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Hookup Spots
  • Bath Skyline
  • smoking spot- podium. fingered a lass there
  • outside starbucks on milsom street, the podium
  • We always meet up on the green in front of the crescent, great to drink and stuff and play frisbee and football!
  • Invariably, outside the former Bridge Project premises (Wells Road).
  • A little cafe called Cafe Deniro serves the best iced mocha's worth it for those alone but a bit expensive.
  • we spend most our time at skate park, Garfunkels, Manual Pads, Circles or anywhere we skate basically
  • kingsmead sq. hate to admit it but thats wer it is!
  • Sydney Gardens
  • The benches around the back of boots. They are great, you get the funniest dogged up looks from passing trevs. close to the bus n train station this place is for hook-ups only. it gets cold.
  • Please don't think your well 'ard by hanging around the royal crescent all day you just make yourself look silly. Do something decent like gos skateing or maybe ride a bike(your allowed to do both!). Oh and don't ask little kiddies at the skatepark if they have a light, of course they don't!.sorry for the rant but had to get it off my chest.
  • Doolallys
  • Doolally's, a great cafe on Walcot street with live acoustic music and some chilled out DJs. Very cool, very relaxed and very friendly. It has been tackily named Bath's answer to Central Perk (from Friends) but don't let that put you off.
  • we usually hang around in cafes, bonghy bos has a good atmosphere as does the retro, adventure cafe is nice too. go to bloomsburys for the best lemon drizzle cake! also in the summer the Royal cresent is a hive of activity with frisby and ball games and picnics , very nice spot
  • Outside MVC. Soooo the place to chill...yeah...
  • outside pizza young and so very foolish. the good old bottle of imperial vodka in a plastic bag completely oblivious to the police car parked outside flan o'briens, its really just one big game isnt it?
  • The Crescent, in the summer there are so many groups, and so many smells that one of your mates is bound to know another group.
  • Walcot street
  • out side mvc hopin for some person to go into bottomsup to buy you some cheap cider (or if u can afford it cheap vodka) then missionin off to green park for a drink n stonin sesion some times walkin to sainsburys or fake cresent etc
  • Sham Castle in the summer with a bag or 2 of Mushrooms ( from happy daze-walcot street) is a great spot for tripping, you get a great view of the sunset and across all of Bath. Botanical Gardens is also good for getting stoned and tripping you have to climb in over the gate but at night time you get the whole place to yourself, light a few candles by the fish pond,run around tripping looking at the mad trees etc its safe for tripping as no one ever goes there. Also the kids playground is really fun if your tripping, go on the deathslides there are 2 and you can race your freinds,very fun whenever your tripping your nut off. Also you can sit in the wagon and skin up.
  • vicky park sk8 ramps the best place 2 meet m8s and u can skate whilst ur waiting
  • The Backfields in Larkhall
  • Vicky Park in the Summer - you could just as well be on a beach in spain!
  • the wooden useless hut left of the bandstand, nicknamed "the crusty hut" wonderful and always full of angry, bike holding (not riding) teenagers.
  • The hat and feather car park.behind the bell...
  • The circles outside mcdonalds, always great for flip trix.
  • the green behind jcr on the lowet bristol road is quite a good spot, if you want to just chill out it's away from the mad crowd in the park and generally see the clive tv..
  • Girt Vicky Park - esp the start of the Bath festival Friday - lots of lovely ladies!!!
  • mr.d's at the bottom of milsom street...ooh those chicken burgers!
  • Vici park is a big place and there are loads of places like the bandstand and the royal crescent in there. otherwise the block by mcdonalds is the best place to meet.
  • pidgeon park is the place if your 16 and 'alternative'.always see someone you recognise.if you want to see some 'lush' boys arrange to meet your friends outside gainsborough anywhere between 3- 4.15.ha.
  • big up da Homebase carpark massif! Oh how I love those big bore pipes making your commonal garden fiestas and novas sound like a big fart from all those chip fat stinking slappers in Caddies.
  • That bit by the river next to Waitrose carpark. It's completely deserted except for one strange old man who dunks things in the river. No-one would ever know your ID shame.
  • 'The Crescent' - Many an underage teen comes up to the Royal Crescent of an evening with a bottle of cheap cider. Or to have spliff, whichever is your personal preference.
  • Vicky park is THE place to be in the summer. If it's hot, you can just sit and chill. If you're feeling particularly childish, then pop into the actual park, and spend your day on the swings, checking out the skaters at the same time !
  • During the summer the best place on earth to be is sitting in the middle of Victoria Park or Queen's Sqaure, soaking up the sunshine. During the winter months there's not a lot to do other than soak up rain water through your billy jeans and moan about not being able to get into pubs
  • In bath the place to hang out in the winter is the crustyhouse in VICTORIA PARK by day ,and the ANYWHERE WARM situation because it's freezing in Bath at night.
  • The no.13 bus
  • the temple of your mind man!!!!!
  • The Pump Room
  • Behind the bus station. You know who you are, sad losers with their"maxed up" fiestas and escorts bragging about the size of their bore exhausts.
  • this sucks...that sucks . man can you say anything decent. all you've done is slag everything. if you dont like it dont waste your time. got something constructive to say like: hey! all the junkies that hang out under the arches next to pultney weir.
  • Bath sucks and doesnt have one
  • The pigeon park by Window Arts where all the goths hang out.
  • toilets near kingsmead sq.
  • waiting for a taxi at orange grove. you often get girls jumping in the taxi with you.
  • Down by the pulteney weir
  • The only choice for this section has to be the Whench Bench at the bus station, and don't anyone try to deny knowledge!
  • The lawn in front of The Royal Crescent is good for laying about in the sun at the weekend.
  • Sam Weller's is full of local yokel types these days. It was quite nice for couples and business people to use the place a few years ago. The newish landlord is a real asshole not like that drunk with the armani outfits that graced the place a few years back.
  • kingsmead square - sad students give you free drugs

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