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  • That everyone keeps hating on it! Like it or not, Aylesbury is a great town, and I've never found anything wrong with it. I mean, sure we have some kids doing drugs, some smoking, and some boys from the Grange who think that they are so much better than they actually are, but all the comments about how everyone here is racist and small minded is complete crap! Yes, there is a part of town with more Asians in than the rest of it, but that doesn't mean we forced them to live there, they chose by themselves, and just one question, has anyone leaving comments on here ever been to the town centre? We have good, normal high street shops, nice restaurants, and, guess what? The curry shops and takeaway places aren't dodgy just because they aren't run by a white person!!! It's the people on here that are small minded, not the people who live in Aylesbury! The fact that everyone is complaining about the Grammar schools is also ridiculous. You do realise that there is no way for you idiots to tell how hard someone works in school! Just because you have seen some people in uniform not always being perfect and 'stuck up' as grammar school kids here are usually called, does not mean that they are not getting good GCSE results and A-level results. Stop commenting on how bad Aylesbury is, because you don't get mugged by Asians every time you turn a corner, as some people are suggesting, the 'swimming pool' as one person has commented, is actually a nice place to spend time with family, and if you don't like Aqua Vale, go to the Guttman instead! No one is stopping you! And could everyone on here just stop hating! If you don't like it here, leave. We didn't ask you to label us all as 'chavs' or 'divs', and none of us think that we are from Essex, thank you very much! Aylesbury is a nice place to live in, with a good town centre, great shops, and hardly any crime.
  • Ben Green is too sexy for Hastoe Park in Aylesbury..
  • Lets face it, Aylesbury is in need of a lot of remodelling before it's entered for 'Town of the Year', but so many people fail to give credit where credit's due. You can't complain too much when some people's first legitimate criticism is that it's difficult to buy men's clothes in Aylesbury - especially when Bucks CC are good enough to provide a reasonable bus route straight into Milton Keynes (and to most other locations in Bucks); besides, over the last couple of years, there has been a notable growth in the number 'good' (mens) clothes shops. The schooling is impressive, although it's understandable one may fear the worst, listening to some moron 'chav', claiming he's 'hard' and loitering around outside Macdonalds. To the untrained observer, this self proclaimed 'Gangster' appears in danger of starting a fight with some innocent passer by. However, anyone who's lived in the town for more than a year or so will know that experience suggests he'll have cleared off by 11:30 because it's a school night. To those people who say nothing goes on in Aylesbury, my suggestion would be to either invest in a bus ticked, or to simply get involved! - do some volunteering or actually attend one of those youth - clubs that you know (in your heart of hearts) are actually being promoted in your school assemblies on a weekly basis. If anything, Aylesbury shows no real signs of danger at all - it is, in retrospect, a (safety) 'bubble' - if you so wish you may never leave, and still lead a perfectly contented life. Again, the history of the town is something people rarely seem to make the most of. I accept that not everyone may be interested by the way the town has changed since it's founding, but if you find a local who knows a thing or two (and isn't a social recluse), you'll be told about (and shown), quite a number of little secrets here and there. This does come down to the requirement of one actually being interested, instead of spending the waking hours of their day sitting around at the skate-park, and shunning anyone who doesn't command the 'street cred' they demand. All in all, Aylesbury is a pleasant town, designed to be enjoyed alongside all co-inhabitants... but yeah, the local radio does need to be improved.
  • Couldnt agree more with everything written below. I lived in this dull, depressing, grey shitehole of a town for five long years and can honestly say that leaving was the best thing i ever did!I am still, and will always be utterly dumbfounded by the fact that i stayed in that hellhole for so long, when i hated it from the moment i moved there. There is absolutely no redeeming feature about the place other than the road out and even that sucks because it is too long! The general attitude is one of ignorance, pettiness and narrow minded fuckery...if you seek culture then find yourself a block of stinking mouldy cheese because you will find more there than you will in aylesbury.Everything and i do mean everything is crap in aylesbury....please please please don't ever move there.They should flatten the damn place and start again. Oh and if you are unfortunate to find yourself in hellsbury, steer clear of 'The Duck' pub in bedgrove because is where aylesbury 'gangsters' drink!aylesbury gangsters my arse hahaha.
