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Francis John Cooper by pat moreland (Member 10302194) on 14-Dec-2015
I live in Canada and am looking for information on a cousin Francis John Cooper, born in 1923 to William James Cooper and Mary Catherine(nee) Duffy. He died Jan. 6 1966 at Chest Hosp. Abergele, Denbighshire and was buried Jan. 11th. at Great Orne Civil Cem. Plot 12 Section XlV Llandudno along with his parents. I would love a copy of the death notice in the paper and a picture of the head stone, i... more >>   
Kai of Conway - a Gwrych Castle Adventure Book by IainCZ (Member 10283769) on 15-Mar-2013
For anyone interested in a bit of local fiction, a new book called 'The 7th Knight - A Kai of Conway Adventure' is a fantasy adventure that begins in modern Abergele and puts Gwrych Castle into a magical tale of knights and monsters, family and friendship.

If you have a Kindle, tablet computer, smartphone or laptop you can get a copy on Amazon.co.uk

Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-7th-Kni... more >>
Head girl of Clarendon School Abergele. by Kym Roffey (Member 10262750) on 24-Jun-2011
I recently found a really lovely photo album of a school trip. The photos start around 1947 and then there are some more of trips in 48 and 49. I don't remember any of the names of the girls in the photos but the name at the front of the album says she was a head girl in 1947. Its such a shame that this has ended up in this old curiosity shop. If anyone wants the book its in Frome in a shop cal... more >>   
  • Re: Head girl of Clarendon School Abergele. by Gillian Ford (Member 10265228) on 12-Sep-2011
    I am interested in the photo album.
    I was at Clarendon from 1948-52 (when I became head girl!)
    Other heads were June Baker 47/48
    Joy Livermore, Elizabeth Edmunds
    Have you a phone no for the book shop

Visit flowershop in Bangkok, Thailand by flowershop24 (Member 10248597) on 10-Jun-2010
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Welcome you all.. :)
  • Re: Visit flowershop in Bangkok, Thailand by flowershop24 (Member 10248597) on 10-Jun-2010
    Test!! new account..


    ส่งดอ... more >>

Advance Notice Star Studded Championships 2010 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 19-Mar-2010
WCDF Worlds Qualifying Event

Whitby Sports & Social Club
Dunkirk Lane, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, England
6th to 8th Au... more >>
New Chester History Book by Phil Jones (Member 10233116) on 20-Jan-2009
Announcing details of a new publication "The Illustrated History Of Chester" which will be launched in March 2009. For further information on this new book, including description, content, price, ordering details, etc. please follow the link below.

Jones Family by Jim Betts (Member 10234529) on 14-Jan-2009
My grandmother Ellen Jones was born in Abergele in 1895. Married my grandfather James Wilson in St. Asaph, Wales in 1918 and moved to Canada. Is Jones a very common name in Abergele?

Thanks, Jim Betts
  • Re: Jones Family by william bridge (Member 10235585) on 22-Feb-2009
    hi my name is william i was wondering if you could help me and wife please do you live in abergele wales because me and my wife live in st helens merseyside and we have got are house up for sale and we would like to know whats it like to live there or in one of the towns around it please help thanks william and irene.

Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
prostitutes in Rhyl/Abergele by michael staniforth (Member 10230649) on 18-Aug-2008
anyone know where to find? Cheap and rough prefered perhaps druggie or similar   
  • Re: prostitutes in Rhyl/Abergele by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 26-Oct-2008

    New Chat Room

rob purnell by linda (Member 10228155) on 11-Aug-2008
Anyone know Rob Purnell lived in kinmel bay in the sixtes, He was in his mid to late teens then.
Cheers linda
Modern Jive /WCSwing Workshops and Competitions 2008 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 12-Jun-2008
including the all new
**PROAM JIVE DIV... more >>
CASTELL GWRYCH by therealmattjones (Member 10149897) on 14-Apr-2008
Wot does everyone think about whats happening to the caSTLE.Will it put abergele on the map? and who are these freakin` idiots who are throwin stones at the workmen?   
andy coathup by JANE (Member 10222827) on 10-Mar-2008
does anyone know whether Andy Coathup still lives in Abergele? He will be about 40 ish now?   
New Website by David Jones (Member 10041567) on 3-Aug-2007
If you're interested in the historic city of Chester, its relationship with the North Wales region and its early Welsh Princes, or would like to know about the 8 Norman Earls that held the city and ruled over much of Wales for well over 150 years. Want to know how Welsh independence was finally extinguished by the English monarch Edward I and why his later colonisation and military suppression of ... more >>   
Abergele by Hunter (Member 10149215) on 30-Sep-2006
First of all i didn't understand much of that it was like something vicky pollard would write, all i was saying don't come on here saying abergele is shit because that is how you upset people, if you want so slag it off go on the denbigh nessage board and do it there   
  • Re: Abergele by I-<3ya (Member 10130163) on 6-May-2007
    ummmm no am frm denbi so fukin leave dat bord alone go an do it on rhyl or st asaph init

1938 photos of Abergele taken from airplane by Gareth Morlais (Member 10006495) on 27-Sep-2006
I've just added a gallery of old aerial photos of the town to the Abergele in Shorts website:

Abergele Visitor by Alex (Member 10193174) on 10-Sep-2006
Hi friends. My name is Alex, I'm editor of local Ukrainean newspaper. I like your country, your language, your football and your level of democracy. So I try to learn more bout editoring in Britain. And here is my request. Id be very grateful if somebody could send me an issue of Abergele Visitor (old one will do) or any other local newspaper. I could do any service for you.
Here is my post addr... more >>
hi by I-<3ya (Member 10130163) on 29-Aug-2006
hi ppl how r ya all!!! am wel bod abergele is shit....fukin h8 d place tis a shit hole i jus moved here.....nd i h8 it redi. bt 1 fin gr8 bowt livin here is me bf lv im 2 bits....wb lv me xxxx   
  • Abergele shit - move back to where your from by Hunter (Member 10149215) on 8-Sep-2006
    First of al this is a site for people from ABERGELE so don't slag it off! It's a nice town and u could do alot worse! This town is full of scousers and mank's already so y don't u fuck off to where your from if u hate r town! Otherwise don't prinjt shit on the ABERGELE message board!

  • Re: hi by I-<3ya (Member 10130163) on 8-Sep-2006
    dw wt d fuk i like tho iznt it u dun knw whu i am so i can dw wt da fuck i lyk!!! an ur d funkin mank 1 nt me an i aint a scouse arite i am orignly frm denbigh so shut da fuck up wanka!!! n yh dis town is so mch beta dan denbi i knw dat denbi is full of sluts and wankas!! wb lv me xxx

Holiday Breaks in Blackpool by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 9-May-2006
Privately owned 6-berth Holiday homes available for hire on Marton mere Holiday Village, Blackpool. Visit www.l-k-holidayhomes.co.uk for more details.   
Hi by gavhough (Member 10147873) on 7-May-2006
Hi does anyone know me???   
  • Re: Hi by sugarbabe (Member 10156424) on 15-May-2006

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