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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Matthew who frequents the square pub in ammanford is a sure thing if you chat to him he may buy you a few drinks, I did and I took him back to my place for "coffee" I loved it x x x mwah x x x
  • a hobo told me he would drop his trowsers 4 some change.
  • a hobo said hed drop his trowsers 4 some change.
  • Ammanford hosts alot of interesting people. Christine (Dna avoider) a must see for all, Martin never has trousers that go past his knees dispite the weather and clifford the stink of the dump.... and too many more to mention
  • a boy from talbot road called spencer [david],is a complete fat bastard who loves all the little girls. .fool.
  • the bum who always sits by crisp and fry
  • the best character in town is Craig Hale BUT DONT BEND OVER BOYS!!!!!!! he tried it with me
  • the guy on the bike ( jeff) he looks like santa claus!
  • way out cool
  • Marcus the local bum
  • THE man who looks like woody allan
  • THe bloke with the squecky voice
  • the man who looks like woody allen.
  • the little man who looks like woody allen>> the bloke with the squeaky voice....
  • the man who looks like woody allen.......
  • Well there was a odd character (male) who wore a top hat n dresses and combat boots a while back... Barbie Blacksheep... a family man who all thought was mad or gay... but I found out he wasnt.. he was a nice bloke and a hell of a laugh... although abit pschychotic
  • Is that mad woman who used to swing her bag and try to hit people with it still around?? won't mention any name
  • daniel lloyd 22 stone of pure muscle and 5 foot tall, beware this man is off the catalogue
  • emma thomas - possibly the most courteous and pleasant girl in the south wales valleys, there are no evil bones in her body!!!
  • theres a few buskers hear on friday and tramps
  • The strange bendy balloon man is becoming a major face on the scene.
  • Bob the Busker isn't no tramp. Liam Gallaher cant play guitar, just beats up women and gets drunk. Bob does neither. But his 3 chords are good enough and his voice is amazing
  • loads - be careful of your wallet.
  • The quirky old chinese drunk at the back of Kwik Save that scream "suckie suckie for dollar" while thrusting his rigid member in the faces of your beloved children.
  • The accused are great!
  • the local hippys seem to crawl out from under a rock from time to time
  • Soon to be on the streets of Ammanford - another three-chord wonder - Phillip Morris, esq.
  • I love 3 chord man outside the post office. SOmeone think of a song with 4 chords - he's buggered. Please.
  • People for Ammanford Tech provide much street entertainment when walking down Quay Street. Their pink poppers are particularly amusing. There are often bitch fights galore - if you want to get a good look, then start gathering outside Woolworths at approximately 12.05 on a Thursday.
  • There are sometimes tramps who play the recorder or something. In the Summer it's nice because you can eat out in the Sun, as long as you don't mind the fact that EVERY bench is next to a bin, and you can listen to the lovely relaxing music....yeah...
  • Sometimes a tramp plays a guitar outside Boots. Liam Gallagher he ain't.

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Last updated: 2010-07-23

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