  • WHAT A DUMP!! :(
  • I have absolutely nothing positive to say about Aylesbury! It's just really grim and devoid of any character whatsover. Some towns have charm, Aylesbury has absolutely none!
  • The constant waste of money, rising bollards, Hen and Chickens roundabout, bus lanes, more housing estates and and residential areas with very inadequate ammeneties to support them, the fact that my sons polish teacher has problems with english, and the list could go on forever......01-09-08
  • Drummer/songwriter/arranger Dominic Borg born in RBH Aylesbury. Founder member of dance act TOUCHDOWN who were signed to Shack label in London. They released a track called "EASE YOUR MIND" which sold like hot cakes here and in the usa and was a no 1 club floorfiller. Produced here by Nigel Wright of SHAKATAK fame and remixw=ed by Arther Baker in New York, who has produced for Madonna. New Order etc The track was remixed by most dj"s of the time and is still cropping up on compilation albums and covered last known cover 2004. The track has been listed as posthouse and included as one of the originating post house tracks played and in there top 20 tracks of all time Frankie Knuckles The Warehouse. kevorkian. Larry Levan and Ron Hardy Paradise Garage. Danny Kravit. Covered by Joey Negro The Sunburst Band-Alton Miller-The Soul Survivors-joosika-Los Amigos Invisibles Dom has a successful local business and is ready to ease his way back into the dance music scene after a to long spell out.
  • bumble bee day? how sad are we?
  • youth culture
  • If ya like Free Running come bust-a-move round the library. We all like it when they fall over. And whoever that 'Hope' guy is (I know you go to the Grammar School) stop tagging over my stuff!!
  • As an outsider coming into the town, the only people with something bad to say about Aylesbury are the people who were Born and Bred here?. Aylesbury in my opinion still is a lovely little old market town, we have a fine balance with the old traditional buildings and new developments. You have all the large supermarkets, all the major DIY stores, A Good Choice of Wholesale trade companies, and all within 10 Minutes of anywhere in Aylesbury. As an Outsider i Say there nothing Wrong with Aylesbury and if you dont like it Move on and leave us alone.
  • The people at Aylesbury Canine Training Society Agility at Dunsmore on thursday nites ROCK!!! Luv u guys. Even tho ur about 3x my age most of u
  • it is impossible to find anywhere in aylesbury for privacy, the council have a boner for cctv.
  • "Chris's Fancy Dress" on Cambridge Street, near M&S back door. Excellent range of costumes for hire and accessories for sale. Chris herself is really friendly and helpful.
  • The Disco Students have reformed. Check out their website:
  • Can people stop saying of Aylesbury that "most of Clockwork Orange was filmed here", because it wasn't! There was some footage filmed here in 1970, but it never made it into the final film and to be perfectly frank, if you want to be any kind of expert on this dark tale of dystopian society, then read the book! It is vastly superior to the film and has a different (and somewhat more satisfactory) ending, as Kubrick's film was based on the American version which doesn't include the final chapter of Anthony Burgess's astonishingly original and visionary novel. Free your mind and your ass will follow...
  • pissheads who congregate round the clocktower and shout obscenities at random public!
  • My Grans ARSE!
  • All the people upthere saying how shit Aylesbury is are wrong. We have all the things other towns have: BIG cinema, bowling alley, shopping centre, large swimming complex with slides and whirlpools etc, countryside, ski slope (now closed but that's not the point!), modern pubs, oldie pubs, good places to eat. AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!! You live here, it has everything that Oxford, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hemstead has. The only reason you don't like it is because you live here! If you lived in the afore metioned places you would say the same thing about them!! GET USED TO IT!
  • There are good blading spots near the library and the train links are good. Etc Etc. Plus the recent tide of witty graffitti by that new guy. Check it out in public toilets- and stay sharp y'all.
  • The Buckingham Arms, now known as the Emperor inn, sells the most cloudiest abominable tasting bitter in Aylesbury at over-inflated prices. I had trouble trying to figure out if it was sediment or goldfish that was swimming through the murky pints, no matter what brand I chose ! If you want poisoned, then go to the Emperor and drink their bitter. The fuel line in my car is cleaner. Avoid at all cost's this disgusting place !
