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Cheap Food
  • McDonalds? KFC?Always cheap, not so sure about the decent food part tho
  • EVERYWHERE is cheap food :P
  • Eat cheap food at my place, just bring me some too..
  • Ocean Wave Fish Bar on Weedon Road does some of the best chips I've ever tasted. The Lakeside Chinese Takeaway is easily the best chinese I've ever eaten, takeaway or restaurant!!
  • GiGis up town near the litten tree.
  • Chicago Rock cafe, great food and fit chef!!!
  • best kebab shop in aylesbury, top of the market sq and right, next to sainsbrys, called aylesbury kebab house, cheap as chips and amazing!!
  • Subway, man. And Just Baggettes for no- nonsense lunch
  • the food in the gutter. well its better than most of the resturants here!!!!!!
  • Except Macdonalds, haven't had a bad meal yet. If you go to Macdonalds get a kids meal. You can at least eat it.
  • maccy d and kfc
  • Prezzo, the new italian in town is excellent 5* food and service for 3* prices
  • Can I strongly recommend the new Italian restaurant in Buckingham Street called PIAZZO. Extremely busy on Saturday nights but excellent food, nice staff and friendly management. I must also say that you should not be in a hurry to eat or leave as they can get exceptionally busy, but if you are prepared to hang loose and enjoy a pleasant and relaxed evening with your friends I would highly recommend you give it a try!
  • thats really easy -mcdonalds for kids and the tramps. mna's and peking inn also pizza express for the middle classes. gigis and mr rice for the subhumanoid trash-that'll be the bulk of the locale.
  • Bring back the Wimpy
  • Peking Inn has it over the greasy EAMAYL for Chinese buffets.
  • mccy ds
  • mcdonalds, the kebab van in market square, but for decent food and family meals the hungry horse in quarrendon, the plough on tring rd and mnas are the best to eat
  • noodle bar, deep pan pizza, pizza hut, kfc, dominoes pizza, perfect pizza, peking inn, chinese eat as much as you like buffet (EAMAYL) loads of places
  • Mr Rice's wins hands down
  • The Bistro (in Wendover)... For special occasion! Book for table 8 or 10 - on a Friday or Saturday night. Family atmosphere with good music. Mediterranean food: absolutely gorgeous!!
  • Watermead Inn, Big Al's, Noodle Bar baby!
  • The buffet at Deep Pan Pizza is good. But dont expect good service
  • El Halal on high street is the BEST indian is unlicenced so you can take your own crate of beer/ wine, but not lemonade
  • MNA'S real good food - and it's not as expensive as you'd think. They also have a live music / dancing venue in the cellar which has free entry for diners at weekends.
  • The chip shop near sainsburys makes fantastic chips and the geezer in the van outside the bell at night!
  • El Halal,High Street - the best Indian takeaway in the world EVER! The Bamboo,Buckingham Street - the best Chinese take-away in the world EVER!
  • big al's is the only place, because he cares
  • maccyd`s
  • The new Pizza Hut is really nice. Also the Shenshar curry house in park street is fantastic.
  • Noodle bar is good. But i know what they put in the chips at Mcdonalds.
  • mmmmmmmmmmmm that just baggets place rules n very yemmy matozass pizzas is nice make sur the warm it up or its mingin
  • mna's expensive but worth it,chiquito's was crap but is no longer there it has been replaced by a pizza hut!
  • mc donalds elm farm tandorri takeaway is quite good OASIS is the business
  • MNA;s food is divine. Either that or the greasy spoon on Raban's Lane. Wicked fry-ups
  • Chiquito's shut down ages ago and is now Pizza Hut. It's in a poor location so no wonder it failed miserably. Big Al's does the best ever bacon sarnies, and Gi Gee's is the best for after pub nosh.
  • Chiquitos is now Pizza Hut and there are some tasty lads there
  • the best food emporium in aylesbury to date that I have discovered is the 99 pence for ten doughnut bag in tesco
  • Great Food, Fine Wines, live Jazz, Soul and Blues - That's the MNAS experienceMNAS
  • chips and cheese from the Kebab shop next to sainsbury's definatly
  • Mc d's
  • I didn't know Bar Med did food! It's pucka man.
  • Gi Gee Kebabs rocks, just outside bar med, open late and does burgers/quality pizzas/kebabs (funnily enuff) etc... Don't go to the kebab stand outisde the Brittania, i had a kebab from there, it tasted good (but what doesn't when you've had a few hey!) but the nex day i swear i had food poisoning. Stay well clear
  • Eat as much as you like chinese
  • aylesbury kebab house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oi oi oi!!!!!!!
