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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • the bloke on the milk crate We're waiting for a word... but nothing..... the whistle lady please learn another tune
  • The old guy on a blue milk crate ...i'm still waiting for the word of wisdom :-}
  • Taffy the tramp, although i hear hes cleaned up these days! the cool guy we always see at raves that hangs out selling big issue outside the spar, hes lovely, buy his big issue! the weird ginger man that picks up rubbish, its not even his job! there was a crazy man that went round shouting at people, but he jamp infront of a train and ... died! and the game, a man with tears tattooed to his face, he danced outside my car the other day, then jamp in
  • I would class almost everyone who you see in the streets of aberystwyth as a mild eccentric...must be something in the water, maybe its just me.
  • Ginger bloke who hates students and is vocal at the bottom of the hill, just ignore him. I have a theory he doesnt exist.
  • really bad most of them are drunk.
  • theres a block hw walks round dressed as a traffic warden n he isnt he jst thinks he is hes a loon!
  • that little old bald guy(the mad one used to be a proffesor or somthing hes quite scary now though, once he barked at me for 5 minutes in the dark language of mordor, at the lord beachings pub. he is crazy insane.for gods sake dont make eye contact. and that big issue guy with hilights well he was in my school hes called Henry and ive seen him in the pubs a few times and yes he has a mobile phone.i havent got a mobile phone and i work 50 hour weeks!
  • Aberystwyth's boring- there's none here...well the old man with tourettes does provide some entertainment but he's from Machynlleth
  • There's usually a drunken crowd outside Slater's Bakery (top of North Parade) which are quite entertaining. You can also hear the delights of the Salvation army 'choir' (about 5 people and a passer by) at Christmas - always a treat!!
  • I've spotted Nik Turner (ex-Hakwind, writer of "Silver Machine") busking in town a couple of times. He lives down the coast a bit, but comes up to Aber every so often.
  • The infamous (Ex-)Brynderw B-Wise Bad Boys, led by someone they call 'The Reverend'
  • Aber is the last stop on the railway line, and as many people were too pissed to get off at their correct stop, yet had no money to get back on the train... this little sea-side town is inundated with utter nutters! The wiry, shorts wearing gentleman is called Colin, he has proposed to me on several occassions, and is an alcoholic. He actually used to teach at the uni, but is on medication, and under strict instructions not to drink... which he blatantly ignores! He'd still beat all of us in a half-marathon tho!
  • Having recently compiled a 'Top Ten Weirdos of Aberystwyth' list, I can safely say, and I'm sure everyone will agree, that the man known as The Feral takes the number 1 spot by quite a large margin. With his lived-in little face, very, very short shorts and mysterious satchel, he can often be seen running along, weaving in and out of traffic (sometimes stopping to rant incoherently at a startled driver), and talking to himself in pubs and cafes. They say he was once a University lecturer. Now he's tapped but completely harmless. A true local hero!
  • The ranting old man in the hotpant shorts and rucksack is well funny, everyone knows him and if you know better look the other way!!
  • Uncle Pete. The guy with the insane white hair who walked around with a leather jacket all in all weather conditions at all hours (I once saw him at 5:00 in the morning) toward the bookies, into Lidl to get some cheap cider, then back home again. Mr. Headphones. The man who power-walked to the funky rhythms playing through his *giant* pair of headphones. Psychotic and dangerous. Lookalikes of Richard Attenborough, The Predator and Peter Gabriel. The tramp with a boil for a head to sits outside Barclays and equal parts shouts at passers by and plays the penny-whistle.
  • Rob, Muff, Stove, Chris Dare, Mid Wales' finest must-skaters. All for one, and one for all! Sponsoured by the local skate shop but still got their feet on the ground, even when their airborne! But for the true definition of airborne check out Gaz, Big Birch, Hornsey and Todd. Heros, characters, entertainers, but still bladers at the end of the day! Ohhhh! Find all of these guys at the skate park, 24-7.
  • The lady with the facial warts, commonly known as 'pizzaface' who knows everybody personally although nobody actually knows her as a friend. Quite a sad character in that she tries extremely hard to run up to people and cuddle them as they try to squirm away. She also goes down all of the taxi's talking to each driver in turn for a considerabel amount of time as they wriggle in their leather seats.
  • Highlights big issue seller from outside Barclays Bank was in my Law lectures at Aber University, and got a particular reputation as 'The Question Akser' for interrupting the lecture with a completely irrelevant question. He has also sold the issue in Cardiff.
