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  • LIQUID! and if you aint old enough use someonmes ID that looks nothing like u! every1 else does.
  • Bar three zero is always good, source bar as well and bar 27 can be a good bet if you're that end of town (personally I don't rate Undecided). Proper club wise, Liquid is still the only place really work going to at the mo but with Remix opening who knows! M20 was good but isn't so much now-biggest problem always has been and will be it's location. Plenty of pubs open late hours so there's always choice or head out to the villages for a decent atmosphere..PS really if you're over 21 you shouldn't be going to the fat fidler over the weekend..ever.
  • Theres a new club opening up in ashford kent. the old kudos nightclub, its under new ownership and managment and will be opening up as a funky house venue called The reMIX. most of their djs are from london so this should be one hell of a venue. Personally i think its well over due we need a club for proper clubbers. Does sound to be quite promising from what i hear so far.
  • The Source Bar and Three Zero are the places to go. Good music and OK atmospheres(esp 3 0). Undecided is hetting better and the Man of Kent is so much better than the County,nearly as cheap, and plays music!!!! Always a bonus. But lets just say, Liquid on a thursday is great, but just don't bother going there on a saturday. You queue for hours, pay a rediculous amount to get it, and it is a shit end to the night. Just stay away!!!!!
  • the fat fiddlers karaoke on a saturday nite iz alwayz pumpin!
  • M2O IS OK
  • Ashford Town Football Club Rock Nights for a proper night out.
  • All pants. full of pikey birds. They wear earings that look like dolphins jump through them/parrots hang in them/they could stick their arms up and through them. Pubs stay open late! Prince Albet has Live music late and Oranges (IS NOT A GAY BAR CONTRARY TO PIKEY RUMOURS it is frequented by people who appreciate REAL music listned to in its rawest form NOT THROUGH 2 15 WATT SPEAKERS AND A 500 WATT SUB IN THE BACK OF A CRAP NOVA!!!!!!
  • Liquid & Life Night Club Ashford Kent - Very Classy still maintaining an edge, but for how long??? Club Kudos is opening in ashford and despite popular gossip is not going to be a strip club! (Damm it!) Suppose to be what NV was in the beginning... M20 Nightclub - Seriously going down hill and will be interesting to see when Ashford has 2 town centre clubs again...
  • M20 in ASHFORD Has to be the worst nightclub to visit full of Pikes and the staff aren't much better they are rude, arrogant and think their GOD. Liquid is much better classier, cheaper and generally nicer atmosphere. If anyone is to visit ashford avoid m20 at all cost and try some of the new funky bars in town then down to liquid to finish the night of. FANTASTIC!!!!!
  • Yeah right.....some good free parties in the area sometimes (usually in fields in the summer)
  • wel i gota say the unda 18's thing @ liquid life is a good laugh, it gives us all summit to do n a chance to meet up wit sum peeps. but wen u got all the chavs that come along dripping in gold....wel actualy it puts a downa on things but one plus point is u can rip the piss outta em. dus make me wonder how the rude girls r there wuda thought they should be at home with their kids after all most of em have at least 1!
  • There was three. There's now two. NV is no more. It's Liquid/Life or M20. Hope NV reopens as it was a really good building for a club (4 floors). Ashford can support 3 clubs with 60,000+ people.
  • the best club in ashford is chess club aftr skool!!! cos liquid and M20 and all the rest r just bein taken over by ruud B's!!! sup' fenna!!!
  • Liquid Life is the best in Ashford if you dont mind getting there early and your over 18 if not you can always go to M20 or NV theyre always desperate for people these days, oh when will they learn the Flour Mills is the ONLY place to house a venue in Ashford, as for The Trap is it still open????? think not! I dont know maybe Liquid is a bit to classy for the yobs of Ashford
  • if your into gold clad young pikey girls, then by all means ashford's clubs are the way to go. If they dont like you they will beat you round the head with their diamond set gold clowns or maybe just slap you with one of their dirty loafers. on the other hand, if their ring road racing boyfriends catch you trying it on with one of their "birds" (or trouts), then it a fist full of sov's in ya face boyeee.
  • Liquid, tho it is bad i seem to pick up free tickets so i go. NV they all seem to be 14, yet as a 19 year old who doesnt look young, i still get ided, but the music is better on thursdays. no rock places.... at all.
  • Just for info, we now have 3 nightclubs!!
  • M20 - the complete and utter biggest shithole i've eva been too!!! The lager is shit and the drinks too over priced. The best place too go and get drunk and have a top nite out is Liquid. Drinks are betta, the music is up2date and the birds are much,muuch fitter, as well as the bar staff! Oh baby!!!!!!!
  • Cales has recently reopened after refurbishment as Liquid. Still as crap as Cales though.
  • gonna have to mention m20 nightclub nxt to cinweorld. has to be the best club in ashford,playin decent music but ridiculous prices 4 drinks. full of pikeys!!but isn't everywhere in this dump town AKA TRASHFORD. Go in the county before for cheap drinks and dont bother goin early coz thats shite.Oh yer....go to liquid!!
