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The Worst Things
  • I just moved in to Aylesbury town centre and on the first day we arrived while unloading our things, my wife and i were abused buy a pack of feral pakistanis, who live across the road, for no reason at all. They gave us the finger and all of them shouted abusive words! These were young people about 20 years old, Girls and Boys. Ive also noticed that the ethnics are really ignorant of the law.. parking all the time on double yellow lines, in taxi bays and return quickly after being moved on. They are really unfriendly, and unwelcoming. The only people in our street who welcomed us are white people. Ive noticed no intergration from them whatsoever anywhere in town.. they run all the shops and repulsive takeaways. The other place they emmerse themselves is as Taxi drivers. No interaction required. No racial mixing. Theyre forming their own communities amongst themselves. They ran riot until 4,30am in our quiet street recently like animals.. men in dresses running up and down the street slamming car doors oblivious of the (trying to sleep) neighbourhood!! Theyre speeding their bashed up cars on the high street too! I hear the young ones only speaking pakistani to each other, even though they speak english! When i complained to the police about the abuse, they said there's nothing they can do!! What??? I won't be here too long.. Sell up next year i reckon.
  • The Ben Green Guest House, Hastoe Park, Aylesbury Cheap, Cheerful and Alcohol Friendly
  • smelly stinking pulsating fart hole
  • Violent, uneducated thugs who walk around in packs with an undeserved sense of achievement, trying to intimidate anyone smaller.
  • Aylesbury is an unfriendly crap hole!
  • Bollocks, I was never robbed or mugged in Aylesbury and I don't know anyone who has, it's a pretty rare occurrence. It's just a really dull place. And there's hardly ever any trouble in the pubs either. What are you on about?
  • High crime rate, expect to get robbed or jumped by asians. No kidding. Or if you're at the pub, i'd reccomend early departure.
  • Aylesbury has the worst local radio station ever! Mix 96 plays the same rubbish old songs over and over and over again. It drives you insane and just makes living in this crap town a whole lot worse than it already is! :-(
  • Everything. I would really like to meet these people who say it's a really good place to live. Who are they? Everyone i knew when i lived in Aylesbury thought it was an appalling hole of a town! And it is! It's NOT friendly, the majority of its residents are disgustingly small minded, arrogant and petty. Also i want to clear something up: Aylesbury ISN'T a rough town, why does everyone who lives there think it is? I lived there for 3 years, in the town centre, and never witnessed a single fight, ok there were a few petty scuffles but nothing like the violence you see here in Wales. I'm not saying violence is a good thing, but Aylesbury's reputation for being 'Rough' is completely unjustified! It's a pansy town! My advice to anyone thinking of moving to Aylesbury is: DON'T! It's a tedious, soulless, characterless hole of a town and depressing in the extreme! I don't miss it one bit and i never will!
  • Chavs and Pakis that think they are from compton...
  • Voulentere police/community police utter fucktards, just give you hassle for anything they can because they are too scared to deal with any real crimes. Riding on the pavement, riding without a helmet, riding without lights, drinking, largeish groups in PARKS FFS. They are trying to kill youthful nightlife.
  • I only moved to Aylesbury a year and a half ago, and in that time ive met more complete w*ankers here than anywhere else ive ever been. So many pretentious people! Face it, you only live in Aylesbury, it's a complete dump!!
  • The chavs, Some people in town, McDonnals right next to the bank, QD, More chavs, Late night Chavs, Townies, Those stupid little kids with "Hoddies" who think they can take you on... Bearing in mind, Im 21 and can easy kick one yob for a few miles.
  • that fat blonde American bimbo up in Ayleswater posing around with her Alsatian slagging everyone off.
  • where shall i start......
  • The Lounge, ugly birds who think they are fit. General attitude. Is it possible to find a nice girlfriend here, they are all ugly/annoying/bitchy.
  • sex
  • The Worst Thing Is About Aylesbury Is The Change Of The Town Centre
  • kevs kevs keeevvvs, ther not hard tho, stench of urine
  • All the litter from fast food joints that people chuck in the canal Tesco doesn't give a damn about people nicking and dumping its trolleys all over
  • bedgrove - pretend to be posh, cant afford a house in wendover hawkslade...see above
  • That time in the early morning when everyone is drunk and violent and starting fights and its bloody crap.
  • Prebendal Farm - the 'Bronx' of Aylesbury
  • accessorize
  • The fact that mr adrian twissell stll resides here
  • Update for bighand Mo's : Actually it burnt down! Suspected Arson. The London refuse trains on their way to Calvert brick works that cause earth tremours in the night [and day]. And Network rail and the SRA are ignorant and ignore completely any communication. Rising bollards. And rising bollards we paid for and aren't used. Ditto the council loves to waste our money big time. Parking permit zones.
  • this place is the worst thing, its like a wart of buckinghamshire
  • Why are there so many Chavs in Aylesbury? Even more than in High Wycombe. WHY???? They are everywhere you go or look, in packs.
