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The Worst Things
  • Lying in a bunk in the Anderson Shelter night after night listening to the shrapnel Whistling and screaming down to thwack against the House walls, and ricochet with a high pitched whine off the tile roofs.Interspersed with bomb explosions.
  • Wow, where do i start! Barkingside runs a dead heat with Kingsbury as the worst place i've ever lived in! Nothing to do unless you're decked in adidas and burberry, then you can safely blend into the sheep-like, culturally retarded atmosphere that Barkingside offers! People really are geninely rude and miserable and all the best-looking girls push baby carts! No decent pubs, no alternative scene, no decent shops, do i need to go on? I'm moving back to High Wycombe soon and i just can't believe that i actually look forward to that fact! BURN BARKINGSIDE BURN!
  • Trailer trash, lots of scum live in barkingside, lots of thieves live here especially around the tube station very rough area of barkingside, car theft, jacking, assaults, stabbings, petty crime. AVOID this area at night!!! near the tube station theres some road to the left, which is covered by a block of flats and makes it a good spot for criminals, usually 16year olds with nothing better to do.
  • The worse thing about Barkingside? The schools. Just look at the comments here. The spelling and grammar is dreadful. Mr Thomas and Mrs Bailey would turn in their graves. Not that they were buried together. If they were, they wouldn't have room to turn.....they were large people!
  • youth gang culture
  • It was only yesterday that i heard from a b-side police offcier crime has increased 3 fold in barkingside over the last 10 years and i can believe it. The gangs who hang out around mc donalds & bus stops terrorising locals and spraying graffiti everywhere. The litter problem in barkingside and the fact that many of the shops are starting to look grey and dreary.
  • All the townies who say "Do a wheelie!"
  • the teenagers in gangs although there harmless
  • Everything in Barkingside is awful now.
  • Silly boys on "go-peds"
  • The pet shop!it treats the animals discustingly and keeps five cats in a birds cage ,it should be taken over by somone who cares about animals and is not just there for the sake of the money but for the sake of the animals!
  • the shops
  • The 'gangster' type people at night. Barkingside isn't as safe as it once was.
  • Any time trying to drive through from one end to the other. Unfortunately, everyone ahead of you is on their way to Boots for an eye test, just after pasing their driving test! You can sit for 5 minutes whilst they try to park their car, only to find it doesnt fit the gap!! Never mind, they just go & park it at at crossing point, as it is great extra training for dogs being trained for blind people!!
  • Macdonalds is a rubbish tip and a yob meeting place.
  • Mc DONALD's DALTON's BAR at FAIRLOP WATERS ( duck as you walk in the door ona Saturday Night) Drugs Ignorant People Parking
  • Ye Olde Investigator The Charity Shops (thank you Mr Sugar)
  • Parking i s a complete nightmare
  • Cost of houses and council tax. Redbridge Council is usless
  • The young school kids who think they are hard and patrol the area looking for fights, even the older generations are hard east end types. Don't get me wrong it isn't a violent town it just looks it at night. Oh yeah and a new Tescos has just been built which is taking all the trade from the little High Street shops and a lot of them are closing down now.
  • The BMW`s illegally parked, the litter ,people eating at bus stops
  • THe High Street is now very congested. There are traffioc lights at the end where the Police Station is, and also half-way along where Fremantle Road intersects. These cause long jams, especially on a Saturday. There are parking Bays each side, with Pay and Display machines. THese and also the illegal yellow line parking make for a very congested situation. THere are lots of charity shops now, and also Building Societies and Banks. Not many small shops now. (June 1998)

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Last updated: 2008-06-26

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