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  • Pegasus is closed. The owner was forced to shut down after drugging a local girl with cloraform. My sister read your site looking for something and was deeply upset that your site is so out of date considering the event happened to her. This site hasnt been updated in so long. Please be more considerate
  • Gianni's - superb italian restaraunt ! not exactly cheap but really worth it !
  • anyone remember the B Tong, Dale Cumbie, WHitburn Spur? ah old names! Ah, The buses! na na na na na na na na na na na na dale..... cumbie. Big collars, chibs and aftershave - Jings LOL ;-O.
  • All the Sue Ryder shops
  • The roundabour on the road to Armadale (a lesser known suburb of Bathgate), is reputed to be the "fulcrum" of the Scottish land mass - the nearest thing to the geographical centre of Scotland
  • - check it out, you wont regret it! or maybe you will? not sure?
  • The best band to come out of Bathgate since Goodbye Mr McKenzie are a unique sounding six piece act called "Fiery Jack" Check out their website at
  • public transport is mad save time and get a taxi or the train
  • Yer ma
  • The band CRUZE which I suspect someone from the bad itself has listed, is rubbish and mediocre. Just a group. Nothing more. Deflation of egos required. Train especially so.
  • Now that the College is to move to a brand new campus in Livingston, a campaign has been started to save the Old Academy from being demolished or converted into housing. Further details of this campaign are available from Ian Hossack at Bathgate Community Council & I believe, the West Lothian Courier website.
  • Bathgate has long been known as the home of redundant business's eg Plessey & British Leyland, this trend lokk's to be continuing with Motorola, although this has yet to be confirmed!!!
  • Pegasus tattoo has closed
  • Tattooist & Body Piercing Studio in Bathagte. The great new tattoo/body piercing studio in Post Office lane is Pegasus, owned and operated by John "Trooper" Barber who has 34 years experience, and operates the cleanest and most professional studio in West Lothian......Check it out.
  • Bathgate has many tales of the paranormal and is included in the famous Bonnybridge Triange of UFO sightings. (Or is that the Bathgate Triangle??) Did you know that grave markers of some German miners can be seen at the edge of the Silver mines, just over the fence by the road. They are small standing stones and are not easily visible. Also chexck out the carvings on the trees accross from the intended Bathgate Hills Korean War memorial on the Linlithgow rd. The carving of the shire horse is fantastic and is dated. Apparently the road keeper had to keep the road clear and clean for the coaches coming and going into Linlithgow. When it rained he sheltered under the trees.....with his tryustu carving knofe...thus history was born.
  • Shannon did not come from Bathgate,her mother did.
  • There is a band from Bathgate and Livingston called CRUZE who are the best band I have ever seen!! They paly in Whitburn Miners and various other places and they are absolutley fantastic - especially the tow girls who front the band. Bathgate also has a fantastic musical society who are putting on "Kiss Me kate" in MArch.
  • Try the museum on Mansefield Street in the town centre. Intersting stuff from Bathgate's past. Check opening times. Well-regarded.
  • Local landscape category: landscape painters should head for Cockleroy...
  • The hills are only 5 minutes away and the sunsets are unbelievable
  • Very few people know that the Knock Hill ("Knock" being Gaelic simply meaning "the hill") used to be the site of a coven for all the local witches and wizards in the area, at least up until the 17th century! The shale bings in and around Bathgate supplied 70% of the Royal Navy's fuel requirements pre-World War One, (remember that was the time Britain ruled the largest Empire the world had ever witnessed and the Royal Navy was the largest ever).
  • Hi all, This is an update on my previous listing. The re-opening of the Cairnpapple ancient monument(4.500yrs old) has proved to be a resounding success. Many visitors from around the world have taken the opportunity to visit the site. Anyone who is interested in Cairnpapple should mail me and I will post infromation on it to them.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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