  • Those lazy pupils at Aylesury Grammar School who waste their time at the school taking up a valuable space that other boys would give anything to have.
  • Aylesbury is a dump in the truest sense of the word: unlike high wycombe which is a gateway town with a university that keeps it youthful indulgent and interesting-this place serves as a bored end of north bucks. The people are small minded bigots generally speaking i mean heres an example: being from chelsea makes you a upper class snob -so we wont associate with them. being into gangster rap from willesden makes you a homie and a thug we wont associate with them being a goth in soho makes you weird wont associate with them...etc etc oh people are such facists! and at the end of the day the typical normal aylesbury crowd is what? the short sleeved shirt wearing kev at the bar wiv his pint, with his atomic kitten lookalike girlfriend with her straight hair. the curse of middle england, and its lower middle classes abound in aylesbury...its small wonder that a particular person i know only eats at pizza hut-"its a treat" ...hmmm very normal and well balanced. i wouldnt swop the pubic hair of a sloane ranger with the whole of north bucks period-and to think i thought the south was lack lustre! ill give you another example: in Aylesbury, i was called a posh snob because i had £3000 to spend on a TOW Cobra r/c model chopper-you dont get that in gerrards x -you do get bags of serious jealousy though!
  • Nobody has heard of Hard House Dance here only heard of RnB etc.
  • Aylesbury United. A shambolic team run by hopeless incompetents, and followed by a bunch a greasy haired anoraks. I'm amazed 500 nerdy twats turn up each week to watch this shite and I live in hope the club will fold; it's always threatening to. Run by most other Ryman firms, much to the shame of the towns real lads, who all follow the Arse, Chelski and Wet Spam.
  • most things there is enuff for the teenagers to do theres too many asians
  • the pakis
  • The trash.
  • sir henry floyd grammar school- yeah... BRING IT ON! minging blokes, pathetic teachers with a completely unfair proportion of pregnant kevs. grammar school, my ass! performing arts college, my ass! mr burrows is a chickenfeethands
  • everything else :(
  • My Grans house on a rather classy estate....get what i mean...ohhhhh
  • mix 96 walton court shops, [everyone has to have a peaked cap and bull terrier wheezing away on a lead] everyone knows everyone,,,be very careful who you say nasty things to and about...they are probably related to each other/work together/are inlaws/. Traffic conjestion is HIDEOUS
  • The blokes, your either a skally (kev) in your rude boy nova or ugly with too much confidence!
  • The "swimming pool"
  • everything. Who cares about its history if Aylesbury has been subjected to the decline it has. I now live in the north, and everyone i know (old and young)has been to aylesbury or knows someone who has. Do you think people will continue to do so??? If it was levelled with everything inside it, from the borders of aston clinton to the road out to bicester, and we started again, would it be for the better or the worse, ask yourself that!!!
  • The councils lack of ability to organise social, celebrational events, the Jubilee celebration was by far the worst. Just a big screen so you could watch the televised one in the cold instead of at home! No fireworks! Not even a sparkler!! Mayor....SORT IT!
  • The current racist attitude thats parmeating the whole community. It sucks! Where is the love people??
  • The Buckingham Arms, now known as the Emperor inn, sells the most cloudiest abominable tasting bitter in Aylesbury at over-inflated prices. I had trouble trying to figure out if it was sediment or goldfish that was swimming through the murky pints, no matter what brand I chose ! If you want poisoned, then go to the Emperor and drink their bitter. The fuel line in my car is cleaner. Avoid at all cost's this disgusting place !
  • no birds
  • People think Aylesbury is either Compton or a thriving city. Wrong. It's a market town, with an above average quality of life. There is no University and therefore no "scene" to speak of. Friars Club was obviously a one-off. Get over it, guys.
  • People think Aylesbury is either Compton or a thriving city. Wrong. It's a market town, with an above average quality of life. There is no University and therefore no "scene" to speak of. Friars Club was obviously a one-off. Get over it, guys.
