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Hookup Spots
  • Path leading to Gwrych Castle. Oh happy nights. Close to town yet far away enough for some activity with a fair maiden despite fewer tree trunks.
  • The Castle or Tesco
  • if you've already got your woman(or man) hows about drivin (or walkin)past the glof course entrance then turning right up a hill,park in the spaces provided(you cant miisem)and walk till you get to a hill over lookin abergele this is a great place to have proper outdoors sex rather than boring quikkies in all the alleys, +you just know there must be 1 person watchin you on the hill adding a little excitement (oh yeah n girls love the sunsttin over the sea gets em emotioanl n wet0
  • the bridge! those were the days, seems to of died of now the bridge crew tho
  • I Have sent u loads of information about abergele the computer says you updated it yesterday but none of my information is on it and the market is no longer here the tannery is knocked down and fongs shut down about 9 months ago! So i think you should update fast because this site is getting very boring now!!!!!!!
  • The Jolly Fryer is the best place to go for fish and chips so what is all the commotion about it being rubbish? its the best meal ever tasted so all the losers out there buying else where get over to the jolly fryer the staff of young girls are well worth a vist
  • are sent information in which was good and true where is it
  • Seems a while since the site was updated ! The market is no longer there, kids don't hang aroung the harp, and the girls in cumberland house have gone ugly! For an underage drink and drugs go to the gwindy
  • abergele high school must be one of the best places to meet new people and partner if ur young....its a good school and the bak of the leisure is great for all sorts so go and try it out.......
  • da harp if it goin on good chance ya hear about it in here 1st++++++++++
  • pentre mawr park - however not as good now since there are no tennis courts, just a dirty skate park
  • gwrych castle for kids bunking off school. watch those floorboards!
  • Just outside the Harp Public House or THE BRIDGE!!!!
  • the bench in the mount dinorben field alcohol hill ( gele park)
  • we are cheased of because of the kids that hang around the abergele market fires in the skips causing troble to the population and it needs to be cracked down the police have been called that menny times they take about half an ower before they come it needs to be stoped
  • Every one sits on the bridge alot but mostly at the school or down the mount everyone gets pissed there people sit behind the bridge to get pissed aswell and the corner bench
  • Outside Emrys (the school)on a cold night, usually lads waiting for a quickie or worse!
  • Everyone has so far failed to mention the joys of liasing down the mount. I myself have had many close encounters up dog-dirt alley and I can see the charms of getting down and dirty up against the cold brick walls.(Especially for the youngsters in our midst.)
  • like bikes? love street? get yourself down to the Library! dont read, just ride. there are a number of pukka little walls and stairs for you to ride, and also some plans for jumps-watch this space. oh and another thing- guppy bridge rules!!!!
  • Gele park, endless nights playing footy in the summer!
  • Pen Y Bont bridge for 15 year old slappers Bus stop by the bowling green is quite popular these days. Tennis courts in the summer are always full.
  • That bridge at the bottom of High St - always the starting point for any illeagal activity resulting in Gabbetis' arrest.
  • Entrance to Pensarn Park where everyone smokes and drinks, also behind the library.
  • The Cumberland House Bakery Rocks!!!! Great Baps and the girls that work their aren't bad either. Abergele park also used to rock but now the climbing frame's gone its shat!
  • The bench by the library and surrounding area behind the library, under age alcoholisim, under age sex, you name it!
  • Some urine stinking bus shelter where prepubescent freeks "hang out"-should be in the work house.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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