  • Big Al's Burger Van on the Market Square does some of the best bacon rolls around, better than the McDonalds efforts anyway. Also it has to be noted that Big Al's has propbably the most loyal customer in Stuart Brown, a man who is not adverse to spending an entire day (9.30 am to 4.45pm) standing on the right hand side of Big Als bar. If you pass by Big Als, you will be able to spot him as he is the one in the dirty Levis.
  • MacDonalds, and Bon Appetit good for after pub food
  • Aylesbury is full of it. Its the one good thing about Aylesbury, apart from its pubs.
  • chineese, curries, kebabs
  • A brand new Pizza Express has just opened in Kingsbury Square! Great food and plenty of seating in what is quite a different atmosphere for Aylesbury. The staff actually have a modicum of intelligence too (unlike in Deep Pan Pizza: brain-dead student servers and appallingly stodgy food), so we can all pretend to be middle class now at least! One thing: if you are going to eat in there, people then turn your bloody mobiles off as it makes the place sound like a greetings card factory on Xmas overtime!
  • McDonalds x2,
  • Sheesh Mehel makes a great curry (try the Passanda). The Burger van on the market square (the one which is run by the fella who looks like David Baddiel) does good after-pub food, especially the home-made coleslaw.
  • Aylesbury Kebab and Curry House by Sainsbury's is the best and ever will be. I love those chips'n'cheese
  • Mr Rices is just the business and very near the very good Weavers!
  • My favourite curry house is the Bucks Balti down the High Street - how dare they say there are no good curry houses in Aylesbury! You have to take your own alcohol (great shame that!) but I would thoroughly recommend it. There is also the Eat As Much As You Like Chinese - food is not particularly brilliant but hey who cares when you can stuff yourself silly! As an alternative on a Sunday night the Peking Inn do a buffet on a Sunday night and their food is scrummy. If you would like a small drive, I would suggest The Lion at Waddesdon. The pub is a little basic but the food is well worth the bus fare., Oh, I should recommend the chips, cheese and coleslaw from the Kebab Shop next to Sainsburys after the pubs shut.........
  • The Good and Plenty in cambridge street - best snack food in town great for takeaway sandwiches & the cafe upstairs is superb. Eat for under £3 huge choice students club gives 10% off
  • Do try Carlos's Portuguese restaurant near Temple Square - something different and pleasant staff too! If you don't mind paying for it, The Peking Inn serves pretty good Chinese food. Aylesbury does not have a single decent curry house to my knowledge although I haven't eaten in the Taj Mahal mentioned elsewhere here. If El Halal still serves its "Tindaloo" (hotter than a Vindaloo!) that might be worth a try if you are game for anything (precisely, a handful of hot chilli powder thrown over, rather than cooked with, meat slaughtered halal-style). Chiquitos is a very variable place that has suffered from the departure of the Oxfordshire based American forces personnel at the start of the 90s. It can be ok but often isn't.
  • The best place to eat in Aylesbury is Chiquitos; Mexican-style, and at lunch there's an excellent help-yourself buffet at a very keen price.
    You really think that Chiquito's is the best place to eat in town????? And then you dare to post that on the internet, claiming to be a guide to what's hot or not in Ayles??? It's a bit insulting that a very poor chain of restaurants is the best we have to offer. It's very poor food, not really authentic, and apart from being the only place in the area that serves Mexican, I can't really see very much to commend it. How about some of the good curry-houses, or Bon Appetit's eat-in kebabs which really are damn nice. Food doesn't have to be expensive to be good, but I really resent the thought that that restaurant is the best we have to offer.
  • There's a great Indian restaraunt called Sheesh Mehel, near Walton Pond.
  • My Best restaraunt in Aylesbury is the Taj Mahal on Buckingham Street Aylesbury excellent Curry and a host of vegetarian delights!!
  • Schoon's Restaurant in the Hight Street is the only vegan restaurant in Aylesbury. It's very lively and the staff wear fancy dress anything from ginger beards to Darth Vader costumes. Good food at good prices.
  • The comment about eating at Bon Appetit is way out of line,s an ace of of cafe cum bistro cum watering hole.Go eat your heart out and get fat like me!!!
  • Oasis kebab shop on Cambridge street, the best! I can recommend the Yorkshire Pudding with chips and cheese. Just ask for Mr Rice
  • Buono Pasta in Cambridge St. Good value Italian food. Music & dancing till all hours!!!! El Halal Indian restaurant - bottom of High St, opposite park. Good food. BYO drinks. Shensha Indian restaurant - Cambridge St. Lovely curry!

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