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duty free cigarettes by John Barker (Member 10125671) on 29-Nov-2006
Lost Contact by Derek Young (Member 10197713) on 18-Nov-2006
Can anyone help? I am tracing my family tree and looking to make contact with the children, or grandchildren, of my Uncle and Aunt, Jack(John) and Rose Young who lived in Duke Road Barkingside up to the late 1960's. They had, as far as I remember, three children Joyce, Donald and Dennis.   
  • Re: Lost Contact by Marianne Cole (Member 10234866) on 27-Jan-2009
    I am Joyce's granddaughter if that helps...

Seeking Raymond Cross by David Johnston (Member 10083907) on 18-Nov-2006
Iam looking for the son of Michael John Victor and Lillian Barbra Cros who was born March 8th 1958 last known address 5 Kellet Road SW2   
Reply by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 10-Nov-2006
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Interested in flying? Then visit my blog at: by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 10-Nov-2006
Interested in flying? Then visit my blog at:
Paradyne Computer Systems by Mandy Croft (Member 10021839) on 29-Oct-2006
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Need an Escort/Companion? by LondonCompanions.Net (Member 10196488) on 28-Oct-2006
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L by Reader (Member 10122086) on 6-Oct-2006
New satirical novel out now -   
  • Re: Late Blair period by Reader (Member 10122086) on 6-Oct-2006
    Powerful, clever, biting, very funny.

  • Re: Late Blair period by Reader (Member 10122086) on 6-Oct-2006
    (not the later Blair period - the book!)

Purely4Pleasure by P4P (Member 10194735) on 3-Oct-2006
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looking for phillip prior by wendy ackland (Member 10094137) on 14-Sep-2006
he used to live in hainault and went to hainault high school, i would just like to say hello and a big sorry for being mean to him, i havent forgotten him

Daniel Johnson Films by pete (Member 10191494) on 16-Aug-2006
Has anyone seen the work of Daniel Johnson? Quite impressive and he's from barkingside. you can see his films on i think the next spielberg could be right on our doorsteps!!!!   
Reclaim unlawful bank charges by silverbird (Member 10107510) on 7-Aug-2006
sorry if this has been posted, thought there might be a few people interested in this site

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Football - Kick-a-bout on a Sunday afternoon. by Farooq (Member 10123879) on 8-May-2006
Interested in playing football on a Sunday afternoon? Nothing serious, just a fun kickabout... let me know. Need about 10 players, any age, any ability.   
Pro - Golf by Brian Davis (Member 10109007) on 8-Apr-2006
Just been watching Pro - Golf on television in the Last few days with the Tremendous Prize should you be Lucky to be the winner!! WOW!!.... You know there is an excellent web-site at:-
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Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 21-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
Hemmings Bakery, Chadwell Heath or Barkingside? by evelyn richardson (Member 10180288) on 20-Mar-2006
Does anyone have any information on A bakery by the name of Hemmings? I understand that there were a chain of such bakeries in the area.
Any information as to the current existance or demise of this chain of bakeries would be most useful to me for family history purposes.
Thank you
  • Re: Hemmings Bakery, Chadwell Heath or Barkingside? by Bryan (Member 10208591) on 26-May-2007

    My father was production manager at the Chadwell Heath backing plant. They had about 100 shops before they were taken over by ABF (

    I am not sue what info you want but please email as i have much mo... more >>

  • Re: Hemmings Bakery, Chadwell Heath or Barkingside? by evelyn richardson (Member 10180288) on 17-Aug-2007
    Hi Bryan, Just found your reply (May 2007) to my posting regarding Hemmings Bakery.
    I am researching my husband's geneology and his father was apprenticed at Hemmings from what I can understand from my mother in law.
    I was hopeing to find some records of his employment if possible. Do you think that ABF would be able to help?
    I would also be interested in just knowing about the bakery itself. ... more >>

does anyone know by jules (Member 10172480) on 21-Dec-2005
does anyone know what happened to lorraine young. Who lived in Barkingside   
  • Re: does anyone know by Lorraine (Member 10209961) on 27-Jun-2007
    Hello I'm Lorraine Young - who are you?

  • Re: does anyone know by julian devan (Member 10218960) on 22-May-2008
    hi i used to go out with you years ago. Just came across an old photo of us and just wanted to say hi.Not sure why really but................

SAVE MONEY NOW ! by John (Member 10159307) on 28-Nov-2005
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John Dellor by Lorraine (Member 10154893) on 30-Oct-2005
It is with deep regret that i announce the sad passing away of our dear John Dellor.
John was born in Ilford in July 1961 attending Cleveland School then after moving to Hainualt, Fairlop juniors and Secondary. John was well known around the whole of redbridge as a Dj, and worked in C & A Ilford and later as a Milkman in Clayhall. He was Arkela at the 11th Ilford North Scouts until he moved to De... more >>
Power Steering by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 29-Aug-2005
If you have a power steering problem call our Greenwich SE10 factory on 020 8853 3343 for advice and save a bundle on main dealer prices.   
  • Re: Power Steering by minty weasel (Member 10068286) on 2-Oct-2005
    yes i have a steeling problem malcolm. it started with small toys and chocolates when i was was young and now i cant walk into any shop without wanting to steel something ..i stole a pair of socks from a motorway services less than ten minutes ago ...please help me malcolm ! im at my wits end ...even this p.c was stolen from a childrens primary school me.

  • Re: Power Steering by Peter Turner (Member 10219444) on 27-Apr-2009
    The first thing you need to do is learn to spell (steal) not steel. Then grow up into a man

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