  • 2 regulars, a woman with a bright pink leg cast who plays a penny whistle on the corner of terrance road and opposite that now and then a full blown inca style pan pieps affair with mics, amps and the whole darn shebang
  • Lots of Esp summerm
  • Is "Half a Shandy Andy a.k.a Andy Sap" still about town? Short fella, Glasses, always listened to a radio from inside a shoe bag, seem to remember he was found in Somerfield (though I think it was called Gateway at the time) clapping at the beans section chanting "liberal"?
  • There are often buskers in Aber. Some are very good, particularly a harpist called Carwyn who regularly busks in Terrace Road.
  • Mark with his didgerydoo (I think that's how you spell it), although he hasn't earned any money from it yet!
  • Moonface-woman. Moonface woman lives with her 'boyfriend' near the Boars Head. Moonface once tried to crawl through our letter box and can be recognised by her tradmark high-speed skuttle. She frequently swears at the sea.
  • I loved the tiny-shorted, haversacked, mad old fella that ran about town, and once at my moving car, obviously on some kind of highly important mission from his leaders. He went to school with my dad (true!) and was apparently quite an intelligent chap in his day. So, let him stand as a lesson to all you over-diligent students!!!
  • oh oh oh the old lady with dyed red hair always playing a flute on darkgate street went to india for 4 weeks in feb 2001 for a holiday (i have to suffer butlins and i work), thats where your money goes if you chuck coins in her hat!!!!!!!
  • The two guys calling themselves wideload playing down by the seafront bandstand during summer term were great, but they seem to have disappeared! (come back Pete and Fin!)
  • They've mostly vanished because the Big Issue office shut down... still see a couple of them around, though.
  • Plenty of mental people you can laugh at. The man in shorts is class. Last time I saw him he did a Sound of Music medley. He always shouts in the post office and everyone pretend to be very interested in their envelopes.
  • some lovely guys here, although there are (of course) a few suspect ones. The guy with the dreads and the dog is a good laugh.
  • Oh yes - that bloke with the highlights selling the Big Issue - I'm sure he used to go to Aber University,he's also got a mobile phone which is really annoying if you work and can't afford one.Don't give him money - it's about time he got off his bottom and got some work.
  • The public library has a very sexy caretaker - we think that's what he is - or maybe he's the resident loony.Mind you,he could do with a wash sometimes.
  • Just wanted to add abit here about a man who sells the BIG ISSUE outside BArclays Bank (The one with the highlights!).. well, where do I start?!! He's got a house in Penparcau for a start, and he smokes, and he drinks, and he's got a mobile phone, and a leather jacket, and he gets the train to sunny Machynlleth every wednesday to sponge off the public there!! One Friday, we saw him pissed as a fart in Pier Pressure which costs a fiver to get into, yes.. A FIVER!!! So thats 5 innocent people who have helped a man they thought was in need of the money... well he's not!! So dont buy anything off him!! Thanks!!
  • There used to be a french bloke walking around the town shouting at people in French - he used to live under a bush on Constitution Hill.There's also this woman with a tin whistle busking outside Somerfield.
  • The mad bloke, who runs down the street telling the people who aren't there to keep up. Often seen jogging in a purple t-shirt, shorts and a rucksack which may/may not contain severed heads. Student magazine offered 5 if you got your picture taken with him and presented it to their offices.
  • Thers an old mental bald bloke that walks around town with rather ill-fitting shorts and t-shirt on, no matter what the weather, mumbling random phrases, my favourite being "I'll take the high road and You can take the low road" (to mother and baby in pushchair.)
  • Loads, but nearly all are friendly enough to give you a smile
  • So many tramps...One of them is even a student in the university here...the police are tolerant with them though and they generally dont make trouble there is a choir going around in the streets just before Xmas which is very nice if u can stand the cold...
  • There used to be a couple of lads playing violin outside Woollies - they were fantastic!
  • Too many to mention... they seem to congregate outside the banks and by spar, also some opposite the tobacconists on Terrace Road. Friendly enough, and they don't hold grudges against you for not giving them money (actually, I find that giving them a cigarette usually shuts them up).
  • big issue sellers are everywhere! how can that be for this little, little place? are students so generous or something?
  • This woman who sits cross legged playing a tin whistle. she's a load of crap at playing it but always seems to have loads of money in her hat. Just makes a din playing simple stuff like nursery rhymes.
  • Watch out for the Big Issue vendors, for such a small town there must be about two dozen of them
  • Watch out for tramps - there's a couple I've seen begging for money, then I saw the same guy driving a car later on - cheeky bastard!

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