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Hookup Spots
  • Ahmed and I like to pick up chicks outside nursery when their parents aren't looking, that shits fly in other places but the racists in Barnsley have a problem with it.
  • Barnsley bus station, alhambra shopping centre in Barnsley
  • Barnsley bus station, alhambra shopping centre in Barnsley
  • the potting shed cafe, pot house hamlet, silkstone
  • that upstairs balcony outside cafe's in markets is where everyone meets, or the bridge in bus/train station... good times
  • barnsley circle is the best place too hook up m8s ows it goin xx
  • Christ knows, but stay the hell outta my street please. Far as I can tell, anywhere that's not in Barnsley. Please, just go away.
  • Jump shelter. we always knock abart ther its mint.
  • These days the town is becoming more and more dominated by non speaking fucking foreigners, who give us the headaches listening to them.
  • The wreck in Pogmoor the best night out in Barnslry before we could go pubbing and clubbing
  • the lengend that is mapp park off mapplewell. every friday after school couple off tinnies to chippy then a crawl home and hope your mams not up ha
  • theres an new market stall opening on tuesday the 28th of march n there selling music t-shirts and alternative n music jewelry too you should go check it out in the semi indoor!! =D
  • best place to meet up is bunka steps, there the longs steps at the side of saint thomas's church, well this is were all the youths meet up, so if ur in the mood for laughing at youths drinkin whitelightning then thats the place to be
  • Lots of kids seem to hang out in Lock Park, shame it gets vandalised so often.
  • I'll never forget all the great stories I heard about one pub, now closed, where they all used to go. It was called something Lion - Red Lion I think.
  • place t just layback and chill iz got to be..... up a network, for those of u hu dunt no wot that is, its rail way, just sit under blue bridge and get a fire going, then go up on tracks, u get a r8 buzz from all near death situations man, only bout 3 seconds away from train before you move, always a laugh up there.
  • hang rand worsbrough park wi yr9s lall chavs oads on em about 30 thats were all well nown yung enz chill (paige cooke ty taylor tom poickerin) u no em. they only gio there till friday or saturday cums then there up kendrey art side on rays buyin white lightnin, waitin for a smackhead to pass to go in shop wicth usually dunt tek to minutes then the bk darn dale or brig. or theres them hu sit up at vida yr11 snoggin on field sad bastereds all on em fukin thugs u no thugs tho if ur round barnsley thas to watch ur sen cos ull either get banged by chavs or even get run va buy sum1 40mile ova speed limit n there usually bobbys chacin em n its usually ur car
  • Mapp park. Getting chased off by the Police for trying to start a riot with some Athersleyers over some bird and someone else that no-one will remember.
  • Leo's/Pioneer carpark, skating and smoking fags
  • Mapp Park or The Plants between New Road and Staincross Common
  • marble circle
  • There are some great places in Barnsley and the bmc are doing more to organize events and places for young people.Like for example a bmx track and other things are being built in Athersley North.I am a young person and there are some nice places to hang out with friends
  • As i am one of the founders of the Regents carpark i would really appreciate it if skaters of a small size would actually skate and not make the place so fukkin crowded people need to skate freely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • locke park played there when i was a kid. now its nearly back to its former glory ( GO SEE IT IN THE SUMMER)
  • McDonalds is the best place to meet people
  • We always got the 'The Bridge' at Stairfoot roundabout. Brillinat in the Summer - cold in the Winter!
  • mapp park is always good for a laugh
  • hoyland behind job centre. bmx + skaters welcome no inliners they are gimps who cant afford belts. If u are a bmxer or sk8er against one another just dont bother we get on in these parts
  • near bus station where rails come down is a small set of stairs.
  • In the new bus station tere are cerbs that are painted yellow these are ok yo nose slide. All so tere is a small black and white roudabout near there which is ok to board slide but it is hard to land. There is a high kerb near the first station in the old bus station thiok for flip tricks it is in yhe middle of the road stright forward.
  • blossoms cafe down lunwood has a waxed edge and it all so has a ledge to ollie off across the road is a small set of stairs and near blossom cafe the pizza place has a small set of stairs
  • A good place to skate is at priory school in Lundwood there's 2 sets of steps a 6 house bricks high block to do flips off and much more things near by.
