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The Worst Things
  • The toilets in the town are so dirty that I almost threw up when I last used them (I haven't thrown up for 6 years). Never use the toilets near the Lidl. They're disgusting.
  • apathy - most people couldn't care less (hence the reason their kids turn out shit), the local council doesn't care either, unless it's wasting thousands of pounds of the tax payer's money on stupid 'trendy' arts projects, some liberal initiative for a tiny ethnic minority or an 'Emperor's new clothes' attempt to raise the profile of the town, so basically the place just feels like a contradiction with no idea other than brain-deadening consumerism.the local working class neanderthals in the town centre every saturday afternoon with their full sleeve of tattoos, No Fear t-shirt and ripped jeans all thinking they're a kick boxer or cage fighter, with their tart with her 'tramp stamp' tattoos and their 2 kids.everyone has got tattoos - even the women, if you're not covered in tattoos then you ain't a real man and will get no respect from other men whatsoever.the young mothers on benefits wandering around the town centre with their useless unemployed plonker pushing the buggy 7 days a week because they haven't got anything better to do other than "have a look round the shops" - Poundland, the 99p Store, Wilkinson's, Peacock's etc.sick in the head looking 18/19 year old dickheads from the south kent college.nosey bastards - no matter what you do you can guarantee that some creepy old cunt will just stand there watching you.mouthy gobshite mong women with an attitude problem.
  • bigoted and cretinous 'old Ashford' and the working class 'cigarettes and alcohol' lot thinking they're cockneys and that they're living in Eastenders.dirty old men perving in the public toilets.albanians and kosovans.
  • pikey families everyone's scared of, and the place is full of pikeys.morons on the dole thinking they're hard and being a belligerent cunt to impress their 15 year old schoolkid friends.
  • How much time have you got??.......
  • road works
  • The Great Chart to Singleton underpath, great for gatherings, parking for cars situated on the roundabout just at the entrance, mopeds welcome in actual underpath. entrance fee: ten bag if not local dealer number found in near play park. Dress Code: tracky and hat and beer can(peferable stella from local offlience, adult usally willing if threatened by large mouth and nike written across your jumper to buy for you). Security high: anyone entering the underpath without tracky or hat will be spat at and any used can or bottle will be thrown at there head, if not already passed out at the entrance with our very own FOGMASTER'2000, new technology supplyed by ashford very own homegrowers!!!
  • Is the fact that the Authorities in Ashford do not listen, they do not take on board what the public say/want /need/so therefore the Council are incompetent. Money wasted on projects- Auditors need to get a grip - Police have all these new- piles of literature all these documents and forums - means nothing. The Community Safety unit attached to Ashford Police Station in Tufton road is only there so that they can say they have ticked the box to the Government. Nice One! Oh! It was going to be an open door policy. Im afraid not TRUE!! Alot of apathy- Not bothered from lOCALS Who can blame them Drug Dealing is an antisocial act - and their are plenty of them operating in Ashford - out of social Housing - should this be allowed to happen - Courts not doing their job- In communities -influences on our children - Drug Grooming children - which go un -checked - more parental reponsibilities needed,- parenting skills also needed Ashford is fast becoming Trashford Ask the Council how much it costs to clear up site position on top of Chilmington Hill a year. And we the Council Tax Payer will carry on paying for the privlidge - Until SOMEONE GETS THEIR ACT TOGETHER - AND STOP KEEP LETTING US ALL GO ROUND THIS MERRY GO ROUND. STOP PEOPLE USING OUR SYSTEM AND ALLOWING THE BAD BUGGERS TO BE ABOVE THE LAW
  • the ring road. everything is moving out, like the good shops etc and the cinema.
  • too many chavs in ashford it used toi be nice here but the kosovans and chavs are making it trashford
  • James at liquid lol
  • Having to live here. Chilmington Green Pikey camp & its scummy inhabitants who don't think the laws of the land apply to them. Well named Do-As-You-Likeys. High level of aggression by 'chav' & Pikey scum. Even in daylight you risk being attacked, robbed of your mobile esp if you're under 15 yrs old or elderly. If you're visibly different you could be murdered even, like that poor Sri Lankan bloke killed for a laugh by typical Ashford 'chav' scum. No theatre, poor bus service to anywhere else, perhaps they don't want us to leave? Ashford Borough Council, well named the 40 thieves. Waiting to be seen in the William Harvey
  • Hi, I've lived in my road for 3 years now and I don't know anyone else that lives here! I'ts soooooooooo unfriendly!
