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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Aylesbury Music shop, down temple street. tis great in there :)
  • Oh oh oh, Theres one shop I know of, but dont know the name! If you head towards the Mix96 studio (Ugh) From the back of FairsSquare, turn right and then left down a little road and its on your right hand side, cant miss it!
  • guitars
  • The surfin monkey doesn't exist anymore! Almost a year ago I ordered a guitar there (by internet as I live in the Netherlands), they took my money and NEVER gave me that guitar! So don't trust that shop! If anybody knows how to reach the people that worked there I'm happy to hear it because I want my money back!
  • aylesbury music, top of the market square, go left, first right, on the right. properly professional stuff, no cheap crap
  • There's a new guitar store opened up in Haddenham, Aylesbury, just off the Thame Road, called The Surfin Monkey. It's a huge store full of guitars, basses, acoustics, amps, effects, recording gear and it has loads of accessories. The prices are really low and the guys working there know their stuff!!! Check it out!
  • Aylesbury Music is pretty good.
  • Milton keynes, snow dome, or there is one opposite noodle bar in aylesbury town
  • Yeah, in the town centre, way cool.
  • Aylesbury music
  • Theres a shop with guitars and stuff near the exit of friars square by new look.
  • Walk 15 miles to Scorpion in High Wycombe
  • the aylesbury music shop on temple street has a good selection of instruments and music books.
  • there is one opposite noodle bar sells guitars trhink it's called aylesbury music
  • Roland pianos are sold in Beatties now.
  • Only one, its small with the original title of Aylesbury Music!
  • aylesbury music is the only music shop in aylesbury and its ok but a bit small
  • Aylesbury Music.....of course
  • One near the noodle bar
  • only aylesbury music its ok bt really small n they have this bleepy thing when ya open the door that totally freaks me out!
  • Aylesbury Music....not a lot of choice but they can easily order stuff. The reason Aylesbury only has one is because they kept on getting robbed...Paradidles drum shop used to be above Hasberry's. Fantastic!
  • Aylesbury Music....not a lot of choice but they can easily order stuff. The reason Aylesbury only has one is because they kept on getting robbed...Paradidles drum shop used to be above Hasberry's. Fantastic!
  • THere is only one that I know of, and that is near the bowling ally....
  • Aylesbury Music
  • One nr Jardines bowling

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