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Cafes and Coffee Shops in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex*

High tea and a sticky bun

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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • cavells - best hot chocolate in the world
  • A new place called Oasis makes great heated crust rolls with tea at a reasonable price too!!
  • no idea dont go in 'em
  • I would definately recommend Redstack if your looking for a nice relaxing cup of tea. I little overpriced and the food is nto exactly top notch, but jsut the place to relax with your friends over a cuppa.
  • I would definately recommend Redstack if your looking for a nice relaxing cup of tea. I little overpriced and the food is nto exactly top notch, but jsut the place to relax with your friends over a cuppa.
  • Manhatten and Redstack
  • Manhattan cafe, near the library
  • Lamore opposite the sailing club. Best italian food with a fabulous welcome. Italian Way watch out!
  • The Emerald in the Regency Arcade (oppersite Woolworth) Good home cooked food,Daily specials, Sunday specials, every Sunday has a choice of 3 roasts with all the trimmings, comfy and inexpencive.
  • REDSTACK, Western Rd.
  • Manhattan Cafe in Western Road is cool and friendly.
  • Criterion Cafe, Dino's Diner, Dunns, Sovereign on the sea front, plenty of places for tea/coffee and snacks
  • Good coffee at the cafe in Western Road, but the clientele is a bit doddery sometimes
  • Don't go to the 'Di Paulo's'. It should be called 'the cheap way' as the food tastes like something that has been regurgetated by a smelly badger, and it is expensive too. They make out everything is 'made with the finest ingredients'...even though you can see that the lasagne they are about to put in the oven is from the freezer at tesco, and the sausages are not fit enough to feed the blokes dog who sells the big issue outside somerfield. Sausages??? more like plastic shite filled with cereal and skull scrapings. I can't fault the service there though, it was spot on, but although the staff put a smile on your face, there isn't one later, when your stomach is about to explode.
  • There are lots but I have not ever been in one which would make me want to come back.
  • Cafe Blue's menu looks good, especially for veggies,but we found the cook's flavouring tended to overplay vinegar. Not sure about baked jacket sweet potato either.
  • A plethora of cafes have sprung up in Western Road during the last year. Avoid Woosters where the staff are indifferent and the owner surly, although the food is good. Best is the Manhattan where the staff are friendly and the food is good if a little on the pricey side.
  • DI parlos across from th dele war very greasy cafe nice grub though!
  • Do they have lattes in Bexhill?

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