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  • I was looking to learn about Ashford, and I have learned that there are some spiteful, judgemental people writing about it and being allowed to "name call" and use hate language on this site - which I don't think is legal. If I was looking for something to put me off Ashford, I found it on this site, and for one that claims to be "for fun" there is an awful lot of nasty, self-righteous and superior negativity.
  • How about starting a campaign? To all Ashford residents. If like myself you waste you time sitting in traffic chaos around Ashford's 'ringroad', then this is how you get your own back on those that wreck our lives. When you pass the junction to Tannery Lane (the road that comes up from the Council Office's) and you see someone sitting in their car waiting to join the 'ringroad' then I have a suggestion.........just smile, wave and leave them sitting in Tannery Lane...........make them late home as well!!
  • to all the peeps that dont like rude boys and chavs i agree wit ya. but dont take the piss out of the ring road racers cos there is two kinds. chavs yes they are tossers and they cant drive and they all have banged out festas and novas then there are the ones who love there cars have nice cars and birds, these ones (me) sit in the car park show off our cars and birds and dont cause trouble. the chavs drive around the ring road at speeds thy think are fast and they are noisy cunts. me on the other hand i know my car will thrash the chavs so i dont even have to try and prove it. please take tome to realise that not all ring road racers are danjorus. please visit ashford main car park oppasite the bowlin ally for a legal meet on the 5th of march 2005 wit drivers coming down from essex and north kent starts at 8. meanwhile go to our legal cruise site
  • Powerhouse motorcycles have some awesome machines. Their range of KTMs is marvellous. Can be expensive and if you are going for a service there, check you bike properly before riding off.
  • We Dont have a trials park! some where we can ride! always getting moaned at by the police! its ok for the skaters and people on bmx but what about the rest of us! all we would need is some old cotten reals and some palets to ride on!
  • If you have a university education, ambition and are friendly and outgoing please don't move here because you will be so bored.
  • Ominous happenings in Ashford. Kent County Constabulary was alerted Friday morning by a motorist returning home from Lydd. He reported seeing what he described as an "ominous glow" emanating from a field near the Ivychurch road. In a statement to police he said: "I saw what I would describe as an 'ominous glow' emanating from a field near the Ivychurch road. I didn't stop for a closer look as the glow seemed ominous." Asked whether he meant luminous, he changed his statement to read: "I saw what I would describe as an ominous luminous glow emanating from a field near the Ivychurch road." Inspector Bollard, his suspicions aroused at this sudden change in the man's evidence, asked him what he thought was ominous. "What do you think was ominous," he asked, "the glow or the luminosity?" "It was all very ominous" replied the man. "Do you mean the field was also ominous?" asked the inspector. "Well, I wouldn't quite say that" answered the man, now getting irritated . "Well, what would you quite say?" "Well, the field was only ominous in the light of the glow," he said. "May I have a cigarette?" "No, just answer the questions," said the inspector, directing the overhead lamp into the man's eyes, "what d'you mean, in the light of the glow? Was it a light or was it a glow?" "Go fuggin' look for yourself" cried the man, "I'm going home" and rose to leave. Inspector Bollard pushed the man back into his seat. "No need for that sort of language, Sir, and you are not going anywhere until we've got to the bottom of this. You are not making sense. First your light is a glow, then your glow is a light. You cannot make up your mind whether it, or the field or both were luminous or ominous. Now then Sir, let's go over it again, shall we?" "I want a solicitor," said the man, "get me a solicitor or let me go. I have rights, you know." At that moment, sergeant Davis, being the only officer on duty who could drive was speeding towards the scene. He arrived. He burst into the interview room and gasped: "Inspector Bollard, Sir, it is exactly as he said, there is an ominous luminous glow emanating from a field near the Ivychurch road. I didn't stop for a closer look as the glow seemed ominous." "You mean you didn't investigate?" glowered the inspector, ominously, "is this a conspiracy or what? Neither of you investigated? This is all very ominous, isn't it?" "Yes, that's what I've been saying all along, and now you agree, perhaps I can go?" With that, to the inspector's suprise, the man stood, then calmly walked out of the room, the door of which the sergeant had conveniently left open. The next day, Inspector Bollard was vapourised by a passing alien spacecraft, the sergeant was promoted to inspector and the man won six million pounds on the lottery
  • ashford is boring there all a bunch of wona be's dat way i is moved back to da home land and na it ant africa coz i is white english so sort and move to essex (u all no why) ''essex bird''
  • erm....ya mum has a cock
  • o have no idea wot that means!!! fek it!!!
