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looking to contact people who knew me at st blames primary by Eileen kay (Member 10297976) on 19-Nov-2014
Eileen McDonagj St Blanes Primay 1968-1975. Looking to find ant one who was in my class   
Danny McLaughlin by jimmy (Member 10126252) on 26-Oct-2010
I would like to know if Danny McLaughlin is still living in Blantyre. He moved back there from Kilmarnock in the late sixties. I used to work with him. He must be in his late sixties by now.   
Your Family by Shell (Member 10233211) on 21-Jul-2009
ancestry forum, connect with others researching your name, i've even connected with cousins didn't know i had. it's FREE>
Your Family by Shell (Member 10233211) on 21-Jul-2009
ancestry forum, connect with others researching your name, i've even connected with cousins didn't know i had. it's FREE>
Ian &stuart Lynn by trish reynard (Member 10238694) on 5-Jul-2009
looking for ian lynn, lived at Lochalsh Place Blantyre has a brother called Stuart Lynn.   
Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

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McDonagh by caroline (Member 10135179) on 1-Mar-2008
My name is Caroline Sarah-Jayne Mcdonagh.
I was born in Hammersmith in London 1967.
I have not known my father who I believe to be Patrick Joseph McDonagh for my whole life.I would like to contact him but don't know how.
I believe he is a traveler but I could be wrong.
I am soon to be a grandmother and I am very sad that my father has missed out on such a lot.
I would very much like to hear h... more >>
  • Re: McDonagh by bellshill_boy (Member 10149368) on 19-Mar-2008
    No use looking in here nobody in blantyre knows who their father is

  • Re: McDonagh by kerry (Member 10232540) on 8-Oct-2008
    My grandads name was John McDonagh he was born in 1964 but he died 2 years ago, he has 5 brothers, Joseph ,Patrick, Wlliam, Francis and Thomas if that helps

  • Re: McDonagh by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 26-Oct-2008

    New Chat Room

  • Re: McDonagh by rhona (Member 10139702) on 4-Jul-2011
    Looking to get in touch with Catherine, Liz Eileen or Thomas McDonagh ...Lynn Friery was at Elmwood at the same time as Catherine. The McDonaghs lived In Ansdell Ave Blantyre I think

  • Re: McDonagh by Catherine (Member 10277942) on 6-Sep-2012
    Hi Rhona

    Hope everything is going well with you. You can get in touch through my e-mail which is

    Kate (Catherine Mc Donagh)

Holiday Breaks in Blackpool by KEITH NODDINGS (Member 10006943) on 25-Jul-2007
Privately owned 6-berth Holiday Homes available for hire on Marton mere Holiday Village,Blackpool. Visit for more details.   
Reply by NO1 NED (Member 10180954) on 8-Mar-2007
New messageboard... Feel free to sign up... all welcome!   
  • Re: by Vivienne Farris (Member 10210825) on 17-Jul-2007
    I teach vocals and keyboards and am moving to Blantyre soon - anyone interested?


anyone know the Needhams by denise (Member 10199379) on 16-Dec-2006
Hi does anyone know the Needhams or heard of lochinver crescent I am trying to trace them
Margaret Allan by George Friery (Member 10150316) on 18-Sep-2006
I got your last message Margaret, I have posted a reply.   
Blantyre Camp in the 50s by ann thompson (Member 10183794) on 28-Apr-2006
I'm looking for information about Blantyre Camp or is it Bosfield? around 1944 -1960. I've tried various sites but can find nothing. What sort of place was it, people, names. Anyone know of Rose Ann Rourke who was there possibly 1956, who married Michael Grant. Thanks.   
  • christopher Anthony by Christopher Anthony (Member 10192526) on 31-Aug-2006
    Dearest One,

    I am Mr Christopher Anthony the only Son to late Mr John G.Anthony,I am 25 years old, I belive you are the rightful person to assist me without any problem or betrayal of trust among each other and I want you to know that it is the spirit of the Almighty God that led me to you.

