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Hookup Spots
  • Liars that live in bognor regis get it checked out before you beleve them.
  • the boating lake /why why why?did we let the b*****ds dig it up
  • Bognor's a dump, i admit it, The arcade on the pier isn't too bad....espically if you know which machines give out cash. The parks are quite good for getting drunk....Apart from's a dump
  • well bognor has to be chav seaside capital of the uk, places where chavs meet are outside macdonalds, outside woolworths, at the skatepark and at most play parks in the town
  • Oh Bognor is wonderful its full of tits fanny and butlins oh bognor is wonderful
  • Visions - but only if you are a snog-a-dog or shag-a-slag night
  • Corner on Collyer's Avenue
  • isnt this a list of places to avoid unless u r a townie??? im one of the 7 grunjas in bognor and i never go to any of these places after dark, even if it is because of little kid hu think they're hard... in fact, i try not to go out into bognor even if it is light...
  • Longbrook park, its great at night. Except the rozzer often likes to patrol there at nigth, looking for "youthful unrest".
  • west park
  • near safeways behind the bank thing opposite macdonalds
  • The cool place is obviously the Arun Leisure Centre
  • Eddies in Felpham all the kids wait outside or someone to buy their beer and fags!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OH MY GOD! Bogna is shit go 2 Chi u freaks!Dere's nuffin 2 do, nowere 2 go, unless your a 60 year old holiday hu 'used to go caravaning there when I was a lad'.
  • oh and the wonderful hotham park where all the teens(me included) sit and get drunk
  • It's unbelievable that ANYONE thinks that McDonalds is the place to be. GET REAL!!! Bognor has changed A LOT since I lived there. Little teeny-boppers without a brain in their head. And the spelling is horrible. Where is the school system?
  • Felpham- all the little sprats who cant get in the pubs go the to the southdowns bus stop and kinggeorges playing field. Hell yeah what memories are coming back to me now!
  • nowhere really...maybe tesco..haha
  • Actually, Pagham Beach with all that grass... goes back 'way farther back than just 15 years as a good place to gather...
  • Pagham Beach is a must for any teanagers in Pagham, (outskirts of Bognor) there is the amusments etc in the summer but mostly there is sod all there except Alldays, but as this is gods waiting room al the youngsters have hung out there since I was 12 (Im only 25) and they still do now. Incedently despite all the cool places I have hungout in my time I actually met my husband there on a freezing booring sunday night in 1990 so it cant be that bad!!!
  • All the childish freaks hang around any phone box showing off their idiotic poses to the local girls who generally dispise such childish behaviour of young males. Butlins is a nice place but they don't allow yobs or young silly boys and girls. The sea front is dead these days except when the 'Birdman of Bognor' is jumping off the pier but then most of the old folks should do that anyway.
  • The Box. a measly skatepark consisting of a fun box with 4 transitions and a flat bank is just class...... but it also sux!
  • hotham park
  • Outside McDonalds on a Friday and Saturday because you look too young to get in the pubs
  • Hotham Park Museum, where I met many a girlfriend
  • 39 Club, Bognor Pier Arcade and Empire which is for all the ravers.
  • ?39 Club? Bandstand. Various skate spots. Not anywhere special.

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