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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Drink Britian Dry were the best thing to come out of A'shot. The lead singer was a bit fat but hung like a donkey, the back-up MC, Max I think his name was, is now a jet setting pimp with 50 ladyboys on his books. The drummer, Tim is now my gimp living in my shed, and the bass player, think he is now a drunk down and out living in a bin in Bordon! Still the best band around and if Take That can make a come back so can they. If we all shout, they will hear.
  • Joel freeland who went to heath end has been drafted into the nba by portland trail blazers.
  • Well, Holly Aird was born here apparently. She is a TV actress, and has been in Waking The Dead. Arthur English lived here until he died. He was a very good friend to my family, and I still have one of the wigs he used to wear on stage!!
  • * Nell Gwynn is reputed to have given birth to a still-borne child whilst passing through on her way to Portsmouth. * Charles Kingsley (1819-1875), author of The Water Babies, was rector at the nearby village of Eversley. He would occasionally ride over to Aldershot to conduct services for the troops. * Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) had a strong influence in the design and building of the Cambridge Military Hospital. The hospital houses a small museum. * Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) is reputed to have given his first stage performance in Aldershot at the age of five. * Gracie Fields (1898-1979) was married in the Parish Church of St Michael. * James Mason made his debut in 1931 at the Theatre Royal (now demolished). # Sherlock Holmes was called in by the Aldershot police to investigate the murder of Colonel James Barclay in nearby North Camp
  • bobby davro lives near the rowhills
  • Leslie "Dirty Den" Grantham's Dad was a councillor in Aldershot, DC "Tosh" Lines from the Bill, the dear departed Big Ron from Eastenders, Charlie Chaplin made his first stage appearance at the Theatre Royal, The Beatles played at the Palais, Les Dennis and Dustin Gee opened Great Mills in North Lane (WOW!!!!!!!!!)
  • No, the bass player of drink britian dry was the thalidomide. That's why he had the bass up round his neck so he could reach the strings. I think the whole band came from the Grange, managed by 'pinhead' what a band!
  • i agree with the point made about drink britian dry was the bass player the gay one with the tight catsuit best local bands from the 80s maxi puch black easter
  • Jeremy Hardy. Mildly amusing but toe curlingly left wing comedian in a limp wristed, Guardian reading kind of way. Arthur English, now deceased entertainer.
  • oooh oooh oooh, I've been on Live with Chris Moyles!
  • 'Drink Britain Dry' came from 'the shot.' Best band to come out of the mid-late 80's, sold out the west end centre on a number of occasions. The bass player pissed all over Mark King and the two vocalists, (Mix Dr Max and Capri Kev) were ahead of their time with a hard rap style. Never sold out just gave it all up. 'The Plague' pure punk 'til skinheads killed the band!
  • oh loads...rnr steve, savage, hundred reasons, inter, mega city 4 (once upon a time) and some others i suppose
  • Bubble from Big Brother
  • J from 5ive was born in Aldershot hospital
  • Rock 'n Roll Steve aka Elvis. Local performer extraordinaire, can be identified as he is the only male without a number 2 haircut! Top entertainment.
  • HM Forces (without them there would be no Aldershot). Also the most tattooed woman in the world came from Aldershot.
  • Arthur English was lifelong resident, and Rich from FIVE used to have Sunday lunch at a pub in Normandy (just outside) before he got too grand
  • The British Army.
  • Arthur English lived in Aldershot right up to his death a couple of years ago. The town died shortly before him.
  • Queen Victoria lived here. Arthur Wellesley, the First Duke of Wellington has got a massive statue on the edge of town (check out the horse!). Charlie Chaplin's first stage performance. Nelle Gwynne's illegitimate royal baby is buried in the churchyard.
  • Ex England, Notts Forest and Man Utd. player Neil Webb played for Alsershot Town in the 96/97 season.
  • Big Brother Bubble!

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