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  • sitting waiting for dad outside the Dr Johnstone in Longwood gardens at 1.0pm prompt to remind him that dinner was served and to be home in four min's, or else
  • Racist Pub near mcdonalds dnt like and serve ethnics in there. Pub near swimming pool bit more leanient with etnics.
  • chequers is enjoyable
  • The Maypole had first drink in there an met Christine Jarvis where is she now?
  • There are two pubs, placed in such fab places , at either end of the could go shopping then go for a meal and a drink with friends. if you live on fullwell you can go to the one at that side of the high street is you cannot be botherd to go to the other one and vise versa if you live in clayhall avenue or along that way.
  • Real problems in the past year (2001) at the New Fairlop Oak. Throughout the year but things really deteriorated from about July onwards. The place is falling apart: they can;'t keep regular staff, there's no sense of welcome of cameraderie now; the food is a running joke with parts of one's meal regular unavailable leading you to reorder something else (that, ten minutes later, you find is no longer available) - and usually a 30-45 minutes wait. No longer have a Specials Board for food. Recently dropped the Sunday Roasts (hence a noticable exodus of former regulars). Guest Beers are rarely all available at the same time. Often peopled by loud-mouthed (sorry about this) builders who frequent the place and pollute it with their filthy (and I do mean Really filthy) language that nobody on the staff really cares to stop. New Manager apparently - does he have an attitude problem or is he just out of his depth? Make your own decisions.....Oh, and if you want to avoid any drugs transactions in the Barkingside area, you know where to stay away from (despite having had a - temporarily effective - police drugs bust earlier in the year...but it's back to normal now, it would appear). What else can one say? A 'Must' to avoid?
  • I have heard from a very good source that "Ye Olde Investigator" is soon to shut down, refurbed and rise again lik a "Phoenix from the Flames" as "The Chequers!"
  • Fairlop Oak a Witherspoon pub - cheap beer and not bad food as long as you don't expect Egon Ronay's standards. Good place to meet up before going onto somewhere else. Although if you do get out of hand, even minor offences ie. going behind the bar to serve yourself, be prepared to be barred. I personally have a theory that they have a score board behind the bar and are competing to see who can eject the most customers. Still not a bad drinking hole.
  • The val!!!
  • The licence for the Old Investigator is up for sale - lobby Wetherspoons to take it over.
  • The Fairlop Oak, um don't laugh in here you might get told off. Also be prepared to be chucked at about 30 seconds after 11.00 All the clientele are mad! The Chequers (please don't ever call it "Ye Olde Investigator") used to be the place. I noticed people moaning about it but they were probably the speccy students who used to sit on the floor and drink one coke all night! The KGV up the road is nice and friendly now though! If you feel anyway depressed or suicidal don't even think about going in the "Dr Johnson" 'cause that will push you over the edge!
  • Fairlop oak is cheap but has about as much atmosphere as a morgue.
  • Avergage, although the Old Investigator is always empty
  • I must say the Fairlop Oak is a great pub, unlike the investigator
  • The Dr Johnson is a great place to go if you have children, expecially in the summer, loads of b-b-qs
  • Pub at the bottom of the High Street used to be called The Chequers, has now been renovated and renamed The Old Investigator - a bog standard theme pub where the focus is on Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles etc. Pretty naff really. At the other end of the High Street is the Fairlop Oak, which is better, but full of dead hard east end types (young and old).
  • The Fairlop Oak near the roundabout. Good food and not too expensive. Ye Olde Investigator (opposite the one and only MacDonalds). A crap name and it is still known locally as "The Chequers".
  • Not as many as most towns and most people go elsewhere, usually to Hainault or Gants Hill, I can't recall the names of the pubs in the town so if anyone can help me it sure would be appreciated.
  • chequers and the fairlop oak were the pubs others close were the dr johnson and the unicorn
  • The "Fairlop" is a Wetherspoons, excellent.
  • Ye Olde Investigator next to Sainsbury's (used to be called Chequers) The Fairlop Oak by Fullwell Cross
  • Wetherspoons, good for cheap beer, no music, recently extended, no late drinking. Ye Olde Investigator, a bit of a rough pub, only go there if you want your face re-arranged. What was wrong with the "Checkers"?
  • Fairlop Oak has plenty of seating and is having a new extension to its food area The Old Investigator is more local and hard with pool tables available.
  • THe New FairlopOak, a Wetherspoon, is on the roundabout, opposite the Library. No music, no frills. good foord but a bit ar5tificial and a tad expensive, but the drinks are cheap. Sue and Steve the managers are very good.

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