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  • I Went to Gilbert Colvin too 1970s then went too fairlop high school,Barkingside has indeed changed a lot,my Mum used too work in whelams and there was a shop near the top of the high street sold hardware,and toys etc,Bobbie George used to live on Fullwell ave his daughter was in same class as me.
  • I remember an incident when the circus was at the donkey field (before they hilt the swimming pool and library). There was a woman and a man balancing on a plank on the high wire. The man fell off and hit the deck: no safety net as I recall. Pandemonium. We kids were rushed out, but not before we could see the blood. Would have been late 50's I think. I was about 6-7. I also remember an woman getting knocked over by a 169 trolley bus at the stop by the donkey field.
  • I remember Saturday night dances at Royalance music shop and buying bait at Kingsway Sports run by "Paddy" Also getting my first real suit from Burtons in the High St.
  • I lived in Barkingside (in Ravensbourne Gardens) as a child from 1961 to 1978. I well remember the model shop at the bottom of Fencepiece Road too - its name was Pages - with the train set in the window. There and Marments in the High Street were where I spent most of my pocket money. Oh, and at a strange shop little named Kingsway Stores opposite the swimming baths, a mixture of pet shop and toy shop. Other memories of the High Road include the field with donkeys in it where they later built the library and swimming pool; the original Sainsburys with its marble counters and large glass display cases; and the National (or was it Cleveland?) petrol station where Safeways now is. I can also recall the remains of the old RAF airfield along Forest Road, before it became Fairlop Waters, when there was lots of evidence of its wartime role. And a question? Why is Pancake Hill so called? Its real name (on maps at least) is Hospital Hill (or even Tomswood Hill). I knew it as Pancake Hill as a child - do the locals still call it that?
  • I remember the toy shop near the roundabout too, and putting an old penny in the slot to make the railway layout work. It was 'Pages of Barkingside' and sold mostly model railways and Airfix kits - I spent loads of my pocket money there in the late 1960s/early 1970s! I believe the owner was also a church organist. The other good toyshop was 'Marments' in the High Street, also long gone. I also recall there used to be a farm on the left half-way up Tomswood Hill, in the grounds of Claybury Hospital. That went many years ago, although it's only in recent years that the site has been built on.
  • 1946 I spent one year as a vanboy with British Railways going to barkingside and it was me and my dad that delivered all the glass bricks that were put on the new estate that was built their ,We cut across the air strip to Chadwell Heath the huts had displaced persons in them their was also a Dr Banardoes Homes their and when we drove into the grounds it was another world ,their was no parking probs you just stopped anywere Mr public did not have cars,We used to walk from Dagenham and spend the day watching aircraft flying from the airstrip during the Battle of britten it was like a soccer match we would cheer when a jerry got hit and boo when a spit or hurry got hit ,we were on Hog hill when a jerry in a hurry dropped his bombs over the golf course ,one of the families i rember was the Hobarts
  • i went to gilbert colvin primary school!im only 12 and now go to a high school.Colvin {as all my mates call it } was a really good school and im sure still is .It has had a new headmistress for about 7 years and we all missed mr richards when he left but miss dargon has done wonders with the school and made it really stand was the top school in redbridge for its s.a.t.s grades last september {when i was there } and i feel ive achieved alot from going to that school and felt ive had the best education i could have, i think its the best school in clayhall and really tries its best to help each individual student.It has been going for many years now and im sure will live for many more!
  • On balance,Barkingside has a lot to offer, but when the new racecourse comes, if it comes, you will not be able to get through there for love or money, after all, look how busy it is now that the new Tesco's is open. They said in their planning application that there would be very little impact on the traffic through the High Street, Yeah Right!!! Where do you think the customers come from???
  • I was born in fullwell ave in 57,went to G.Colvin school,can remember playin and catching newts in the bomb craters and sledging on pancake hill.went to sat morning pictures at the state in cowboy hats (6d or 9d upstairs).there used to be a toy shop nr fairlop roundabout which had a train set in the window,you had to put 1d in a slot to make it work.Left to live in colchester in 66.
  • I lived in Ilford and went to Loxford Comp from 1975 to 1977 didn't like it much but met a good crowd of people is it still there? did any one else go there?
  • I would just like to point out that Mr. Alan Sugar, who incidentally is a very nice guy, no longer owns any buildings in Barkingside High Street, and I think that Lakeside etc. has more to do with the advent of so many charity shops and food take-aways. I personally hope the proposed racecourse gets the go ahead as I think it will provide a useful amenity for the local community and will stimulate some employment for local people on a site that would inevitably end up as housing.
  • Gurr and Cook has now tragically gone as has The Bacon and Ham Shop and most sadly Whellams. How handy was that when you ran out of fags at half nine in the Chequers! Don't knock it. I can trace my family back to the late 18th Century at least in Barkingside and I lived there for twenty six years man and boy. I now live in Ardleigh Green but "The Side" is still "home" And will the tossers who keep breaking the glass in the bus shelters stop it as it's not big or clever and believe it or not it doesn't make you hard!
  • Don't slag Barkingside off, it's Redbridges 2nd largest shopping area, it maybe dull but it's excellent for the residents who can shop until 10pm each night at
  • Alan Sugar has put the rent up on all the shops in Barkingside, this therefore means that only a certain amount of companies can set up in Barkingside. all the others are flipping charity shops. Do you honistly think we need all the charity shops Alan??
  • Good things that have gone. Gurrs shellfish shop. Roylance music.
  • I used to live in Barkingside from 1975 to 1979. I know live in Orlando, Florida but i still have found memories of Barkingside. I went to Gilbert Clovin Primary school any one else attend there?

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