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Hookup Spots
  • oh well, bollocks to finding the `right` place to put my rant. i`m notmad on the `squaddie wankers` as you so politly put. but let`s put things in prespective- do you fight, put your life at risk?, no, more than likely you are fat, single parents sat smoking fags and shouting at their babies. don`t judge what you do not know about. i`m married to a soldier, but also have degree . the comments on your web site are completly offensive. i stumbled across sais website by accident, i can only hope that no-one else wastes their time reading it. advice - get a job, education, life , etc.
  • whole Peachcroft area is one giant hook-up spot for teenagers! and there is the 'Net' youth centre in town which has been around for eons (rough though!)
  • Albert Park is a nice place to go for smokes.Surrounded by vast sweeps of greenery, an independant school and some of the towns most aesthetically-pleasing homes, it is actually quite a tranquil,refined oasis in a town which is otherwise oxfordshires answer to croydon!
  • Peachcroft shops, only come around if you can (reasonably) handle yourself, but you can get anything you want (pharmaceutical-wise) quicker than a pizza! I SHIT YOU NOT!!!
  • Peachcroft is a good hook-up spot.THE place to scoe drugs/ underage alcohol in town, lotsof hostile local kids tho.Avoid saxton road/gainsborough green shopping area in south abingdon unless u r a gangster wiva large gang of heavies!!!
  • Long Furlong.... Peachcroft park.... Albert Park.... under the bushes in the Abbey Grounds under the watchful eye of Queen Victoria
  • Albert Park - tranquil place to hammer down a bottle of La Mancha followed up with the obligatory Clan 4 pack chaser before attempting entrance into the Stocks. Also the birthplace of 5-to-10 when a ritual beating was administered to one of the group and that particular time of night - victim seldom picked at random. Famous for herbal availability.
  • 15 yr olds seem to like Peachcroft Shops and the Long Furlong Community centre. At Long furlong they all play football until its dark then sit on the railings outside the community centre drinking cider and smoking lambert & butlers.
  • Down the Abbey, still a good spot for a smoke!
  • Albert park on long summer evenings.
  • under the town hall untill they are about 15 then they get in strattons
  • Under the Bridge by the Beautiful, if a little brown, River Thames.

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Last updated: 2008-02-16

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