  • new club the trap proper dance venue exellent music cobbs wood ind est brunswick rd ashford great atmosphere no trouble dont believe the lies
  • any1 gets into the old flatties oh it gona be liquid lounge by the way
  • hmm NV next to the station.. over 21's.. M20, but like the cinema a fekkin long treck. oh yeah.. and the cales that was.. gona be opening a new one.. cant rememeber the name?!
  • No Style or class. The management seem to get confused about what night is the under 16s disco!
  • M20 is a great night out. With a show stopper at midnight and the cage dancing you'll never notice the time pass you by. Drinks extremely expensive but that is the only bummer!! NV is also a great night out. Very well decorated and very classy but again too expensive. Why do these clubs insist on charging 3.50 for a bottle of alcopop??????
  • The M20 night club os defenetly the only place to go clubing i ashford it has a wide range of misic,great djs and superb decore, the lighting must of cost millions. due to the bad standard of the other clubs in ashford they all seem to be closing down due to the bussyness of the M20 night club thefore reining supreame in ashford!!!!
  • 1 cattle market (M20), 1 piggery (Cales), 1 for tossers (NV)
  • either Cales, with Flatfoot Sams (full of really little chavs with big gold earrings and tiny tops), or the 2 new ones - NV and M20. I've not been to either of them yet though...
  • M20 Nightclub an absolute corker
  • Squarefoot Flaps, and Cales are a chavvy mecca. Someone was kicked to death outside there once.
  • IT'S OFFICIAL CALES IS DEAD!!!!! Yep thats right Cales closed its doors for the last time on Sat night (26th May'01) After 14 Years as Ashfords only nightclub. As an ex-employee and a regular (and not a CHAV!!!) im going to miss those long nights of cheap drinks and distorted music, despite all its short comings one thing Cales did have in abundance was a great atmosphere and its a great loss to the town. Their are rumours that Cales is going have a refit but no ones too sure about that one. Hopefully someone will see the potential and buy it up and spend a bit of money on it and once again Cales can be a Great CLUB.
  • dont go to cales or flatfoots they are both shit.
  • cales post exams, thr best place to celebrate in style. NV full of over dressed image concious muppets.
  • M20 Nightclub the best in kent!! Ne1 who don't like clubbin go there now then u will!!!
  • M20 (its the shit)
  • Well i cant stand dance music,but there is cales which is crap,NV will be open soon aswell as the m20 music stop
  • Can't we have an alternative scene??
  • That new club at the cinema is still a pile of bricks on the ground-obviously anyone who lives in Ashford would prefer that Cales was that way.
  • Introducing the new Cales (and Flatfoot's) sport 'Clown Spotting'. It's easy and anyone can play. Simply arrive at Flatfoots/Cales when all the other Pubs Kickout (especialy The 'Chav' of Kent and The Country) and sit back. Those jewel encrusted Golden Clowns can be easily spotted around many a young Chav Girls neck. This (along with very large golden hoops through the ears) is the princable method of distingish gender amongst the Chav's of Ashford. The ladies can play a similar game which I like to call 'Sovs Ahoy'.
  • Cales, Flatfoots and 2 new ones, one is being built out by the new cinema and one has opened by the inernational station (dont no there names tho!)
  • I grew up in Ashford and its good to know that you can always rely on Cales for an 'entertaining' night out!!!
  • Ha ha. Cales. Just look at the outside
  • Cales - Avoid.
  • Cales attracts very young looking girls who invariably get in,boys aren't so lucky,wonder why. Some dirty old men can be witnessed leering at the young girls once inside. Often violent incidents at closing time with people requiring hospitalisation.
  • there are no clubs..cales doesn't count, it plays music but so does my granny. If you want proper music then e-mail for info on parties in the area and up and coming nights
  • Some of my best nights out have been at Cales. Yes alot of people hate it, but if you`re looking for a real dance club then go to bloody London. If you`re going out with lots of mates for a good drink then go here.
  • Cales is the only chice, but I'd rather set my hair alight and beat the flames ot with a sledgehammer! Get a video from blockbusters, and stay in, you'll thank me in the long run
  • kemton manor 1980
  • Cales is bad, true, but if you go along with a lot of mates it can be bearable.
  • There is Cales in Ashford which has undergone severe improvments in the last two years, trouble is no longer a problem and the service and politeness is second to none. They've also maxed the sound system and lights too! A great night out.
  • The is only one club in Ashford and despite customer related problems in the past it has had new management and the service and quality has improved dramatically in the last two years and it is much better than local competition. A lot of changes lately (Including a maxed sound system!).
  • Don't even bother with trying Cales, 'cos it's not worth it.....for info on the thriving underground party scene in the Ashford area e-mail
  • Cales. Bloody awful. Had a complete makeover from "Dusty's" as it was when I were a lad. Only thing that it kept was the fights in the car park.
  • Agree with the person about Cales! It's rumored that another club is to be built soon on the site of 'Second Time Around' next to the station - maybe there is some hope after all! Cales OK if the backroom is open for trance/garage/house on Friday nights.
  • Well, there is Cales, but it's more of a "Fight" club than a night club. Proper Cattle market, anyway. Lotsa under-age drinking. Hoped there would be competition from a new club by the station, but it seems the owners of Cales (Kingfisher Leisure) successfully lodged an objection at the planning stage.
  • Just one bad (as in terrible) one: Cales (East Hill off Mace Lane)

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