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  • Oh, my bad, I thought it said Pubes,
  • Basically most of the pubs are unremarkable and unwelcoming. Don't bother going out in Aylesbury if you like meeting new people, you won't meet anyone remotely interesting, ever, trust me! No one talks to anyone they don't know. DO expect to be stared at and given funny looks if you look different in any way to anyone else. The arrogance in the pubs and clubs of Aylesbury at weekends really has to be seen to be believed. Basically if you want an enjoyable and fun night out, don't go out in Aylesbury!
  • The newly refurbished Watermead IS the finest pub in Bucks. live bands every month to include blues, jazz soul funk(NO ROCK!), casino night, gourmet food great service. What a location! Independently owned. ruffians not welcome!No sports...that's right i said NO SPORTS!
  • The duck in bedgrove didn't used to id younger looking people, but it's a bit of a shit hole. Easyer to just get someone legal to get something from the threshers in town.
  • Gatehangers Inn in Ashendon near Aylesbury Free House, Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast Really peaceful, a good pint and the food was marvellous. This was capped off with an undisturbed nights sleep, a full English breakfast and then only a few minutes drive to Aylesbury. So cheaper than staying in Aylesbury, yet very close by. They have a web site:
  • White Swan has gone down hill, since the landlord James East left a few years ago. Needs some with fresh ideas to take it over. Bell Hotel is far to expensive, give it a miss. The place has so many defects, its a wonder it doesn't fall down. Hobgoblin, should be renamed the "The Creatures Of The Night" need I say more.
  • The Bell and Swan
  • The Swan, The Bell, The Brittania
  • bottom of the market sq
  • The Huntsman - classy establishment based in the leafy suburb Walton Court. Its real out there
  • Oh, go to The Yeoman on Bedgrove. Minor Central.
  • watermead inn is the best
  • the watermead inn. it has come on leaps n bounds since the bad old days! give us a try! we are v popular in the summer, and we now have air con!!! our grub is yummy and fresh, unfortunately we dont make the prices
  • the litten tree has replaced bar med - how exciting! unfortunatley, it is just bar med with carpet.
  • well the hobgoblin aylesburys finest moment, as well as the firkin, these two have the only alternative crowd and older drinkers -of corse if you want to go to get that fresh face crowd feeling then go to yates hogshead bar med especially-oh yeah leave the old grey matter at home too-all people do is stare at each other and giongerly sip their cheapp alcho pops smoke and stare see theres no conversation who needs it when youre from aylesbury-jeez....avoid all the pubs except for the hobgoblin and firkin.
  • The only good ones that come to mind are The Bell (right at the back) and the Ship Inn (well it was good when I was a student 5 yrs ago). All the others are either crap or full of 18 yr olds.
  • Anyone go in the Firkin anymore ?
  • HAMPDENS - MOST HAPPENING PLace in town loads of goodlooking ppl go there and the musics wicked gos on til 2 at weekends
  • The Hogshead in Aylesbury is THE PITS the beer is warm the bar staff are only employed once all trace of personality has been erased and a "miserable git" implant completed. To top it all they run contests to see who can upset the most customers each evening
  • yatses, hogshead, chicago's bar med are the good ones and there's plenty crap ones actually bar med is poo
  • Kings Head rules these days.
  • Aylesbury is a totally vile dump, with a bunch of bored middle england fascists living there. Aylesbury is such a dump it attracts losers and fascists..skinheads in white only estates -people there still say british as if enoch is in full bloom-no place for a respectable upper middle class jewish boy -i swear i shall never leave the gilded matrix of kensington and chelsea holland park-or indeed even hampstead or richmond, for that nazi dump!
  • Bouncers in Bar Med are right c***s! i cant believe your all singing Hampdens praises- avoid if you want to keep your wallet and fone! Im barred from Chicago's so I cant comment on what its like at the moment!
  • hogsHead...even if the bouncers are f**king rude and the staff get right up your a*se!!!!! Its OK to drink there!!! F**king bunch of loosers!!!!
  • Kings Head.. best pub in clientel, best surroundings, good music
  • Try Bar Med if you want to be wrongly accused of something, then thrown out and blacklisted from most of the other places in the town. One ageing bouncer and one young enough to be his grandson seem to think it is an offence to speak to the bar people. Try MNAs for a decent night. Fantastic, if slightly pricey, food but worth paying that bit extra for the cracking service and the Base bar downstairs. Everything you need under one roof.
  • Brit-pikiest pub in Aylesbury! Lantern, Hobgoblin and Lobster Pot are all s**t! Bar Med is full of kevs, Hogshead is full of old people as is Chicagos and Yates' is full of yuppies!
  • stay away from hampdens, the lounge, anywhere beginning with 'the'. Hogshead and Chicagos may be old, but you will, in a large amount of cases, emerge with your life.