  • check out by back of dayla alley for ladies of the night
  • Aylesbury is weirdly like a strange magnet, drawing people back in everytime they go to leave
  • Aylesbury is weirdly like a strange magnet, drawing people back in everytime they go to leave
  • spent AGES mulling over this one -------- pass
  • Ladies want a ultimate girlie night in - Ann Summers is the party to hold just email:
  • the Queens park centre is really great you can do/ see loads of cool stuff.
  • While Aylesbury hasn't too much too offer, it EXCELLENT for pubs, fast food and restaurants and the countryside is wonderful with plenty to do. Try visiting Coombe Hill, the Ridgeway... Hey! Find out for yourself! You'll be suprised.
  • i need lots of people to email me to say that they want a decent skatepark in aylesbury, if we can get over 300 people then it will go straight to the AVDC aylesbury vale district council, and it will get there and they will see it and they will build us a skate park whether they like it.. or not
  • the only place in the world that had a national bumble bee day how sad.
  • Aylesbury: the home of white ducks. Now not many towns can say that can they?
  • Good computer retailers/outlets: Eurotek Computing at the Goat Farm Centre, Dayta Designs at Wescott
  • Once the posessor of the second biggest Rock Club in Britain (after the Marquee) (yes I have got the right town) - The ensuing vacuum has created the kind of insularity that makes Aylesbury one of the most racially biggoted towns left in Britain. Come friendly bombs.....
  • a boring place with nothing to do for 18's but not too bad i suppose
  • Things that are worth supporting - The Larf Larf Comedy club on the 1st Wednesday of every month is excellent value for £5. You can get beers and the quality of the comedians is unexpectedly good for Aylesbury. Don't sit in the front row - for obvious reasons (unless you are my brother who enjoys being humiliated in public)!
  • Live theatre in Aylesbury needs a boost come to the Civic Centre in September to watch Aylesbury Dramatics & Operatic Society perform the play Double Cut.
  • I found it to be a nasty small minded little town, but with some excellent surrounding countryside. Too many druggo's and weirdo's.
  • Try walking the Aylesbury Ring (probably three days' worth of walking). A spur of the Grand Union Canal will take you to Park Street near the Nestlé factory and it can be used as a starting/finishing point for walking, say, two-thirds of the Ring. The towpath is no longer the muddy quagmire as it was a few years ago. Somebody keeps interesting wildfowl near here too.
  • Aylesbury is great for ducks.
  • Actually, not a bad town. Famous for Friars Club (now closed) that was infamous in the rock community during the late 70s /early 80s. Famous bands such as The Police, Genesis, The Jam etc all played Friars. This created a very lively local band scene, the most successful probably being the excellent Disco Students who produced 3 singles on the Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! record label. Aylesbury is also the home of Gladys Protheroe who football fans will know from her appearances on BBC Radio 5. Yeah - Aylesbury, not too bad a place.
  • Hi, my name is Alan Timms. I lived in and around Aylesbury for most of my life - I emigrated to Australia nearly five years ago now. I must admit that Aylesbury was the pits: for most of that time we never had any nightclubs, hardly anywhere for bands to play and pretty much nothing else to do except meet in the mostly crappy pubs. Friars was its saving grace, those days in the 70s were some of the best times. From the Borough Assembly Hall and then to the Maxwell Hall we had some great bands come to town - it was just great having something to look forward to at the weekend. Most of the big punk bands came to town, Tom Petty, The Flamin Groovies, Bowie, Iggy etc it was an excellent scene we had going then. Is anything happening in the town now? If anyone reading this knows Pete Frame, say hi from me and tell him to get on the net.
  • There's a cybercafe in Aylesbury. It's called the SurfShak, and it's at 26 Edison Road, Rabans Lane.
  • The famous "Atack" scene in "Clockwork Orange" was filmed in the old Friars Square shoping centre, now demolished.
  • Aylesbury has a great Amature Dramatics society, ADOS. Did anyone see the performance of 1997's Youth production "The Wind in the Willows" I felt really sorry for Alex Jaccobs who was playing toad and got a nose bleed. He really is a nice chap.

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