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Hookup Spots
  • Yo! Da the best plaice to gow is greyfriars po po station. Its cool free foode and drink. Why not tri it out.
  • Never used one as yet, still single!
  • never ever failed to pull in new york, new york... except once, i was with my girlfiend and thought it may seem a little insensitive if i did!
  • The Block outside the Harpur Centre
  • the block in front of the library in harpur square
  • the block in front of the library in harpur square
  • the block in front of the library in harpur square
  • russel park ( not near changin rooms) castle road
  • definatly the top of the lock opposite castle mound. dont get caught by the cops tho they get well arsey.......memba ya stones for the private school rowers on a saturday afternoon lol
  • If you feel brave enough, why not hang around the Iddesleigh Road Post Office in Queens Park, where the staff think it is ok to run out and grab hold of a ten year old girl and her eight year old sister. These two young children may have been scared for life by this incident, and I dare say that the culprit's will get away with this incident, as they do with other nasty things that they are involved in. BEWARE PERVERTS OPERATE FROM INSIDE THIS POST OFFICE.
  • outside burger king is where every1 goes don't go there if u aint liked tho cos u'll get it ripped outta ya, but if ur one of a group feel free, and if ya see a hectic or a jaunty a nod of the head will do, they'll appreciate it.
  • qp allen park near the astro for a spliff while playing cricket in nets new park for a quick few swigs and allotments for bunkin off school and gettin mashed river park in the summer time and kempston firestation the new park has seen a lot of booze go down for footy the new park is best high street is only place for late nite piss ups
  • Just go to town and head for any of the open spaces! Fond memories of hanging around the river in town, and russell park playin footy. Also might wanna check out bedford park for big grassy areas where all the beautiful people go in the sunshine.
  • Aspex, deffinately. And yes, I know its not spelt like that, but thats the way I spell it. Around Aspex and the Embankment is cool, if u looking for girl or boy racers, or just to meet any one really.
  • aight Bedford pretty safe for clubs wetha ya 18 or yunga. U got Stimulation n Cabbana for 18 an younger but peeps mainly stop goin to that at bout 16. Stimulations had some hevi ppl ther but they gone down ova yrs. They ad Oxide n so solid but den Blazin Squad startd comin. 4 all u peeps dat jus started cumin out Bedford an russel park wil probs b ur hangout n as u get old n more built up u can moov on 2 mound wen u no u can defend ya self. Most cruisers u find dwn high street n embankment but dwn mowsbury park nr pheaseant pub they startd cruisin round dat area. I gotta big up QP massive n Putnoe cru. Watch out 4 dem tramps out n bout dnt go hangin round bus station wit ya bling showin rong ppl got rong idea bout getin ppl 4 dem phones!
  • Pigeon Square and the bus station used to be the favourites, but they have definitely gone down in my estimation, or is it just that i've grown up and started washing now?
  • It has to be the block. its just by the library and you can sit on one of the numerous benches and eat lunch, enjoy the sunshine and watch the skaters.
  • Budgens - Hook up with a good cargo for a reasonable price....usually vodka!
  • I MISS Lurke St Car Park and everyone in it. It really was all it's made out to be, Jonston, Aspi, Spearoz, and made bedford what it was.
  • The only hang out spot for alternatives/skaters, has to be the block, outside central library. we hung out there for a whole summer and has very fond memories. Just watch out for the grannies and security guards if ur sk8ing!
  • AS OF 2000 - Aspects seems to be a hook-up spot for the boy-racers, who then proceded to race into town & back down the embankment. Pigeon square too is a good spot.
  • Well ithink Clair Court used to be 'the' hang out point, not anymore!! I'd say for my generation it was Lovers Lane or Lurke Street Car!
  • Bedford College is still a major hookup point but so is Clair Court. Not so Pigeon Sq as it has a gravitational pull for all sorts of homicidal maniacs and loonys. Avoid at night. Aswell as Bus station.
  • There's loads. The Castle Mound on the Embankment is cool, the County Park down by Priory Marina is an ace cruising spot for the homosexual in all of us and there's Aspects cinema/nightclub centre near the County Park which is pretty cool. But the number one spot is Pigeon Square (loads of pigeons), next to the Bus Station, it's kicking.
  • Bedford College is the best hook up spot and always has been
  • Around Claire Court, e.g. outside Souled Out Records.

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