  • The worst thing about Ashford just has to be the loss of a cinema actually in the town and the loss of the open-air swimming pool and the loss of the theatre. Parking is near the top of the list as well - things have gone potty in this area.
  • Full of Trendies/Ruders
  • Ashford = Trashford = Chav F**king central. Twats
  • The guy with the Morrisey quiff and 3/4 length leather flasher mac who patrols certain pubs chatting up young women even though he's about 40. Uses the ruse of being an artist to get them all to come and look at his "etchings". Pure sleazebag!
  • tom brisco......
  • the chavs walking round with those unbelievably huge clowns or sovereigns round their neck. i think if u took them off em theyd be so much taller. the same with their earrings, bloody gr8 gold things that look lyk theyve bin bought from a crappy market stall - (they probs have) and not to mention their rings, no wonder their knuckles scrap the ground when they walk - tryin to look 'hard' and thinkin they look 'kool' - take a rain check and jus change the record coz this ones stuk!
  • the minging tarts!!! who show all there mingin body!!! grose!!!
  • Ring road racers, Chavvies and pikies
  • sometimes the moterway gets closed.
  • All the dirty piky wanabes, one armed tramps, and amount of abuse you get if you dont buy the big issue off one of them. the shitty pebble road going through town centre, where you cant walk without breaking your ankle. The sad rude boysthat hang about in vicerage lane car park (opposite the bowling alley) that think its hard to wheel spin and give everyone that walks past evils and abuse. (Here have your daggers Back!!!). all the piky girls that seem to have more babies than what they do a life. and finally all the little chavs that hang around mc donalds drinking on the benches that they got some stranger to buy for them, dreaming of the day they could actually get into weatherspoons.
  • Hah whoever said that Ashford is our answer to Lille when the Eurostar opened has obviously never been to either one. Lille has shops, culture, events and a half-decent football team. Ashford has nothing like that, and Ashford Town, despite their commendable efforts, will never get into Europe. It takes at least half an hour to drive round Lille ring road - our residents boy racers can do Ashford's in under a minute.
  • Believe that no one is listening, that nobody cares about what happens to those who are sick and need help, that their is very little in the way of comfort for those who are most vulrable. Sad our World. But we can change it!!!!!!!
  • The low profile of the town. There are no signs for the place on A259 beyond Brenztt, the A20 beyond Folkestone or the M20 beyond Wrotham. compared to other similar sized towns in Kent this is appalling.
  • where do i start? the locals - not just the pikie population, but something else i have found that i can only refer to as 'ashfordianism'. you know the sort - neighbours that appear friendly but are actually very very ignorant. people who appear to be listening to what you are saying then cut you off midsentence with some other non related crap which is actually an excuse to go back inside their shabby, badly decorated home.
  • mr. howes and chavs,pikeys,rudeys,gypos,gold jewelery shop e.g JJ JEWELERS and chavvy mums who seem to be only bout 13 with 3 yr old kids pushing a secong hand, flee bitton pram
  • all of ashford
  • Stanhope, Wayne Sacre, pikeys, nightlife, shops, Alldays (isn't open all day), immigrants, trains, Nine Acres, no skunkweed,
  • Ken Davies at Skip It Limited. A very nasty man indeed, and greedy. Very poor service when delivering skips. Expensive too.
  • all the pikeys eg sum1 called glen, robert penfold, jamie bullen, danny charlen theyre all thievin fukkin cunts nd im gonna kill the muvva fuckas
  • Taxi drivers who think the ring road is Silverstone! A council who are scared to let the town grow.
  • Scummy pikies and Stanhope scuzzies. Also single parent capital of the earth with more new homes for the slappers and less money for us due to increased rates!! Three Words for single mums -- wear a condom!! If we could get rid of all the Ashford scum it would be a great place to live...
  • The whole of it!!!