    Please,I also want to let you to know that I don't have any Family to help me here I purposely came ... more >>

  • Re: Blantyre Camp in the 50s by NO1 NED (Member 10180954) on 3-Oct-2006
    Have you tried Wikepedia?

  • Re: Blantyre Camp in the 50s by Big Bad (Member 10078377) on 5-Jun-2008
    Ha ha ha ha , your a tosser christopher

Craighead primary? by dee (Member 10169230) on 13-Mar-2006
Can anyone tell me about this school. do you know anyone who attended? If so plase reply. Thanx   
  • Re: Craighead primary? by nicola (Member 10153048) on 2-Jan-2007
    hi there. this school is a great schol for children with complex special needs. the pupils excell and the staff are supportive and loving. friendly and helpful

  • Re: Craighead primary? by Emma mcdonagh (Member 10293707) on 12-Jun-2014
    I attended that school it got knocked down in June 2009

Looking for A LOST Friend by Mr Cool (Member 10178400) on 26-Feb-2006
Looking for a lost friend from Tawam Hospital,Al Ain. Anne Cosgrove   
BOYLE -WYLIE by jim mcintyre (Member 10146881) on 23-Sep-2005
hi..i was born at 13 logan st in 1953 and i`m doin` my family mothers maiden name was Reynolds and she had half brothers and sisters named Boyle....Dick, Robert,Owen or Onie
John,Jeannie, Margeret...thats the ones i knew but there were others
my grannie s maiden name was Annie Thompson
and her first husband was James Boyle..killed in action 1916....she then married John Reynolds,my gr... more >>
Margaret Lynch by Norma (Member 10057022) on 10-Sep-2005
Hi Margaret, Would like to hear from you.
Cousin Norma.
  • Re: Margaret Lynch by Margaret McCluskey (Member 10154241) on 20-Sep-2005
    Hello Norma, have emailed you, hope you get it ok

COPY AND PASTE> by LittleLump (Member 10157743) on 30-Jun-2005
Lynne Friery by George Friery (Member 10150316) on 30-May-2005
Does anyone know the whereabouts of the above named? Her mum and dad were, Betty and Billy. Lynne married, I think, a funeral director in Blantyre. Her uncle Benny lived in Burnbank. Lynne worked as a barmaid in a local pub in Blantyre. Lynne also had a brother, Billy, who also lived in Blantyre.   
  • Re: Lynne Friery by George Friery (Member 10150316) on 30-May-2005
    Just to add to the above, the family lived at 49 Morvern avenue.

  • Re: Lynne Friery by margaret allan (Member 10174598) on 16-Jan-2006
    lynn is my cousin, my mum and lynns mum are sisters, my mum, mary allan, in touch with lynn everyday.

  • Re: Lynne Friery by George Friery (Member 10150316) on 17-Sep-2006
    Sorry Margaret I haven't been on for a while. I was trying to get in touch to see how everyone is doing. Lynne is my cousin and the last time I seen her was at our uncle Benny's funeral. It would be nice to hear from her. If you can pass a message on to contact me, Thank you.

  • Re: Lynne Friery by rhona (Member 10139702) on 4-Jul-2011
    Does Lynn know the whereabouts of the McDonagh family Eileen, Thomas Catherine & Liz??

young boys football coach by nicola (Member 10153048) on 5-May-2005
  • Re: young boys football coach by Hoss (Member 10093053) on 13-Jul-2005
    I suggest that you ask first if anyone knows anything about football in Blantyre.

  • Re: young boys football coach by nicola (Member 10153048) on 5-Jun-2006
    sorry his name is bill...... his grandmother is in australia and is desperate to contact him second name is fry

CHRISTINE by tina (Member 10146536) on 20-Mar-2005
im looking for CHRISTINE REID(maiden name GRAHAM)christine had a brother called ROBERT,i believe christine has a daughter called GILLIAN.can anyone help me with my search please.   
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