  • ok for starters i hang up the car park i aint sayin its the best place to go but its sumwhere. and just to set a few people straight we dont race round and round we park in thar car park and chat a few go for a race now and then but thats about it we r a nice bunch of people just so long as u dont start causing trouble 4 us.
  • i do not no of where the hookers hang out, wot a shame eh
  • Why are there no single girls here who arent slags? (or scared of relationships)
  • Most of the new home sales people lie through their teeth. Be warned.
  • I see Ashford from insode the passing Eurostar trains that stop at the Station there.It looks quite modern but does anyone know if joining The Eurostar at Asford is and easy or inexpensive thing to do for a day jaunt to France?Are there any pitfalls?How is the link and high speed line progressing?The descent into the tunnel is very heavily protected-30 foot fences-and multiple cameras-I cant see the hoo hah about tunnel trespassers here.
  • I would rather live in Milton Keynes
  • We have another famous resident in GRAEME DUTCH and also the most infamous person in Britain LEON REED.
  • the ring road goes clockwise and the pigs smell of crap, specially the motaway ones on the motaway...
  • Kennington is ruled by a gang known as the "B.C.K". Dont mess as they are fair ard as diamonds.
  • Well Joe Hamilton's really fat- you probably can't fit him in anywhere else.
  • The town started as an iron town, trading with the Roman Empire, before the English ever came to this country. There are lots of French firms settling in here, because we are cheap labour. It's nice to hear the language being spoken in the streets now and again, by people who are living here, not tourists. They like the town, even if Ashfordians don't.
  • If you are a fan of cars and air pollution and traffic jams, Ashford's for you.
  • the tengo crew are about to kick right back into gear with a couple of new nights and lots of outdoor excursions...mail them at for more information.
  • The road layout on the ringroad at the top of Forge Lane was better howw it was! And when will they finish working on that poxy railway?
  • hello
  • dont come and live here
  • The most prominent thing in Ashford at the moment is the new rail link. It is most definitly THE place to work. BUT the the international station looks like a prison camp!
  • The average wage of people living in Ashford is three times higher than the average wage of the people working in Ashford. Think about that. The average price of the houses being built in Ashford today is not compatible with Ashford wages. Think about that. Now ask yourself: why is Ashford not the nice friendly place it used to be?
  • ALL SHOPS. There appears to be a policy in Ashford whereby retailers will not sell that which we wish to buy. We can only buy that which they wish to sell. If you cannot find what you are looking for in one shop, it is unlikly you will find it in any other in Ashford.
  • There are some great places here for the environmentally minded. Try visiting Richard Boden at Wyecycle, Wye; this was one of the first community recycling schemes in Britain. Hamstreet Woods nearby is a National Nature Reserve, about 6 miles down the A2070. There's also a rare breeds centre at Woodchurch, also down the A2070.
  • The most popular places for drunks relieving themselves at night are the doorway of the Nat West Bank and the alley down the side of the Bingo Hall.
  • Ashford youth theatre, a centre of wanton abandon and creative absurdity, attracts members from Canterbury, Folkestone, and London.
  • I don't know if anyone else saw this, maybe I'm just going mad, but on December 10/96 I was walking home from Ashford's top pub "The County" when I saw strange light effects in the region of Victoria Park. It was a mild night so I decided to take a detour down Jemmit Road to take a look. As I got closer I couldn't believe my eyes. Hovering about 30 feet above the park I saw a large cigar shaped object made of a silvery metal covered in coruscating colours. As I approached the object more closely it gracefully lifted away from me into the night sky. How strange.
  • You forgot to add churches, some people ( not many ) still like to attend.Willesborough Baptist used to be pretty good. I used to live in Willesborogh and would attend there every once in a while

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