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Local Bands
  • RED.WAS.HERE vicky bass less than three. these guys are amazing. red was here is like alternative, they're good. vicky bass plays acoustic guitar and sings. and less than three are kinda pop-ish
  • Composer Nathan Whitington lived in Manor Road for ten years!!!
  • I'm told that a new rock and roll band not to be missed is called "not guilty". The band is made up of some ex members of odawa and now play in and around st leonards. They have played at alexander park and eastbourne pavillion and pulled a huge crowd.
  • barnett, good old barnett lol well... meh dunno
  • It seems that Odawa band have recently disbanded due to poor health. However, several of the remaining members, mostly aged over 50 have formed another band. A bunch of "old fogies" definately not, the guitarist is one of the best I've be heard locally for some years. This band could give some of the younger bands a run for their money. I would suggest that if you enjoy all types of music from the 50's - to date, including blues, do some research, find out their name and go see them, it's well worth it.
  • kastaway safe 13 .....................
  • ODAWA - an excellent new band on the scene who's members are all ex-pro players over the age of 50. The lead guitarist lives in Bexhill and is the best I've heard for a long time, playing in a range of techniques from Marvin to Clapton. The name of the band ODAWA (I'm told) means "Circle of Life". If you get an opportunity to see this band, take it.. They play a good selection of MOR and some Modern Country Music. A pleasure to listen to and I understand a CD is on the way during 2006. Watch out for ODAWA.
  • They all play at scumscene. Hmmm only one worth raving about is mumm-ra I suppose. bit overated if you ask me.

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