  • the scary but cool people sit on the grass across from heaven and hell near college. normally inhabited by goths with big leather coats and black make up.
  • Hey- come on! There are some good places in Barnsley! You can walk around the block afew times! Wilthorpe parks always good for a laugh too- but maybe not after 8ish. (Or 7:30 in the winter when the top bit gets closed!)
  • big circle in the centre of town near the macdonalds
  • Locke Park playground
  • Elsecar train station, on market darn hoyland... anywhere were any of the mates a there reali... dunt mata!!!
  • Life in Barnsley is no pleasure, their is nothing to do around this town, it is a terrible place to be, but very few people build up enough money or gain an opportunity to leave to a better. Join thr pointless Barnsley life club, meet outside lock park on wednesday evenings at 7.00pm
  • Barnsley as just won the award for the worst place in Britain, for the eighth time in ten years, the other two years it was runner up. Over 28 million people voted on line and Barnsley received 83% of the votes.
  • I wonder how many people of the people that live in Barnsley actually jumped up and down and screamed I want to live in Barnsley. Life is hard enough without having to spend a life time in such a place. The people of Barnsley need to open their eyes and see their is nothing to look forward to and nothing to look back on.
  • Living in Barnsley is pure torture - its not a life I wanted and not a life I asked for. I am a 88 year old man who as work very hard in this town = and at the end of my life I have nothing to show for all these years.
  • outside mc donalds on a satdi
  • Barnsley is full of morons. Cavemen in fake designer shirts which they seem uncapable of tucking in. The women sometimes look nice until they open there fat ugly mouths. The men belong in a tar pit with the ancestors. Don't go there ever. SAVE YOURSELF!!!!
  • gotta b round market n u tek p**s out of security guards n get kicked 'art.
  • Being from Barnsley myself i can honestly say that theres probably 2 sad ass places, Mcdonalds and Locke park, its sad really.
  • anywhere in barnsley is a decent place to be although some places can get overcrowded. round back at co-op on common if ur a boy racer and elsecar forge if ya wanna get out of you head with all the teenagers on a friday night...
  • all wankers who arnt oldenuf 2 gu in2 clubs hang abart on the market or near maci d'z is so sad!!!
  • Mandella Gardens.
  • The bit outside the College Churchstreet Site. Great place to tap fags and to light up.
  • Ardley bus stop you can get a slapper for 2 on youth club night's
  • When we were little nippers the place to be was St Hildas School roof (when it was still standing!).The 'tarn' circle (between mcdonald and Yorkshire bank)is now full of smackheads!
  • Ten bob hill, the bus drops us off there so we all meet up there before getting sparkoed round tarn
  • Locke Park, great for all the Worsborough Common slappers - the girls round there would do it for a fiver back in '86
  • Any street corner or bus shelter tends to fill up with teenage morons who apparently have nothing better to do. The New Lodge Co-Op car park tends to attract late night boy racers who imagine they are so cool in their clapped-out fifteen year old Escorts.
  • Outside any shop selling white lightning cider
  • Elsecar Forge, freezing cold n chill blains just ain't funny! Oh Pilley bus stops and phone boxes sounds drab but its a laugh!
  • Elsecar park. cider and immature boys
  • Used to be outside Makitas a sort of dress shop in Mapplewell village circa 1980 to 1982. Ideal for sitting around and sharing cigs - tab thi.
  • The "Mushroom" Dead centre of town ther's a shlter that we nicknamed the Mushroom. This is where me and my buddies used to hang-out, trying to look cool, forever being told to "move on" by the fuzz.
  • Always used to be in the precinct outside BHS when I was a kid (late 80's). Actually in the BHS coffee shop was cool for squirting the milk from the little cartons at your mates was ace aswell.
  • Got o the Metrodome swimming pool, it's 1st class for having a laugh. Euan.
  • That thing in the middle of Marks and Spencers, Yorkshire Bank and McDonalds. What exactly was the point of it again?????
  • Locke Park bandstand was one of the best places - even though the park is full of flashers. And Spuggy Park at the bottom of Racecommon Road was a great place to drink crap Oakwell sherry.

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