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Cafes and Coffee Shops in Ashford, Kent*

High tea and a sticky bun

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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • The Works cafe, newtown. Under bridge near outlet. Hidden jem of a place for brekkie or coffee
  • The Works cafe, newtown. Under bridge near outlet. Hidden jem of a place for brekkie or coffee
  • starbucks! corkies second home!
  • neros has landed!!!!!!!!! in town and the outlet.... amen. also cafe belini does a good coffee.
  • The World's Wonder in Warehorne does a good coffee
  • gizzis luvely cuppa tea for ure hangover
  • Why oh why did they shut the Cornerstone & with no warning?? The food was good & not dear & what about sitting outside the back in Summer. Great! They didn't God-bother you either.
  • Cafe Express, if only to laugh at the decor
  • mcdonalds!!!
  • Starbucks is wicked to check out the totty walking by especially on saturdays not to mention the excellent coffees..
  • Hamstreet garden centre cafe does a great breakfast 3.50.
  • Starbucks is way over priced. Try Bar 27 or Coco's. Both are reasonably priced and have a great atmosphere on a sunny hot day!!
  • Starbucks rules. Its a bit pricey but it has a relaxing atmosphere especially wiv da arm chairs upstairs!
  • Starbucks! It may b slightly a bit expensive but the staff rock and its a classy place 2 hang out!
  • Try Cafe Espana, to add fun go in with Mexican hat shouting Ole!
  • The only one that's special is Cornerstone's just off the High Street. It's run by Christians, but don't let that put you off, they don't give it large. I like eating bits of dead animals but it's good for veggies too.
  • Cornerstones - does tend to get very busy and have nowhere to sit though
  • Aroma in the new "Tent" shopping centre is superb - we're getting a Starbucks soon as well.
  • Why did they ever close tha fantastic PopIn's in Park Mall. Cheesey, but food is food, and it was cheap
  • Cornerstone, entry by Cafe Salsa. First for a nice cup of tea and cake with your parents. Second for the best Nachos in town.

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