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Anything happening in Beckton on Thurs 4th Oct? by allan (Member 10034264) on 28-Sep-2001
Hello, I'll be down in Beckton next Thursday (4th Oct) and was wondering what the best pubs where, if there are any music venues etc etc otherwise I'll be dead bored sat in my hotel room!
Thanks in advance.
SKA/REGGAE FANS........FREE MUSIC !! by zzz records (Member 10033465) on 25-Sep-2001
fun on a stick by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 12-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out   
john campbell crawford by patricia clewley. (Member 10035164) on 7-Jul-2001
i am looking for information on john campbell
crawford he is scottish he was living somewhere
in beckton or peckham about 5 or6 years ago
any thing about him i would be most grateful
his nickname was java or jaffa
Stolen Items Registered on by Richard (Member 10034261) on 1-Jun-2001
Someone broke into my studio and stole all my camera gear, if someone offers you a cheap camera, please check it first on
THE SMELL!!! by Marva George (Member 10034191) on 31-May-2001
Please, does anyone know what we can do about the awfull smell in Beckton? It could be a nice place but WOW WHAT A STINK!!   
  • Re: THE SMELL!!! by sarah (Member 10075703) on 15-Aug-2002
    I know, as soon as I drive up from Barking on the A406 the smells soon cometh upon thee. It might be because of the drinks factory Britvic nearby. I always thought it was the sewage in the heat of summer days as I lived in Beckton for 18 years!! Any suggestions?

  • Re: THE SMELL!!! by Bob Cutting (Member 10198342) on 12-Mar-2007
    Years ago, Beckton used to be plagued by a really vile smell all over the place. It seemed to permeate everywhere. It was the abatoir ZIFF MEATS & Jesus what a whiff ! It's gone now but many a horse met with a very sticky end there as they used to render them down to glue !

searching for stepbrother by Marsha Highfield (Member 10024350) on 15-Mar-2001
looking for stepbrother. 56-57 yrs. Father's name R Gordon Cole. Stationed at Aldershot, 1943-44, went to London on leaves. Was a gunnar instructor in the Canadian Armored Corps. Mother's name possibly Emma, not sure. Only hope and pray that son was told who his father was. Anyone knowing of this situation, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou   
Is this you?? by Lynn Connolly (Member 10019613) on 3-Nov-2000

I'm posting this message because recently, we received orders and enquiries from people in the London area, but because of a small flood, we've lost the data!

The orders were made through last week, so if that was you, (specifically the order for the US Flag and Ladybug mice) please contact us. No money was taken from your card by ... more >>
HELP by shepherd (Member 10013278) on 9-Jun-2000
DO YOU RECOGNISE MY SURNAME, if so you may know my father. I was born in the 1980's and moved to North Wales when I was about 5 years old. I know my father's surname is Hicks but that is all. Do you know him? Please help........
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