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Buskers, Street Entertainers
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  • Does anyone remember Rab McVicar? A heroin addict who robs pensioners and disabled people. A right lowlife scumbag who should be jailed for life.
  • Lisa McGinley is a local character, aw the lassies think she's a fanny and aw the guys have seen her fanny!!
  • Pat McGinley's some character. Known by many, liked by few!
  • skippy from station road chased u for miles.big jinnie wee niz characters
  • That guy that always stoats about tyre with a hanky in his hand and an eternal snotter on his face that he never quite gets round to wiping.
  • Over the years Blantyre has more than it's fair share of harmless old loonies, just visit any of the tucked away drinking dens for some great local banter
  • There was this old guy wi three thumbs who used to hang about the public park (low blantyre). He'd tap fags fae us at lunchtime then smoke it from the crack of his two pronged thumb..kinda put me off chip butties.
  • I am loathed to read this but feel that i must make a point in response to the garbage that has been left on here by what i can only assume are the adolecents that give Blantyre the bad image it now has. Blantyre when i was younger was not the "ned housing, jakey packing" place it used to be. Only in the last 10-15 years since the emergance of the kids born around 1985-1990 has the place went to rack and ruin. They need, and i mean this, a right good belting. When we were young, there was the old coop bakery (or coal bing) in Auchinraith road. This was great for playing tig, one-man and soldiers. Now it is a housing estate, but my point is that we had great fun and did not vandalise the place, or drink, or take drugs. All this stuff about "theres nothing to do" that todays youth complain about is nonsense. They DONT want to do anything else, but hang out on corners, drink, get trollied and then smash their empty bottles over each others heads. Another thing that we did when we were young was play in a footie league that consisted of "street teams". (ie Calder street, coldstream street, the crescents etc..) all played each other in parks around blantyre. It was great. However after stumbling on this site whilst researching the history of Blantyre, i read theough most of the comments left and it makes me really angry that the degenerates that have left their "opinions" are running the place down... Blantyre is actually a good town with jobs a plenty.. their is an excellent sports centre, good shopping centre and some great football players have emerged from the youth teams of the 80's like chealsea boys club, aston villa BC and Aberdeen BC. I think it is about high time the youth of Blantyre stopped being so bloody negative and started to try and give Blantyre a good image again. I dont live here anymore but i can honestly say that it does have some good take away food places, one or two good pubs and an average local football team. It is VERY historic, with the Livingstone centre and the old mining disaster, and the druids circle (most of the wee neds wont even know that exists, its kept secret to stop them ruining that too) and i conclude with this: Blantyre is a good place to live, perhaps if the previous people whom have left their "opinions" on here were to put their bottles of cider or buckie down, hire a book from the library (yes it has one!) and go for a walk then they might just discover another side to blantyre they didnt know..! ps.. they might even learn something too...! :)
  • What about Johnny Handbag, the window washer? So called because he carried his bucket like a hand bag. The kids would run behind singing "Johnny handbag yir a w***ker"
  • who you dont see? police officers more chance of spotting the loch ness monster
  • Maggie "the bin raker" Benson
  • Theres a wee guy standing outside Asda selling big issues.
  • Pele, the anorak wearing wummin who always seems to be standing at a bus stop in the rain. The wee fat ginger sod Ryan, aka Buddha, who stands outside the co-op in his gaudily stained tracksuit bottoms asking for loose change. Uglier than sin, Ryan was last heard of attacking a local Priest. He is currenlt awaiting being beasted at whatever youth remand centre they send him to. Boaby Hunter, the boy with the funniest name in the world. Also awaiting a long stretch away for being a bad boy. Enjoys revving the engine in his clapt out astra to attract 14 year olds. Grace Martin, aka Ken Dodd. And yes, she certainly is a diddy! Ricky Panterson, the crabbit gurning champion of the world. Ricky, or Rodger as hes also known has been an alchy since 16. The last i heard of him, he got knocked back from Hamilton palace at the age of 27! Michael "The Viper" Vipond, him of the stupid haircuts. Big Fat Dude. The inflatable man.
  • The old woman who collected the cans is Maggie Benson & she's still going strong. Her sister was Jeannie Benson aka Jeannie Scratcher who frightened the sh*te out of me when I was a wean.
  • Wee Boys coming of age (i.e. theire balls dropping , the testosterone going up a level) resulting in street brawls. Think West Side Story meets Cannibal Halocaust and you get the picture.
  • Big issue man

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