  • Pikey b*sterd c*ntish w*ankers that inhabit this desolate god forsaken hell hole are all bent dont ever think about movin anywhere near this s*it hole
  • Over keen traffic wardens, they hide in doorways, watch out near library and The Swan Pub, I've seen them "nick" the post man when he is empying the pillar box, twice !
  • the inbred, illiterate majority oh and the ever present albanians and kosovans
  • We all ran in2 our fair share of rotten pikies.Even if we r pikies.
  • The town planners who screwed Ashford up in the 70s, the miserable atmosphere and the way that the people of Ashford just accept their lot without complaining
  • Thequality of life for many people and how they just accept it
  • The dog shit and the money grabbing, blood sucking leeching traffic wardens don't ever try to park in Ashford without paying.
  • I really dont have time to list the worst things in Ashford i'de be here for a long long time!
  • ashford
  • The nation of Chav. Billybobs. Gypos. Pikies. Hedge-mites.
  • Stanhope, full of pikies
  • Pikies, chavs, gypo's, ugly beer-belly sporting skinhead 'laads' in brightly coloured shirts lookig for: a) a grope of a 16yr old girl b) several dozen pints of lager c) a kebeb and, quintessentially, d) a fight. The 'alternative' (i.e. non-Cales related) culture consists of Goths and schoolkids essentially in training to be like the above (only with McDonalds as the cultural Mecca), no-one under 50 has taken a book out of the library since 1935, because if you learn 'ya must be gay!'. Most people aged 16-24 have more children than GCSEs, and, bizarrely, seem to accept their lot. You and Ashford deserve each other my townie chums. (Oh, and the local MP is a Tory, and the Daily Mail/Sun etc. make their millions through this town alone).
  • chavs, thick people, ugly people.......etc.
  • cales chavs pikees
  • all of the little fuckin chavvy ma bwars
  • chavs are evrywhere.
  • Being sober in Ashford is not good
  • Pikies, chavs, gypos, call them what you want, but there's fkin loads of 'em! easily spotted by the sovereign rings, oversized ridiculous "gold" clown or boxing glove necklace pendants (I'm not joking!people seriously wear these things and think they're cool!), Stanhope, Chilmington (or Nohope & Chavington)
  • Ashfordians moaning on about the town, pulling it down all the time. Northerners and Scots moaning on about the South. There's an answer. you know! Tory Council run by the rich people from the country, with not a clue about the lives of most of us in the town.
  • the old bill at 2am
  • Radio One Roadshow. Mr Chore's 'Ram and Hinton' stall at the market.
  • Chavs, gypos, pikies, scum. If you come to Ashford bring a big gun
  • The awful tunnel you have to go through to get to the domestic station on foot. It needs some lighting! Not a safe place!
  • Sad boy racers out on Saturday night The designer outlet centre-Bluewater it ain't! Cheap sportswear in abundance ,not much else Numerous working class people;chavs, pikeys whatever you want to call them, who congregate in the High Street and Memorial Park Only 1 nightclub and a pretty shite one at that. Ashford Borough Council, which for years approved plans for building loads of houses but left Ashford without a cinema for 10 years.
  • pykies, gypos and boy racers. Wages that an immigrant would be ashamed of.
  • chavs galore!
  • Lack of Shops and clubs, or anything remotely warranting a second visit
  • chavs! townies! trendies!
  • schools
  • Lack of things to do until it's legal for you to go into pubs (although nowhere is particually stringent on rules
  • You can only earn a decent living in Ashford if you commute to London. And Connex is crap.
  • Arrow Taxis. Ashford Borough Council. Unprovoked assaults in the town centre at night. The population's apathy. Wages in Ashford.
  • The Ringroad
  • We lost our cinema about 5 years ago. They knocked it down to build Ashford International Station, but havn't built us a new one yet! When the French lorry drivers strike, Ashford starts to resemble a huge lorry park, it's impossible to drive anywhere!
  • Arrow Taxis. Barbara Simmons. Cathy Rosson. Arrow Taxis David Lloyd Ring Road. Bill Hoad. Arrow Taxis Friday & Saturday night C.R.U.D. (Criminals, Recidivists, Undesirables & Delinquents)

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