  • To be honest I can't think of any exceptional pubs in Aylesbury Centre, I can think of a few aruond the edges though, The Bell (Stoke Mandeville) and the Woolpack (also Stoke Mandeville).
  • Yates's is turning into THE PLACE to be. They have everything for everyone from coffee to Vodka jelly. The new music policy they seem to have in place is wicked. They have everything from cheesy chart to dance anthems of old. How ya feelin, raise your hands to da ceiling!!!!!! The atmosphere is great and upbeat, the doormen aint meatheads and low and behold, the bar staff actually have personality. It wipes the floor with Chicago as you NEVER pay to get in, NEVER have to queue in the pouring rain and the beer is cheaper so why oh why do people bother with that place when there is so much more to offer just yards away. Go on. Get your self down to Yates's. You know you want to.......
  • The Brittania is good. Try the New Zealand, and also perhaps The Ship.
  • The Buckingham Arms, now known as the Emperor inn, sells the most cloudiest abominable tasting bitter in Aylesbury at over-inflated prices. I had trouble trying to figure out if it was sediment or goldfish that was swimming through the murky pints, no matter what brand I chose ! If you want poisoned, then go to the Emperor and drink their bitter. The fuel line in my car is cleaner. Avoid at all cost's this disgusting place !
  • chiago crap beer and crap staff Bell in market sq nice barmaids with big tits
  • Are Dave and Angie ever leaving the ship? The King's Head if you're not a twat. Avoid Yates, Lobster Pot, Hob Gob, Lantern, Yeomans, Britannia, Huntsman etc. If ur stoned then try going into the Market Tavern and you won't stop laughing!
  • Are Dave and Angie ever leaving the ship? The King's Head if you're not a twat. Avoid Yates, Lobster Pot, Hob Gob, Lantern, Yeomans, Britannia, Huntsman etc. If ur stoned then try going into the Market Tavern and you won't stop laughing!
  • You would be hard put to find a decent pub, will explain reasoning - 1 set is full of the roughest dregs of society i.e brittania, big hand mos could go on forever, the other set is full of tossers, unpleasant rude, trendy to themselves, and think culture and entertainment is queing up for half a fecking hour for a shnapps -wankers, so no, no decent pubs.
  • don't venture into aylesbury pubs unless you want to be accosted by tarts in white stillettoes brandishing cheap handbags and the neandertal morons that drive them around the one way system in clapped out xr3i turbos with wobbly doggies heads in the rear window.
  • Loads best are yates hogs head lamtin is a shit whole
  • hobgoblin being refurbished. look out!!!!!!!!
  • the back bar in the bell @the bottom of the market sq. has the best juke box slayer,fearfactory disturbed, Korn, live and loads of others +theres a pool table otherwize the Kings head is really nice and relaxing
  • lots especially with piss heds hangin out side them
  • Hampdens if ya like 'em young. Chicago's if ya like 'em old. Yate's & Bar Med if ya like 'em just right
  • Get to know members of the "Victoria Club" and get signed in! The cheapest beer in town at £1 a pint.
  • Chicago's - Mainly over 25's, music from 1954-1984. Open 'til 1am except Sundays when it closes at 10:30 like everywhere else. Queue for an hour then pay to get in. £1 10:00-10:30 £2 10:30-11:00 £3 11:00-12:00. Oh yeah, then £2.50 for a pint of Kroni. Yates - Up to date music and a young crowd. Open til 12:30am Thurs/Fri/Sat and always free to get in. Decent price on your beer too - £2.10 Pint of Carling. Hogshead - Again young crowd. Music can be a bit naff, can also be good. Good price on Beer though - £1.50 Boddingtons, £1.75 Heineken, £1.95 Labatts. Open 'til 12:30am Fri & Sat, again free to get in. Bar Med - Only open until 12:00 and charging up to £2 to get in. Expensive beer again, £2.50 Kroni, £2.55 bottle Bud. MNA's - Open until 1:30am at w/e. Jazz Bar downstairs under the Restaurent. Good price beer and excellent service from bar staff. Over 25's (So I have been told, didn't stop me and my mate's though)
  • Schoons concentrates on bearded customers
  • The Millwright's has just had a refurb! The excitement is palpable, isn't it?
  • Brittania - remarkably young patrons, a big joke. Bar Med - beers are expensive but the most active and best dance floor apart from the small clubs. Hobgoblin - good for pool, people there are a bit dodgy though. Hampden's - fine drinks selection, small dance floor, sexy people, probably the nicest place in Aylesbury. The Lantern - quite a few dodgy people but is good for pool, some nice women and a small but quite cool dance floor. Buck's Arms - full of rocker's and dodgy skater/metal people. Hogshead - used to like it but nothing special, quite boring now. Yates' - trendy wine bar, mainly good music, lots of good looking normal people, cheap drinks before 9pm on a Friday. The Swan - best for pool. The Bell - for those looking for a relaxed evening. Big Hand Mo's - two pool tables, quite boring there now though, dance floor never gets going.
