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Hookup Spots
  • Baldock Services. There is a group of hookers that work out of the hotel there. Its great you can get you cock sucked and then pop in to McDonalds and get a double cheeseburger after. They all do anal as well for no extra cost
  • lyk cum mine yea i can get u sum lyke bare dry shit like hydro ting nd md if u start shit at mi hous (danny langston) i get come shank ya ps if u got tits come my yard il show ye me dick in da cabin
  • Dear Baldock lovers, Remember that your wonderful town is named after Bagdad. When the Knights Templars were bombed-out of that town, about 900 years before Bush/Blair re-entered by similar means, they gave some groats to the Earl of Pembroke for some land on the junction of the ancient British track of the Icknield Way and the Roman A1. The Knights Templars named their acquisition after the French 'Baudac / Baldoce' and later lost their popularity giving the town to the Knights Hospitallers. Good luck, George.
  • Great site and a good idea. May I correct just a few details, firstly NYLON is a man made material jointly produced by American & British firms hence the name NEW YORK/LONDON = NY-LON. In the early days of knitting stockings the materials used were Wool, Rayon & Silk, Nylon was introduced just after WW11. The building was never completed prior to The Fully Fashioned Hosiery Company purchasing it back in 1928. You are quite right about it was never built as a Film Studio, it was built though to produce sensitised photograpic material for the film and picture industry. The original building, although never completed cost 100,000 in approx 1919 and was sold for 35,250, in 1928. The reason that I am aware of these facts is that my family helped to start the firm. Not world shattering news but perhaps interesting to us locals. Keep up the good work and if I can help in anyway please feel free to get in touch.
  • The Tesco building used to be the Kayser Bondor factory until they closed it down in the Seventies. The frontage was grade II listed and had to be kept when Tesco redeveloped the site in the Eighties. They used to make stockings, or nylons if you're American. You can think about that when you pop in to get your tights. Actually, my dad worked there for a time in the fifties I think.
  • The Tesco building was never built as a film studio. It was originally a large factory, I don't recall what exactly it produced, but I will find out and pass it on. The rear of the building was demolished, whilst thefacade was preserved as due to the decorative nature of the frontage a preservation order was put on it. So the new Tesco building was grafted onto the preserved frontage.
  • Tesco's are biggest shop. The building was purposly built as a film studio but they spent so much on the building they had no money left for equiptment. Tesco bought it and now has the biggest job placement in Baldock.

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Last updated: 2012-07-05

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