  • Southcourt, Walton Court and Quarrendon
  • The fact that the town has a bad reputation because of the riots which broke out in May/June 2001 between asians and whites. Ok, so its not a big surprise that this happened on the Southciourt estate. It is known for clashes between asians and whites but why in Aylesbury? Aylesbury is a medium sized market/industrial town in central Buckinghamshire. It was once a small market town, but since the 1920's it has been rapidly expanded due to the intake of London spillover and many council estates were built. The town is reasonably multi racial, with a population of about 65,000 with about 7,000 ethnic minorities, predominately Pakistani. The particular estate where the rioting broke out (southcourt), is split in race population, between mainly asians and whites, but a sizeable black population aswell. It has a reputation as one of the worst areas of Aylesbury, and is some what deprived. Southcourt was started in the 1920's and it grew into a very large council estate, after more and more houses were added on through each decade, as London grew and population needed to be moved out to spillover towns such as Aylesbury. The rioting only lasted a night, and was in one of the newer areas of the estate. It all started because an asian boy was attacked and beaten up by skinheads in a park on southcourt. As a reaction to this, over 60 asian youths and some black teenagers attacked a house on the southcourt estate, where they believed that a National Front meeting was being held, by combat 18, a far right-wing group. The Asians were armed with cricket and baseball bats, bottles, bricks and rubble. The skinheads apparently shouted at the Asians, saying, "Combat 18 are coming for you boys". Following this, the Asians threw the bricks, bottles, and rubble at the house, used the cricket and baseball bats to smash up three cars and a van parked outside, and then fired three guns shots at the house. Shortly after, the Asians melted away, but then about 7 seven skinheads ran out of the house with knives, baseball bats, and a nunchuck. soon after, more than 40 police, wearing bullet-proof jackets and helmets had a brief stand-off with the skinheads, who then retreated into the house, followed by the police, who carried out arrests. The skinheads were still shouting national-front slogans. A police helicopter also arrived, and a load more police spread out, in search of the Asians. 24 arrests were made. All the Asians and blacks were local, as well as some of the skinheads, but most of the skinheads had apparently travelled down from the north, and others had come from Oxfordshire, Surrey and a few other places. A taxi driver said, "There has been real trouble in the Southcourt area. i have been told that guns have been seen. The town has been a ticking time-bomb. I have refused to take my cab into that area." Also, a resident living on the same street as where the rioting broke out said, "I am scared to go out of my own front door. Ten years ago this was a quiet market town: now it is like an inner city.
  • Its still fecking tory selfish ignorant town grammar and high school, full of young teens with wonky faces and walk with a lean to one side, u know what i mean----------in breeding!
  • The myth that aylesbury gives a good education is an illusion that if you DO fail the 11+ you have a choice of schools that are constantly failing thier pupils in every department backed up by apaulingly low exam results. cheap houses shit schools.
  • The Anti-Roys
  • It's where I live.
  • Trying to find a nice, dirty girl that doesn't think she's either in Destiny's Child or Atomic Kitten. Plus the fact that most of them are under 20 (all of the women over 20 are either boring, men-haters or frumpy married divs) and not one of them appears to have a sense of humour. You're better off going out and buying a copy of Escort. Blisters on your palms anyone?
  • The braindead boozers and trouble makers. If you blew up the centre of Aylesbury on a Friday or Saturday night, you would eliminate 90% of the town's f**kwitts in one go. Won't somebody please try?
  • Too near to High Wycombe - wot a shit hole
  • the lack of women between 20 - 30
  • all the roads that lead INTO the town
  • Twats at the station
  • townies in rebok classics, wannabe players with rolled up tracksuit bottoms, all of the area behind sainsbury's, attitude.
  • the kids who hang around one stop and think they're really hard and the shop that sells them beer and fags and then call the police because of the trouble they cause
  • The council. Can't get it right and ALWAYS seem to overspend. But no worry... just put the council tax up again. And I should know, havng worked there for six months and walking out after being chastised for refusing to waste valuable tax payers money. Was told I had an attitude problem because I objected to the continual waste projects.
  • skool and Aylesbury
  • The Council, who love to build on the fields around Aylesbury, destroying our wildlife and countryside
  • Needs a proper club!
  • McDonalds always seem to lower the tone of ANYWHERE!!!
  • petty crime, generally low wages, total lack of night life, poor planning, sky high property prices and every sqaure inch of open land being built on, inept council, loss of all our manufacturing jobs over recent years.
  • What's wrong with the bouncers at the lounge?
  • too many tories + junkies
  • mr silver the head of the Grange school
  • To many to list
  • Aylesbury Grammar School. Minging girls. (No names mentioned) police.
  • Public transport is completely naff.
  • Too much in the way of pubs and fast food......
  • The bouncers at The Lounge! In fact all bouncers in Aylesbury...In fact all bouncers everywhere
  • being taken over by .......
  • The broken lock in the gents toilet in the White Swan.
  • The roads coming into Aylesbury - atrocious. The council's attitude to granting late licences - draconian. Big Hand Mo's - a complete dump, knock it down preferably with most of the clientelle in it! Too many housing estates. The trains to London finish too early.
  • Watermead its the worst estate in aylesbury
  • Everywhere shuts at 2am at weekends and no 24hr Mc Donalds yet!!
  • The fact I'm not further than 12000 miles away.
  • Lack of Nightlife.
  • 1) The triple roundabout at the Royal Bucks. Hospital. There's a serious danger of taking the wrong exit out of one of these and having to spend more time in Aylesbury than you planned. 2) The idiots who steal cars and race around the back streets smashing into everything.
  • The roads leading into Aylesbury.
  • Don't go to town pubs on weekend nights without a weapon!
  • Green wellie brigade, dogs poo, boy racers in their souped up Pugs with their look a like girl friends.
  • The Lounge Club and the Council Tower. Also the seats at the Civic.

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