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Pro-Golf by Brian Davis (Member 10109007) on 8-Apr-2006
Just been watching Pro - Golf on television in the Last few days with the Tremendous Prize should you be Lucky to be the winner!! WOW!!.... You know there is an excellent web-site at:-
where you can download and play a hole for FREE (at no cost to you) or you can buy a CD covering 18 holes for US $19.95 and play at some of the best venues in the ... more >>
Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 21-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
Piano Lessons by Mr. Wilson (Member 10164943) on 10-Oct-2005
Opportunity for all, no matter your age or ability Qualified tutors starting piano workshop for people who have interest in instruments but are put off by the going price to learn. No matter if you would like to play the piano as a hobby or to gain certificates working up grades we are here to get you there. Contact us today as places will be limited. We do one to one tuition and group classes and... more >>   
  • Re: Piano Lessons by Moscowman (Member 10174755) on 19-Jan-2006
    Dont Moan about this Town its not that bad, But if you do want to move on and Sell, Rent, or Buy
    Properties anywhere in UK or Europe This is easy to use site, whats more you can register and search for House, Flat, Caravans,Holiday homes All on A FREE OFFER, So go take a look
    Because once there is Lots and lots of Content and adverts go into the national press, Then You ... more >>

Power Steering by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 29-Aug-2005
If you have a power steering problem call our Greenwich SE10 factory on 020 8853 3343 for advice and save a bundle on main dealer prices.   
van drivers earn an extra £1400 per month by kk (Member 10148951) on 18-Aug-2005
SINGLE? SPEED DATE & PARTY with by Andrew Halladay (Member 10157948) on 8-Jul-2005
SINGLE? SPEED DATE & PARTY with Join us for a fun filled night of flirting and speed dating with the sexiest singletons in the area: Check out the website for event details and to book your ticket: Get your love life moving in the right direction! X   
NO to the TGB by dave barnes (Member 10154474) on 20-May-2005
Please help us say NO to the Thames GAteway Bridge
More information is available at
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past by Brenda MacCulloch (Member 10035523) on 23-Nov-2004
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past

I am not sure who you may be or where you might be living, I can only assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in family history and that’s good because of the pickle that my ggggrandaughters Pam and Brenda, have found themselves in when trying to find out where I came from, who my parents were and if I had any brothers and sisters. The same ... more >>
Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 12-Aug-2004
seeking Richard BENDELOW, BLAIR McClure,Gaynor Pierce UWIST Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco bar buffet 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BEVERLEY Lee, SABINE Meigh/ McVeigh Cardiff Reunion late 70s/early 80s disco 0 1482 219510 bestinterest seeking BLAIR McClure www.psyreunion.comCardiff Reunion seeking GEUNOR Pierce 0 1482 219510 bestinterest UWIST reunion BEVERLEY Lee s... more >>   
Community development worker - or zoo keeper ? by Reader (Member 10122086) on 27-Jun-2004
_-_-_-_-_ Click on 'Key to the Gates' at _-_-_-_-_   
  • Re: Community development worker - or zoo keeper ? by mario joannou (Member 10129237) on 2-Aug-2004

Fed up with making other people rich? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 9-Apr-2004
Why not build your own businss now and have a bright future?

Visit our website or phone 0800 781 3819
IWTV in the Beckton area by Anna-Louise Croft (Member 10120167) on 18-Mar-2004
IWTV is looking for camera people in the Beckton area, the candidates must own a digital handycam or be able to get hold of one. It is not necessary to be a professional cameraman/woman.

The job evolves around a great variety of sports, from football to martial arts, from skateboarding to darts, so having an interest in sports is a plus.

For more information please email me with your contact... more >>
Volunteer Mentors needed by Marian Anderson (Member 10115368) on 22-Jan-2004
Would you like to share your enthusiasm for sport, art and culture with a young person to broaden their horizons and give them encouragement and support?

Chance UK is an organisation who provide volunteer mentors to vulnerable children.

We are looking for male and female volunteer mentors of all ages and backgrounds to work with children for a few hours a week for a year. This is an ideal ... more >>
Help Please by David Dillnutt (Member 10113576) on 29-Dec-2003
I am writting on behalf of my husband and would really appriciate some help.
He was made redundant earlier this year and has now been offered a job in Beckton, trouble is we all live in Devon so it means he will have to stay in Beckton for four or five nights a week on his own, we are trying to find some nice but inexpensive place for him to stay, say a bed sit or as a lodger, he is well trained ... more >>
London's Home Movies by Kasia (Member 10098486) on 9-Jun-2003
I am looking for home movies that you may have lurking in an old cupboard at home. I am working on a regional tv programme for LWT which will look back over the century through Londoners' home movie footage. Whatever the format I'm interested in hearing from you. Please call Stuart Cooper on 0207663 2573 or email Thanks   
Unruly residents on housing estates by Donald (Member 10084743) on 22-Dec-2002
If you've not been to Beckton before. I urge you to avoid the housing estate in nearby Pennyroyal Avenue, on there are some real lowlifes such as unruly kids causing havoc, often with the support of there scumbag parents.
Don't leave any valueables in the car and have your wits about you whatever time of day you visit. In Pennyroyal Avenue used to be the home ground of East Ham United football cl... more >>
  • Re: Unruly residents on housing estates by Donald (Member 10084743) on 22-Dec-2002
    Forgot to mention it but Beckton does have a large multi screen cinema. However best go by car if possible. Buses do run there, but it's dimly lit and is a haven for muggers and no doubt loser junkies take advantage of this as well.

Vegan Families Group by Lesley Dove (Member 10083619) on 25-Nov-2002
Seeking other vegan families in the London area (all areas), we have a friendly group of us meeting up about 4 times a year.
Email me if you are a vegan raising children and want to meet like-minded friends!

Lesley Dove
Your Assistance Required by Marcus Suitor (Member 10041953) on 10-Oct-2002
The Legion of Frontiersmen is currently recruiting men and women to form a group within your local area to assist in the event of any emergency incidents. If you have skills that could help your community in case of an emergency or if you would like to learn new skills like First-Aid, Map Reading, Traffic Control, Radio Communications and more, then please contact us for further information at:
... more >>
  • Re: Your Assistance Required by David Dillnutt (Member 10113576) on 29-Dec-2003
    I live in Devon but am about to start a new job in Beckton London anything I can do to help !!

Save the Pound by supertramp (Member 10068275) on 17-May-2002
Save the POUND and F**K the EURO
Do not let the Sleazey Bastards con you!
7 out of 10 europeans don't want the euro
If the labour Government want the euro then let em bog off to france and live there!
TV programme on dance for Channel 4 by Anil Sharma (Member 10060029) on 21-Feb-2002
Lion television are making a 90 minute film for Channel 4 on dance.
The film will take a lighthearted look all those dance crazes that have come and gone.
We would love to hear from couples who have met on the dancefloor.
We would also love to see any home video footage of people dancing at weddings, dancing at school discos and of dance injuries.
Thanks very much.
  • Re: TV programme on dance for Channel 4 by sarah (Member 10075703) on 15-Aug-2002
    I met my husband in a bar called bLAH bLAH'S in Ilford Hill, Ilford.
    The pub had late hours until 1 am, however the trouble that place attracted was unbelieveable. They finally closed it down. I would go there every FRI/SAT nite as there was rnb and mostly garage playing at that venue. The dancefloor was so live then because the music was so happening then. The beer garden was pleasant in the s... more >>

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