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Favourite Building in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex*

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Favourite Building
  • The old cinema in Sackville Road
  • The new boat house when it's actually built
  • de la warr pavilion - good meeting place & nice views
  • de la warr or carlisle building in hastings
  • Bexhill Rowing Club, there isnt another building of any interest in Bexhill
  • The Grand, all that wreckage I love that eyesore!
  • De La Warr Pavilion, spiral staircase.
  • The little pagoda type buildings at the rear of the De La Warr pavilion
  • Bexhill High Scool!! everyone says its crap, but we love it really!
  • spanish houses in cooden near my house
  • The De la Warr is great, if only they would run it properly
  • The shed/hut at the putting green, as it is great to pee up after a nite out, and a kebab.
  • Nothing really sticks in my mind. I used to like Egerton Park swimming pool until they filled it in. Bexhill College is quite nice too.
  • merco petrol station the only place to go to the toilet at night just ask for the key and they will give you the biggest bit of wood with a key attached so you can skin up out of the wind in the lovely toilets used by the cabbies
  • Oh my, oh my..........can't beat the De La Warr Pavillion. Don't be deceived by the somwhat plain exterior...go inside and have a look, it is truly beautiful and worth the visit.
  • Aacacia villa residential care home...the most happening care home in town hehehe!!!!
  • DLWP- Mendelsohn and Chermeyeff - WOW! - a Modernist delight
  • Riddling tin Ninfield Hello Pam and Shaun Nan Mavis Vernon The De La Warr Pavillion where I also danced with The Janice Blake School Of Dance Played guitar taught by Mrs. Gillet sung and played the cello and recorder with King Offa School
  • Ninfield (well, it's nearby) Working Men's Club. My dad goes there. Nuff said.
  • ST RICHARDS CATHOLIC COLLEGE it kicks arse - and we don't sit around reading bibles all day you bexhill high scum, we know you don't read anyway - you can't read
  • The Delawarr Pavillion is the only building of note, being grade I listed.
  • The De La Warr holds wonderful memorys

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Last updated: 2012-07-20

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