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Hookup Spots
  • The tall ball clock.
  • ok so basildon is more known for the chavs, young mums, and desperate wanna bess also 'basildon slags' wich i can assure you is true!! i live in basildon and the young girls are either pregnant,chav or a slag seriousley its just wrong! the subway next to luncies park full of them of a friday night cause there soo cool or not!!! im not from basildon so i can tell the difference from my friends to what the people in this dirty town r like! its horrible!
  • The Festival!
  • Cunt
  • We are kool enough to hang out at the hippest, baddest and most happening park in da whole of Basilscum...err...Basil-don, Mopsies Massive! That is to say Mopsies park, not that we are of exesive weight and don't fit on the swings.
  • the main place i hang about with all my coolie m8s is sega park in eastgate by the food court. we just chill out and smoke there and its pretty cool because there is a dance machine which we always go on and we love it! we always hav a laugh wen we go there theres loads of great memories there 4 me! and the next place we hang out would be festival leisure park!
  • Swan Mead Park, in Vange.
  • The DSS great place for meeting desperate skint single's
  • Howards park! i go there. its fun. BUT we do get beaten up and chased by rude boys and girls... f*cking w*nkers...
  • Festival Laisure, althoug hyou're limited if yuo're under 18 as you won't get in anywhere except the cinema (and then it has to be before 11 O'Clock), even bowling you need to be with someone who is over 18.
  • Outside Trafford House by the train station
  • the place where kids like to hang out now is the imperial chinese restaurant up by where the robins used to be we go there get served water down drinks and have to pay 2wice as much to get pissed.
  • basildon is an awful place to live and i can,t wait to leave with a one way ticket
  • If you want to try inline hockey free go to the eversley centre, crest road, pitsea, any saturday by 6 p.m. All equipment, except skates, supplied. If you're over 12, and you already have the gear and want to "have a knockabout" - eversley centre on Mondays at 8 pm.
  • at markhams chase skate park every one gets drunk
  • markhams chase skatepark
  • Howards Park In Pitsea On a Friday Night ! Oh and Watch ya bak ;)
  • At the moment alot of people meet up in the galleries by Limit they all sit on the stair well.
  • Hook-up spot? If you have to wait in Basildon Bus Station after 8pm at night alone you are sure to be propositioned by a homicidal maniac. These lunatics can be easily identified by the foam around the mouth, that is is you fail to notice the large watering can gaining a sheen of sweat beneath the grotty flasher mac.The only way to escape imminent death is to make them think that you are crazier than they are...
  • If you are a grunger you can hang out at the grunge square which is located next to MVC in basildon town
  • It depends if you are after teenage single mums or rude boys...if you are then Basildon town center or any of the clubs over the Festival leisure park are great places!!
  • U know when youve arrived in basildon. Theres nothing but overweight mums that are pregnant, a new born in the pram and about 25 kids on either handle. But if the kids are out burning cars then you can always spot their mum with th leggins, white socks and heigh heels.
  • As a Basildonian i have spent many a day wasting my time in the TC sitting on the ugly statue that has become the symbol of basildon i also enjoyed hanging around the skanky escalator leading to the roof gardens. Wot a place if only i was 14 again. Basildon Rules!
  • the reck bench where all little druggys hang out the kids that hang out there call it the gumbo station. the kids that go on the swings get watched by old men caled doloos.
  • i think the whole area at the festival leisure park can be a complete night entertainment for all kinds of people from family,s,teenagers ,young adults us older more weathered adults of 30 to 40 with a complete range of intertainment from cinema,restaurants,
  • barge skins and mods they were the best
  • In the good ole days we use to hang out at the top of the escalators (Roof Garden)during lunch time. I think back and I wonder why, They were rank.
  • Laindon Bluehouse Park under the slide .... You know who you are !!
  • There used to be a youth drop-in center called 'the wedge' which was 'the' place to go when I was 15. We used to go there to score our drugs!
  • Bikers Meet at the Dick Turpin on the A127 Tuesday nights during summer
  • The "Stage of No Hope" that used to sit between The Towngate Theatre and Halfords! Anyone remember meeting there every Sat afternoon with a hangover!?
  • What about the rounabouts on the A 13 entrance to Basildon I`v seen Terry Moxley and The Mansfields & Butchers & Webbers skate boarding there on Christmas Day
  • I'm amazed nobody mentioned "under the clock". This was always where I met me mates on Saturday morning.
  • around the park @ langdon hills
  • Basildon shopping centre
  • The subway near St Basil's church, Luncies Road. This is where the so-called subway crew hang out and graffitti the walls with things which are not particularly interesting.
  • Around Northgate house escalators
  • The main one has to be the fountain in the town square, then outside any of the four McDonalds. Also any parade of shops with an off-licence. Kids have now taken to asking adults going into an off-licence to buy them booze and fags and the sad thing is, some actually do!
  • Town centre on Sundays just look around. But watch out for town security.
  • Outside the Plough & Tractor (or inside) which is on the corner of Ballards Walk. Laindon Shopping Centre, especially outside the off-licence.
  • Bottom of the escalators for the Roof Garden or Basildon Bowl/quasar.
  • The Eastgate Centre was always good when I was a kid but for the real action head towards Southend and check out the groovy clubs and laid back cafes.
  • Staceys Corner shops Junction of Timberlog Lane and Long Riding, Fast food and offlicence here
  • No particular place. Town Centre, around Towngate Theatre.
  • Just mind your own business in the TC, and eventually you'll be propositioned. It happened to me twice! But only in Basildon, nowhere else in the country. And no, it wasn't the red light district.

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