'BTs' (when they weren't beating us up in Union Terrace Gardens, that is), I don't know if that location's still in use.
  • My flat!!! whatever you do- STAY AWAY FROM VICTORIA PARK AFTER 9.a have had some very strange dogwalking experiences.nuff said
  • some low banks at riverside drive,at the big trendy flats
  • Hang out on Belmont Street of an afternoon and watch virtually every person you know walk past at some point, everybody hangs out on Belmont Street, it's like Aberdeen's answer to Carnaby Street.
  • The Beach Boulavard is favourite for all the plonkers who've borrowed mummies car while she's off for a shopping weekend in Edinburgh with hubby who works in oil
  • St Nicks Sq rules! Esp for skaters and PKers
  • The derelict church behind triple kirks- A mecca for us stoners. We also had the infamous 'doob tube' in the graveyard beside the Saint Nick, but they've blocked it off now. Bah.
  • Starbucks in the St. Nicholas Centre mmmmm....... Starbucks!
  • top of st.nicks is a good place.need some new talent to come along though.
  • The Boule - If you own a saxo vtr or a corsa (You are a big hit then) Do several laps of honour then park up next to your mates and bone over who has the biggeest pipe and what bird is the biggest bike. All full of inbreeds down there that shag one another. At least the diseases are kept within the space of 2 round abouts.
  • the chinese next 2 the mace in bucksburn is far abdy hangs around, spesh coz o the nice lads who float around ppls cars
  • Ok.... well if ur a stuck up ponce from gordon's or albyn THE ACADEMY is probably the place 2 meet!
  • We usually meet at codonas go for a game of ten p0in bowling then off into town
  • Not too nice a picture of Aberdeen being painted here, mebbe cos some of it was said in winter. In the summer Aberdeen is a lovely place where the sun shines off the granite. 1)Union Terrace Gardens is nice when its sunny (just off Union Street) 2)the Al-fresco top of the St. Nicholas Mall is also nice and calm as is the square by Provost Skenes House, although the horrible council offices tower over you. 3)Some parts of the beach are also good for Aberdeen. Multiplex, Nightlife, Restaurants, Amusements, Cafes, Parks, Shops, the Miami Beach place!, and some other stuff.
  • The best place to sLIP down to if you wanna fLIP with yer pals is off phiLIPs street in the city. Shit loads of neds sLIPping down rails on their boards and trying to cLIP the curb with their treads but good place to meet folk.
  • The top of belmont street, or the Academy shopping centre. Or for a day of shopping, in front of the Trinity.
  • the top shops in kincorth is the place to be for all those wanna-be nedz who either wait for someone to go into the shops and get them their pulse (cheap cider) or they raid the shops themselves in groups of ten and hide the bottles up there berghaus's
  • The Garlogie Inn Recently visited The Garlogie Inn for a celebration meal. Absolutely fantastic! Great value, great service, great food (parmo's to die for!)Must book in advance though. Check out the 'wall of fame' Oasis been there and got the t-shirt!
  • Starbucks is a great place to hang out with your mates. Comfy seats and a relaxed atmosphere. Used to have a really stunning waiter but unfortunately he left. He fancied my mate anyway. Damn!
  • The Howff on Union Street is the place to freaks and definately no underagers..oh and damn tasty food. The Illicit Still is quite good but needs a revamp so you can get a seat downstairs, apart from that it's a great place
  • Has to be the Trammers down the beach if you own a modified car. Most of the cars down there is Corsas and Saxos tho.
  • ThA BeAcH Is Da BoMb, AlL dA CrUiseRs ChILlIng OuT anD RacInG, AyE FaSt AnD FuRiOUs MiN, PrOpA BoOooo. Me AnD Ma MatES WaTCh alL nIghT up NeAr THe SHOp. Yo.
  • Kincorth "top" shops is infested with neds ranging from the ages of 12-25....YES THAT'S 25!!! Even these older members of the mob still find getting pissed on cheap drink and smashing a phone box great fun. The area as a whole is notorious for underage sex, teenage pregnancies and probably the highest percentage of people with STD's in Aberdeen. Card playing on the bench areas is also a frequent pass time. So check it out for a good time : /
  • the up market 'bridge of don "bam"' likes to gather outside/in the fields behind ASDA/OLDMACHAR where they enjoy the activities of drinking/"trapping"/insulting old people/smoking and beating people up.
