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Hookup Spots
  • land 2 the bench and u will find class a drugs at low low prices, with loads of chips 2 throw at knowle boys drivig past cuz they wont get out and fight
  • bench at george st, sundays at 11pm, where you can always see the lady in no.43 getting out the bath.
  • There's a lovely field as you head out of balsall common towards the, really!
  • At last-they built a skatepark for us young skaters who did nothing but sit inside waiting for it to be built for 2 years. Unfortunately, the 'sports clothes wearing cherubs' have taken to now hanging around there insulting us. They should really build a 'townie (as they are known) park' so they stop harrasing us and get a life!
  • Loadsa ppl i know hang out round the new library terrorising old women returning cookbooks. oh yeah, and the park down needlers end.
  • the Bench outside the chippy
  • The only reason the kids in balsall common dont go to pubs is because all the people in balsall are stuck up and who would want to drink woth a loud of losers anyway
  • Ummm.... small village with a few shops... we hang around there...and the park near station road with the marsh/pond/bog thingy
  • Balsall Common, bless it, has a wealth of drinking establishments for those of the legal age but for the kiddies - entertainment has taken on a new and icky turn. The little posse of sports clothes wearing, foul mouthed cherubs like to stay in the village, be it at the chip shop or across the road by the bank. Their aim in life to hurl abuse at all that pass them. If this sounds like your thing then put on your finest tracksuit, practice spitting and meet them at the bench.
  • CHIP TO AIR MISSILES OUT OF CONTROL. My mate drove me (in a car, not in a shepherd herding type manner) through the Balsall warzone where the Boyzone chip missile posse were launching unguided chip missiles willy nilly. They splatted on our windows and we were very frightened. Very frightened indeed. Where do these kids afford to buy so many chips and how come I earn less than them?
  • yeah the bench has become quite famous...even people outside of B.C know that thats the place to get drungs....nice that innit?
  • The ancient and hallowed bench has been the main (and only) hang out spot in BC for at least the last 20 years. This town needs to get it's act together.
  • The hook-up spot is definately the bench in the village, near the chippie. There isn't anywhere for the kids/teenagers to hang about in Balsall so any of you old parents complaining that we are 'hanging about' in the village, give us somewhere to go, at a cheap price and somewhere that is not a bus or train stop away, we will go! There is also the library, if its raining you can often find us hiding under the veranda of the library
  • Of all of the places perhaps the bench is the most exciting. The rusting old piece of metal outside the Chippy attracts youths from around the village where they sit around and do... well not much at all.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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