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Dominant male seeks submissive female by diminic high (Member 10161946) on 25-Aug-2005
I am looking for sub, preferably professional females to be my sluts. In the first instance I will try out different sluts to see how well they respond to my training. You must be aged between 18 and 26, extremely attractive, large breasted and prepared to take a sub role in private. You must be incredibly aroused by submission, light bondage and occasional public humiliation adn display. You must... more >>   
  • Re: Dominant male seeks submissive female by Big "Jock" McTavish (Member 10158385) on 1-Oct-2005
    Ye dinnae really know what yr daein, dae ye son? Watch and learn ma man, aye.

  • Re: Dominant male seeks submissive female by minty weasel (Member 10068286) on 2-Oct-2005
    he doesnt want much does he?

van drivers earn an extra £1400 per month by kk (Member 10148951) on 18-Aug-2005
SINGLE? SPEED DATE & PARTY with by Andrew Halladay (Member 10157948) on 8-Jul-2005
SINGLE? SPEED DATE & PARTY with Join us for a fun filled night of flirting and speed dating with the sexiest singletons in the area: Check out the website for event details and to book your ticket: Get your love life moving in the right direction! X   
Dr Barnardos by sheila ingram (Member 10131151) on 29-Nov-2004
my name is Sheila Ingram, was James. In 1978 (ish) I went on an independance Training Course with some other disabled cildren, and I have a photo from that visit. There was a boy called Chris, and two girls called Joanne and Lydia. If anyone can help me find these people, PLEASE get in touch   
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past by Brenda MacCulloch (Member 10035523) on 23-Nov-2004
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past

I am not sure who you may be or where you might be living, I can only assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in family history and that’s good because of the pickle that my ggggrandaughters Pam and Brenda, have found themselves in when trying to find out where I came from, who my parents were and if I had any brothers and sisters. The same ... more >>
Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 12-Aug-2004
seeking Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,Gaynor Pierce UWIST Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion seeking GEUNOR Pierce 0 1482 219510 bestinterest UWIST reunion BEVERLEY Lee s... more >>   
Mortgage Free..... by dean carr (Member 10039242) on 25-Jul-2004
I can help with information on property purchasing in areas of Turkey...have you dreamed of selling your home and living in a fascinating country that now has 300,000 brits living there,well i can help,and i have helped many achieve there dream......

I can offer Apartments by the sea £19,000 Houses from £30,000 Villas from £40,000.....Mansion in glorious surroundings £85,000....

You can view... more >>
Community development worker - or zoo keeper ? by Reader (Member 10122086) on 27-Jun-2004
Click on 'Key to the Gates' at   
  • Re: Community development worker - or zoo keeper ? by Reader (Member 10122086) on 3-Sep-2005
    Iain Brimswall's "The Zoo Keeper" is now available online at

Bradford & Bingley by gregory james (Member 10041560) on 15-Jun-2004
Hello there people I want to tell you of a sting perpetrated by one of this great nation's building societies The Bradford and Bingley. Oh yes they are happy smiling chappies aren't they. Their adverts used to feature two smiling idiots in bowler hats. Your money is safe with us isn't it ho ho ho we are harmless twits in bowler hats come and get a mortgage with us. But beware!!! During the last ho... more >>   
Nerja holiday by Holiday Nerja (Member 10124906) on 20-May-2004
I would like to introduce you to Holiday Nerja. We have a variety of one and two bedroom self catering apartments available for rental accomodation in Nerja Costa del Sol. All our apartments are fully fitted for self catering and have south facing terraces and communal pools. If you are interested and need more details please visit our website at or contact us Peter or Kathy... more >>   
Redbridge FC by adam silver (Member 10124465) on 13-May-2004
Ford United is now Redbridge FC.

pre season friendly v Ipswich... more >>
Too much MONTH left at the end of the MONEY? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 9-Apr-2004
We can help if you are pepared to spend 5 hours a week in our business.

Visit our website or phone 0800 781 3819
IWTV in Barkingside by Anna-Louise Croft (Member 10120167) on 18-Mar-2004
IWTV is looking for camera people in Barkingside, the candidates must own a digital handycam or be able to get hold of one. It is not necessary to be a professional cameraman/woman.

The job evolves around a great variety of sports, from football to martial arts, from skateboarding to darts, so having an interest in sports is a plus.

For more information please email me with your contact deta... more >>
Barkingside Memories by Helen Finch (Member 10076908) on 17-Mar-2004
Have you worked, lived, or just have memories of Barkingside and the surrounding areas. If so, I am possibly going to be compiling an oral history in book form with memories of Barkingside. If you would be interested in participating in this venture and have your memories saved for the future generations then please contact the board and I will get back to you. Photos of yourself, with friends, wo... more >>   
  • Re: Barkingside Memories by russ (Member 10019460) on 5-Apr-2004
    Barkingside is, and was always a dump and dont miss it one bit - bulldoze the area to the ground for all i care.