  • the church sadly burnt down after a bout of construction from me and some friends. st nicks roof is frequented by many annoying maggots, leaving little city centre smoking for the discerning toker. best spot on st nick for a sly joint is at the bottom of the black pig camera, only place they cant spot you.
  • Union terrace gardens was a fantastic place to get pissed up back in the day when you couldnt get into clubs.
  • The beach boulevard is a darling little spot for those young men who sport cars as attachments to their penises. Lovely looking vehicles - *NEWS JUST IN* - this seasons fashion must have - a random 3 door car sprayed completely white (wheels, alloys and all!) minus badges! Just spiffing, be sure YOU don't miss out on this up-to-the-minute fashion must-do!
  • Top of St NIcolas Centre is a good hang out plance.
  • Minksfield, the underpass. Great for boozing, doping, shagging(if you're into that sort of thing) and setting fire to things.
  • Union terrace gardens on a summer morning. Full of people who can remember the night before, or are still out from the night before. it like comedown central.....
  • Down by the river dee - in the summer it's great - bring a bottle of vodka down, take a dip etc - past the bridge of dee - great views!
  • Hallowed Hook Up spot of M&S food hall or if your in the mood for a shag Shore Lane is well worth a visit.
  • The 'placey' as it is eloquently known, is a hidden area between Belmont Street and Back Wynd, perfect for drinking cider and smoking without being spotted by teachers / policmen, as long as you don't mind the green slime dripping down the walls and the large bins full of rubbish from the pub next door. Is right beside Elementz of which the kids whose trousers could house an African nation speak so fondly.
  • Beach Boulevard - If you own a modified car. Not all of us are as sad as the aberdonians that chill out at bus shelters or mcdonalds, some of us have a life like showing off our modified motors!
  • Elementz, the Graveyard next to Elementz, top of the St Nic centre - Where you'll find all the interesting folks (and sometimes those who wish they were), the skaters, the goths, the hippies, the wasters etc. Just check around the Belmont area.
  • The churchyard, smoking bones
  • anybody who says elementz is a cool place to hang out should be shot, only 14 year old faker lowers hang outside, trying to pretend they live in the ghetto.
  • The Boardwalk down the beach and Sunset Boulevard are now THE place to hang out if ur under 16, I have noticed now that their is bouncers on the door and after 9pm they dont let anyone in. Also the young female 15 year olds tend to hang around on the dyke hoping to attract some boy racers
  • okay this is just a general update, the top of St. nicks is now thee place for boarders, broad is now dominated by bladers, you will actually find an uncanny amount of folk especially on cold days hanging at costa in the academy and that general area, a variety of smokers can be found at the church ( it's location will be released on a need to know basis ) there are heaps of skatery folk who hang areound at the front of gordons on the benches there, as a general rule the guys are mainly from gordons, and the girls from albyn, belmont street in general is usually pretty popular especially if there's a gig on at lava
  • There was a piece of wasteland just off Constitution Street we (neds) used to hang around on a Friday night circa 1994. We had the option of going to the late night disco skating sessions at the Lynx or waiting to ask an unsuspecting older passer-by to buy us cider from the local corner shop. most of the time was spent 'trapping' each other to keep ourselves warm - oh those were the days. We later graduated to the Union Terrace Gardens but carried on the same old shit.
  • Too cold to hang about outside! Find a nice warm, but cheap place to hook up in, like Starbucks. (good cafe latte)
  • You can now find all those under 18 clubbing it at eKspulsion every Friday between 7pm - 10pm at the Ministry nightclub on Dee Street. This has caused larger crowds to start hanging outside Burger King, moving them up the street from McDonalds. Only a new u18's night, though proving to be a very popular place for teenagers to meet up and 'pull'.
  • Sunset Boulevard if you are aged been 12-15, Full of young teenagers in the summer..... The Boardwalk is also full of teeny boppers! Stay away from the fag machines tho, always some young ones trying to get u 2 get them fags!!
  • Mile end school(when its closed), beechwood, a little park called "tennys", vicki park benchs, the dodgy conservatory in the park aswell, the beechgrove estates, run about on the bowling green on hamilton pl, 56 Beechgrove terrace, please go there, party every night :)
  • Union Terrace Gardens. Why say more? During the day its full of old people smelling flowers and watching with some disgust the lower-upper-class private school kids who laze around in the sunny center playing football and partaking of less legal past times. At night (while the gates are shut at 9) it becomes a hallowed spot for romantic strolls with that special someone and a convenient spot for any activity you don't want spotted. My favourite place in the world.
