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  • NOWADAYS its all about the vollie and the Prince albert il have you know! These are great spots to have a laugh, a song on the kareoke and basically just get W**KERED. But if your the type for a more quite drink(boring) then your can try the local weatherspoons (county). However Man of kent is also a good central spot for a drink..... and its cheap!
  • Into Clubbing????? yes........ ok read on, the South East's premier clubbing forum has a rapidly increasing online community built by clubbers for clubbers. Whether you're a clubbing newbie or an old skool veteran there will be something there for you. We have regular meets where we all go out on the town, take a look in our photo gallery, we have many pictures on the site of the girls and guys on nights out at local clubs, eg Amadeus, Air n Breathe, DA1 etc Come and join up and say hi
  • anywhere near my house, it isnt safe on the streets nowadays. and why is this? maybe cos people dont care about each other.
  • jim calnan (gangsta)
  • in the wreck ,drinkin 20/20 and white lightening under the slide.gettin cheap fags from theice cream man outside the school
  • Bybrook childrens park is where the bybrook kids hang out from dark to when ever good place 2 sit chat and whatever
  • Ashford is pants these days, only the pubs to hang in.
  • Aint complaining bout the racing thats gud if its ur thing but agree bout the carpark opposite bowling. I walked past there wiv a couple of m8s at bout 10.00 at nite the otha day n there was a car and a load of motor bikes there with a guy about 20 mayb older standing there saying 'girls suldnt u b a home in bed at ur age!', yea n suldnt a 20 year old man get a life n stop sitting in a car park wiv a load of 17 year old followers who had previously beeped ova n ova at us bout 5 minutes before. (im 16 n not bosting but me n a loada 1o year olds seem so much more mature lol!) bless x
  • there is no where good in ashford i supose fuckstone is ight but its mostly borin dat why me moved to basildon (essex slags) u no why
  • bloody pikies i fookin h8 em, wats with all the chavs outside mc donald's i go there wit me gf and we got sum black guy comin in and pickin fights with other kids ma age and then he starts on me for gettin up and goin 2 the loo im gona kill em!!! hook-up spots? wtf r they never heard of them in ashford there aint ne
  • Ashford = Trashford = Chav F**king central. Twats
  • back of co-op is the place to catch people. and eillie t is always up for it ;)
  • if u wana get swamped wiv chavs sayin things such as 'alrite bruv' and 'wot u staring at' and havin 'stupid bitch' bein shouted at you coz your in sum1 way then stand around outside macky d's. a gr8 place to go is the mems.u can have a laugh wiv ur mates wivout bein harrassed by rudeys or having people look down their noses at u.
  • i think the best place 2 'hook-up spot' is the motorway bridge @ sandy hurts lane! i mean cos ur in ashford the motorway bridge is the best, cos u can jump off it and die! ashford sux!
  • everywhere...sum ppl spend more time at the police station than they wld my bro
  • the field next to the skatepark is the place 2 is big...and u can have a smooch wit ur g-friend and no one can see
  • smelly bum corner near the libary in poop land or nv nightclub
  • Bit behind the hedge in the mems next 2 the ring road
  • To get anywhere today with any Authority in our society.You have to have a lotta knowledge, You have to have strength, to be as stubborn as a mule. And above all, YOU !!!!! have to have the courage of what you believe in. Because without them, you haven't got a chance. If you want truth justice and Integrity It is now time to show who and what we are all capable of.
  • Courtwertin the bench for rudes and refugees in the phone box
  • Outside McDonalds, or in the Mems.
  • 11.00 on a Saturday outside Woolies!! Well, that was always the case in 1989!
  • There isnt anywhere thats good anymore. u walk down to mcdonalds and notice a sea of white caps and people shouing bei, bruv and mush at eachother. then they walk up 2 u and its "were u starin at me? Oh how mature they are.
  • Gotta b the shops at brookfield court.
  • In my student days it had to Victoria Park (when it was slightly cleaner)
  • Try the George Inn at Molash if you have a prestige car to park in the carpark amongst the others there..Skateboards might get runover !!But you can look and dream..
  • I mean if you are really bored you could try the carpark! NOT! What is it wiv the Car Park the one opposite the Bowling Alley seems to be favourite.... i mean please you sad gals and boys aint it about time you got a life (socially) and gave us with driving round and round Ashford ring road!! Just a question don't you ever get dizzy!!
  • well, the skate park's been built, but I'm not a skater, so there's not much else. We used to sit on the swings behind the stour centre, trying to pluck up the courage to go into The Fox.
  • I duno, as sum1 said spoonie/porters house is WELL cool!so that probably.Kyle's house is cool to coz he has funny dogs!
  • I'd say the car park opposite the bowling alley. Quite a few pikeys hang there but they r actually ok when u talk 2 them. B nice 2 tem and they r nice bak. Plus u get 2 c sum really fit blokes down there and meet new ppl!
  • Cemetary car-park opposite the Knight Piesold building on the ring-piece, preferably in a Ford Orion, with the windows rolled up, talking to your mate over CB, who incidently is parked right next to you in a Fiesta.
  • tis as got to B the carpark in the town, where the cars park. this is cool cause all the chick cum to ogle the cars. wich is good if you ave a car like mine.... a cooooool mini with the union jack on the top... cooooolll ay
  • newhere---skate park
  • Well probably the skatepark,or outside mcdonalds thats where most of the cool people go,the outlet centre can be ok aswell,even though it looks like a sham. in the summer the mems is good alot of cool people go there,but (sigh) im getting older now so i get less time to 'hang out'
  • The ridge fair let off some proton bombs.
  • they are all dominated by chavs. Go to the old peoples home instead for good tea and biscuits. There is no jazz anywhere.
  • The only place to hang out in Ashford is indoors - that way you don't get beaten up by local pikies.
  • Memorial gardens off Church Road, opposite the library. It's the busiest library in Kent, by the way. The arch under the railway station is closed off till about January 2002 because of the new railway.
  • For the chavs the skatepark is the perfect place as they can go round on their bmx's in circles until they fall off and make a fool of themselves. Hey they can even sit under the quarter pipes and av a quick fag, as they would say. Alright boy!, in it broth!, alright gav!, oi! mullet, its not worth it boy!, these are just a few phrases used by such twats. I say go back to Stanhope!
  • The logs (Quantock drive).
  • I usually just go to the skate park, someone will turn up usually
  • I used to hang out in Vicky Park! Has it been buried in rubbish yet?
  • At the skatepark now. Tom gets down there about 8 in the morning!
  • the ridge, kennington..until it went dark
  • Willesborough roundabout,almost anytime(except when the traffic lights arn't working).
  • Outside my bloody house!!
  • the mems for a bit of a laugh and to watch blossom the canadian climb huge trees then fall off
  • outside the front of the international station. its got some ramps, kerps, space and step railings, unfortunately no benches. this will do until we get that skatepark at the stour centre.
  • The swings at the bottom of Quantock Drive was where it WAS at, in 1985
  • the tunnel on the way to the station
  • outside the crusader pub or Brookfield's shop
  • the ridge
  • The Memorial Gardens - 'The Mems'opposite the library; we used to bunk off school here and hide from our teachers in the toilets across the road! Also a popular venue for under age drinking, etc. Victoria Park is popular - you can play golf, or try the kiddies play park. Nice fountain and picnic spot. Lots of 'yoofs' hang out in the bus shelter there on Friday nights.
  • Outside Woolworths Outside McDonalds

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