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The Best Things
  • I used to come from Bristol to spend two weeks every summer with my Grandma and Uncle/Aunty. I have lived in many places -none are as nice, friendly and welcoming as Ammanford.
  • local big boys ,
  • the creb whick was destroyed.
  • when you go out there's always loads of people for you to hang around with, and everyone knows each other
  • hmmmm? getting home after waiting at the bus stop for the bus that never comes!
  • Hmmm, there arent too many good things about Ammanford. Like the gangs of kiddies enjoying a bottle of cider in the bus station or having the empty bottle thrown at you. But there are some good shops like Argos and Woolworths to while away 10 minutes.
  • Tesco-its seriously the ONLY thing that we have.Honestly
  • The M4 itd the way outta here!!!!!!
  • lots of wellies
  • ~M4 the way out.
  • M4 the way out
  • my mates
  • The B Team.. vigilante group who sort out nasty or cheeky youths (on the sly)
  • I always remember thinking that for the most, the young blokes and girls were always really attractive?
  • The boys are lovely!
  • Betws soccer 1 a pint cant go wrong there son
  • The bus only takes 40 minutes to get to Swansea
  • Undoubtedly the bus station, the road out, and the fact that it teaches you to enjoy everything that comes after.
  • Cymreictod. Beth sydd wedi digwydd i'r Gymraeg yma te? Dim un gair o'r iaith ar y wefan hon, dim ond prats anaeddfed diddysg a dwl. Ac mae eu Saesneg yn uffernol hefyd. A oes yno ysgolion?
  • It's easy to get free sex in Ammanford. As long as you know Natalie Jenkins that is...
  • Seeing pissed people everywhere Saturday night and girls trying to rip their blokes off another bloke. You f*****g chopsin' or what. Come on 'en!
  • The Bus Shelter in Quay St. A mecca for improvised bum-entertainment.
  • cheap?
  • The local infant school where they know that dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty.
  • the road to brynamman
  • the best thing is the crime levels are very low , having moved from Swansea 15 years ago , I feel much safer here for myself my car and my family . Also the free car parking is very handy and house prices are very good .Its a very pleasant place to live.
  • The "Coppers"
  • Betws Park -calm,quiet full of drugs
  • The road out.
  • The best thing about Ammanford is you know you don't have to live here forever!
  • It's small, it's round, it bounces on the ground....
  • It's a relatively friendly community. Most people get on well and can have a laugh together. To be fair, Ammanford has got quite a lot of sporting facilities considering its size! Not many towns as small as Ammanford have a Sports Hall, Indoor Swimming Pool, Astroturf, Recreation Ground, Tennis Courts, Park and Yes .... an Indoor Bowls Centre!
  • The best thing is the transport system out of the shithole.
  • Saturday nights are actually quite good.
  • Regular bus services to Swansea.
  • Nice atmosphere on a Saturday night, unless you're being started on by one of the many bums that live here.
  • When you go out on a Saturday night, you know everybody. Everyone's friendly. It's close to M4.

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Last updated: 2009-03-08

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