  • Re: Barkingside Memories by Jill Doddemeade (Member 10189341) on 16-Jul-2006
    dear helen i have just purchesed your book barkingside memories do you know anything about the people on the back cover as i think one of them may be my mum as a 15 year old she was born in barkingside (fencepiece road then moved to the corner of colvin gdns and tomswood hill by the telephone box nan and grandad lived there for years i lived in waverley gdns until moving to poole with nan/mum and ... more >>

  • Re: Barkingside Memories by Jill Doddemeade (Member 10189341) on 16-Jul-2006
    sorry mums name was Gwen Burridge if anybody knows of the family then get in touch i would love to hear from you

  • Re: Barkingside Memories by Sam (Member 10277919) on 5-Sep-2012
    I just wanted to say that i moved to Barkingside in about 1974, it was quite a nice area, decent houses, no trouble infact a boring little town i thought as a teenager, i moved away in 1986 and still used to visit my parents, the shops were all changing and it was becoming quite rundown, ive been back recently and its so rough, the high street is quite run down with a burnt out shop that used to b... more >>

Kirkbride by June Bristow (Member 10116367) on 2-Feb-2004
Violet Ogles aged 90 yrs. needs to contact her neices & nephews,brothers name Albert Kirkbride b.1912-d.1979 married Ruby.   
Volunteer Mentors needed by Marian Anderson (Member 10115368) on 22-Jan-2004
Would you like to share your enthusiasm for sport, art and culture with a young person to broaden their horizons and give them encouragement and support?

Chance UK is an organisation who provide volunteer mentors to vulnerable children.

We are looking for male and female volunteer mentors of all ages and backgrounds to work with children for a few hours a week for a year. This is an ideal ... more >>
Stag night by Daniel Fern (Member 10113594) on 5-Jan-2004
Been landed with planning a last minute stag weekend for a very good friend (just kidding Jez – it’s a pleasure!) We’re up the West End Saturday but looking for somewhere to go Friday night. None of us are very familiar with the area so we’d welcome any suggestions. Only conditions are 1. must play r’n’b 2. mustn’t have twice as many blokes as women 3. mustn’t be full of kids. Picky aren’t we?! Pl... more >>   
Nursery Plans by sharleen king-justin (Member 10110682) on 18-Nov-2003
Hi Everyone, My name is Sharleen King-Justin and i have plans to change 55 Fullwell Avenue into a nursery setting for 21 children. Ages 3months-5yrs. I am a young mother myself and and have been studying childcare for 3 years now. As i care about what people think. I would just like to know anyones view on the idea, and what if any concerns you may have. Thank you.   
  • Re: Nursery Plans by Jan Moore (Member 10149394) on 1-Apr-2005
    very good idea.......we need more nurseries.......good luck......what times were you thinking of....jan

BARKINGSIDE by ROBERTS (Member 10106920) on 6-Oct-2003
Barkingside by Tony Bond (Member 10094439) on 18-Jun-2003
I have nothing but fond memories of the old place.I moved there from Ilford in 1941 and was a permanent resident until 1950 when I joined the MN I paid off my last ship in Canada in 1958 and have lived here ever since.I went to Gearies school until 1945 then I went to Walthamstow tech until 1950.I remember playing soccer and cricket at the'rec'.My mother was the manager of Hemmings bakery on the H... more >>   
  • Re: Barkingside by Alf Currey (Member 10101714) on 3-Dec-2003
    Hi, my name is Alf Currey, i lived in Barkingside until 1989, now in Woodford Green.I am a police officer and for some years worked at Barkingside nick, where there was a sergeant, (i think) by the name of St Pier. Can't remember his first name. I now work as a sergeant at Limehouse police station, and have a colleague there name Val St Pier. She may be some link in your chain.

  • Re: Barkingside by Helen Finch (Member 10076908) on 17-Mar-2004
    Have you worked, lived, or just have memories of Barkingside and the surrounding areas. If so, I am possibly going to be compiling an oral history in book form with memories of Barkingside. If you would be interested in participating in this venture and have your memories saved for the future generations then please contact the board and I will get back to you. Photos of yourself, with friends,... more >>

  • Re: Barkingside by Helen Finch (Member 10076908) on 17-Mar-2004
    Sorry about the long winded email on Barkingside, I thought I was adding a new thread! New to this I'm afraid.

    I am related to St. Piers of Barkingside. Have contacted a Roy St. Pier so he might be related to the one you know.

  • Re: Barkingside by Bronwyn Cannon (Member 10113115) on 21-Feb-2005
    Re St Pier
    I think the St Pier we are talking about is Dennis who lived in Victoria Road possibly No 11 His father was Dick and his mother was Beat or Beatrice. They are buried in Barkingside cemetary and Dennis was married to Irene. He went abroad but some years ago returned to England and there was an article in the Ilford Recorder asking if old friends could get in touch. I have asked the Reco... more >>

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