  • If like me you like it up the rear you will enjoy the Saracens Head
  • One of the worst places to drink anywhere, bad pubs and expensive larger.
  • once i was sick on the edge of the dancefloor at big hand moes + no one saw me do it
  • Angie and Dave will soon be leaving The Ship Inn (March 2001) and I think the entire canal basin is going to be made bigger and a new hotel/bar/shops complex is going to be built! Yuppie/townie hell looms! Still, at least they're knocking down the tax office to make way for it, but it does beg the question: Where are all the Aylesbury heads going to go?? Time to move, methinks.
  • Go to Chicago's if you like to spend your evening looking at mutton dressed as lamb and listening to music that was considered cool circa 1976
  • The Millwrights on Walton Road - decent local, pool tables, good juke box selection and a nice landlord.
  • yeh
  • The Ship Inn can still occasionally resembly a lunatic asylum and be brilliant but has been going downhill recently because of overpriced, flat lager. The Millwrights Arms is more friendly and cheap and we have occasionally been, dare I say it, to Chicago's (but only cos the beer is £1 per pint).
  • Best pub in town centre has to be the back bar of The Bell Hotel. Superb little dark, low-ceilined boozer with a half decent cheap juke box. Crowds (and atmosphere) have thinned out a little since shiny new pubs opened. They've also got rid of Stella which has to be a BIG mistake.
  • This is a message from the manager of the White Swan pub in Aylesbury. Just to let you know that the lock in the gents toilets has been fixed for the last 18 months. Thanks James East
  • New pubs ahoy! Yate's Wine Lodge, The Hogshead and The Chicago Rock Cafe have all opened their shiny corporate doors for Aylesbury's boozing youth in the last couple of months. Lots of special offers on drinks, and Chicago's opens until 1am most nights! The only quibble is the music policy in them - really conservative. I tried to get some DJing work in Chicago's and they said..."we don't play any music newer than 1986!", even though they've got a couple of turntables gathering dust in the DJ booth. Crazy policy, and their existing DJ's are dreadful! Oh, yes - there's also a Bar Med in Kingsbury Square - just don't try and get in with trainers on!
  • I can't believe people actually queue to get into Chicago Jo's! Its a dump. The Britannia is much much classier
  • The Ship Inn's about the only one worth drinking in as the rest are mostly "chain" pubs full of townie psychopaths and are a bit soulless. The Millwright's Arms is also worth mentioning as the staff are great and they do an excellent all-day breakfast for £2.75! But the others mainly consist of people bellowing along to things like "YMCA" and "Dancing Queen" and pigs in low-cut tops and cheap leggings shouting at their Burton boyfriends. Abysmal.
  • Weavers and the White Swan are my two favourite!
  • The Watermead!!I hope the beer is better than it has been in previous years. Personally I quite like the Bell but so does the rest of the world..........
  • Avoid, avoid, avoid The Weavers unless you are less than 25 years old and already brain dead.
  • There is one good pub in Aylesbury. It's called the Watermead. Funnily enough, it's based in the Watermead estate. The only problem with it is that it's rather expensive - £2.30 a pint!!
  • Why not check out the Broadleys Pub on Wendover Road next to the Police station where every Fri/Sat eve there is a 60/70s disco and on a Sunday Roast for £3.95!! A very friendly pub where everyone from the kids to the in laws go to!
  • Don't forget the late great Green Man pub. Unfortunately closed down by the Brewery in 1982. World Famous juke box whose Top Ten was published in Zigzag (underground hippy then punk monthly) captained by Pete Frame then Kris Needs. Heart of the 1970s 'alternative ' scene whose mantle now has eventually come to rest at The Ship pub in Walton Street. Which is definitely the pub with the best underground vibe.
  • If you like ageing yuppies, rollerbladders, yellow labradors, green wellies well you'll love the watermead Inn, situated within the Watermead village. Romantics will definatly score if you bring your lady down to the lakes , with a little stroll around the lake walk and into the feilds, watch a hot air balloon rise and you'll never know that might not be the only thing rising......?
  • Watermead Inn - one of the worst pubs in Aylesbury!!! Good for a punch up!! Avoid Hobgoblin, Dark LAntern, Lobster Pot and Big Hand Mo's unless you're a 14 yr old out for a night on snakebites and the odd illegal substance Good night can be had at - Bricklayers Arms
  • The Ship, Walton Street for the Alternative Crowd; Bricklayers, Old Plough and Harrow and Aristocrat ( all on the Gyratory System) for the Discerning Ale Drinker who wants to avoid any town centre aggro although the Aristocrat can be a bit dodgy sometimes. The Grapes also good (offf the Market Square) but again be wary of smalltown england violence
  • My fave Aylesbury bar has to be Hampdens. It's soo funny watching guys who like to pretend they're cool downing cocktails. Great for that pre-club drink.

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