  • The Virgin cinema is not there any more. It is now the UGC!!
  • Top of the Bon Accord Centre - FULL OF 12 YEAR OLD KIDS - Texting their mates from the INTERNET ACCESS PHONES, Because they can send FREE TEXT MESSAGES - Cos they never have any money in their phones!!!!
  • Ootside Pittodrie on a matchday
  • out side elementz on a saturday...lots of skaters
  • When you're a student, as everyone in Aberdeen over 17 seems to be, the lawn outside King's College on a summer afternoon does a pretty good impersonation of a scene from Brideshead Revisited. We used to have a summer post-exam tradition of a trip down to Kordona's (seafront amusement paradise) then back into town for a pizza and a pub crawl. En route you'd pass hook-ups like outside Kordona's (frequented by casuals too young even to be sold a coke in there) and then down the Beach Boulevard, if you avoided the grand prix antics of Capri drivers going up and down eyeing up the totty, you'd see the kind of scenes usually reserved for tv dramas by Peter McDougall. A hook-up for the bravest was down at the docks, where if you stood around long enough you got made a financial proposal by a randy sailor but could always retreat into the cold embrace of a hooker. For some reason, Scotland's favourite hook-ups are bus shelters and phone-boxes...why?
  • Ok Aberdeens main place for skaters ELEMENTZ skate shop, every Saturday about 100 poeple go and hang outside, great for boarders, skaters and BMXers. Come past and check this amazing spot out.
  • I f you want to hook up with friends there is nowhere better than Mac than McDonalds or any kind of nearbye bin. Bins tend to attract minks so there is good scope for a shag.
  • You get a lot of twats with fucked up voices hanging around in McDonalds on a Friday night.
  • Anywhere, Aberdonian girls are exceptionally easy - especially if you can regale them with stories about somewhere that is not Aberdeen as most of them have never ventured beyond Bucksburn/Torry.
  • The music hall steps at 7.30, a classic. Also the old school before they turned it into a pub. Oh and the little circle by the railway line through the back of the gardens.
  • Go to either the Torry Battery, or Balmedie beach car park, if you haven't got a flat, but do have a car (stolen or otherwise) and need to have a shag. Kirkhill forrest car park is good too. In all cases estinguish all lights before entering the car park (or see how you like it).
  • On top of the St Nicholas centre.
  • McDonalds is where the Bams hangout, for two reasons it's near DeNiros (authorised under-ager night once a week) and as noted elsewhere it's right across fromthe Union St graveyard. Besided they're all to feckin lazy to walk to BK at the other end of the street.
  • a fucken great place to hang out is the union terrace gardens, although it shuts at 9pm u just hoist it over the fence and no one cares and u can get up to woteva u wanna do!!
  • Aberdeen has no "hook-up" spots for skaters (except Broad Street) If ya wanna hook up become a Casual!!!!
  • The bench outside Alldays in Culter - place where kids with shaved heads but long fringes(!?) sit and drink Woodpecker...
  • Aberdeen Beach on a cold Winter Sunny morning - surely the best place in Scotland. Peace and solitude
  • The ubiquitous native Aberdonian 'Bam'can be found in its natural habitat aka any bus shelter they haven't yet demolished as part of their fri night 'entertainment'! Oh yeah, for real action, check out the boy racers (and attached teen girl groupies) down at the beach boulevard - their sad antics are good for a laugh if you're bored!
  • the egg & dart ( corner of queens road and anderson drive ) starting spot for night out....about a mile from the centre , but about 5 pubs later on the way down queens road to union street should see you staggering as you hit the collage.....good mini pub crawl..
  • Union Street graveyard! Believe it or not is the trapping zone for those knee high to a grasshopper. You can't actually get in to shag on the gravestones any more but none the less the gates are still a 15 year olds equivalent to Debbie Does Dallas.
  • its McDonalds that the little bam fuks hang about outside not burgerking as stated
  • boarderline, the skatepark
  • Most bus stops are where everyone hangs.
  • Favoured Spot of all the teenage bams to hang out seems to be outside Burger King on Union Street. After being refused from as many clubs as they can manage in one night, they bother some poor sap to go and buy them cider before being violently sick all over the burgerking window. Stand back and take stock of the bemused staff, having to get rid of them and clean up the sickness :)
  • outside cemetry on union st beside william wallace statue on union st (punks esp) duthie park (winter gardens too cool)
  • In summer months you could try driving a fast expensive car up and down the beach area. May bring results.

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