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The Best Things
  • The airport - you can leave!
  • Living in London
  • Westbourne village and driving from there through Canford Cliffs Village then on to Sandbanks. (ok the last two are technically Poole) but who cares! The beaches in September when the fat plebs have gone back up north and then lying on the beach about 10pm on a warm summer's evening with a glass of bubbly chilling out (preferably Sandbanks or Alum chime beaches) - please just make sure all the plebs have gone home, cannot stress that enough!
  • The beaches and some of the views
  • Good looking people (apart from the chavy toursits and there are a lot of them!!), girls from Bournemouth mostly very pretty, stunning beaches, way better than Devon! Best areas, Sandbanks, Canford cliffs, Westbourne and Talbot woods and Queens Park. Southbourne - middle of the road, Charminster full of language schools and grave yards and Boscombe to be avoided unless you have a death wish!!
  • The sandy beach, brings great memories from my childhood.
  • Where to start, the Beach, the girls, the bars, the weather (as good as England offers !), the gardens
  • Erm the beach when it isnt plagued with chavs,
  • Variety of pubs and having the beach on your doorstep (better in Winter - well busy in the Summer).
  • Bournemouth has everything anyone could need
  • Giant Balloon, The Beach/Promenade. Greggs and parks are really well maintained and all the paths there are lined with perfect 1ft high grind rails.
  • The Opera house-Slinky is the best thing in Bournemouth. The best night out you can have if you love Hardcore!
  • CONCRETE JUNGLE SK8DESIGNS (SK8DESIGNS.COM) RUNNING THINGS SINCE 2001. WE DO COMPS, CLUBNIGHTS, SESSIONS- RECRUITING LOCAL RIPPERS, ADVISING COUNCILS ON NOT BUILDING ANYMORE SHIT SKATEPARKS.. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE. Fish Seeks Bicycle- Every once in a while they have the coolest bands playing at the coolest venue in Bournemouth, the Opera House- massive place with a massive sound system- ska, rocksteady, rockabilly, folk/funk, ambient/ecleptic it's all here..
  • Bournemouth is full of friendly, hot people and the atmosphere is like nowhere else. You just have to know where to go!Oh yeah and the beach!
  • the beach and lower gardens.............not a lot else there mind
  • the way that there is a chilled atmosphere, the fab beach, and the few cool surfers, and best mates there ever was
  • I think the best things in bournemouth, is the balloon and the arcade becuase ithey are both equally so much fun!
  • the sea and the gardens.................the rest of it forget it!!!
  • Without a doubt the beach and the gardens.youd have to go a long way to beat them.
  • Got to be the beach and lower gardens.Kings Park ent bad either.The rest of it is non descript rough or pretentious
  • buskers and street entertainers in the square,sandy beaches,pedestrianisation,pleasure gardens,
  • mainly great for skating and shopping for whatever
  • walking along the beach in winter once all the tourists have gone home and the waves can be amazing when they feel like it so its good for a surf if you know where 2 look :)
  • Summer time: Hanging around, meeting up with friends, shopping, in the town, chilling in the gardens or on the beach. Or these days going Ice Skating at the BIC!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gigs: Local clubs! So much fun! Cool goths, rocker, skater, surfer, kids found here! Yay! Also though, damn emo kids! MAHHH! EMO!
  • The tourists. The locals suck.
  • sunshine
  • The beach and great atmosphere in the summer. Plus if you want to pull get yourself a completed hammered hen...they are always up for it and dont give a toss because they are from out of town....oh the sancity of marriage.
  • cool skaters. sexy girls, sexy goths and all the toilets seem 2 be nice. shame there sint 2 much train stations really
  • the skaters
  • the square.
  • Go to the pubs and clubs and you will see
  • Nightlife, shops, the decent weather, Huckleberries, Moon in the Square, Tap and hobbit, Gander and Enigma.
  • West Howe Pikeys versus Brixton Day trippers. Roll up Roll Up and see the fisticuffs
  • sun sea cafes
  • Cruising around in a Limo provided by Barnes Limo's...they even take your photo and put them up on their website!!!!
  • what,in Bournemouth,the World or in life?Be more specific
  • there is nothing good about Bournemouth! I was born and raised there and I was bloody glad to get out of it and move to London, I don't miss it and I won't be moving back!
  • just the summer and being with ur mates and haveing a really gd time and the beach at night !!!!!!!!! and happy land!!!!1
  • Bournemouth in the Summer, always something to do!
  • Down with the eye-sore max
  • Living two minutes from Boscombe Pier with amazing views.Some of the shops.Classic Cars on the Prom where I can take my camper...being able to have VW club meets along the sea front.Summer fireworks.Chinese/Japanese students...they have a lot of style! Close to Swanage and a cool little campsite only half hour from home!
  • Dean Court, the beach and the Villa are the three things that make my life worthwhile.
  • weather- hey it's shit weather everywhere but it seems less shit in b'mth !
  • fireworks,chez fred in westbourne when it's packed, rough weather at the beach,hengistbury head, sandbanks. westbourne library, ferry at sandbanks yellow buses with the tops off
  • Bournemouth's way of being soooo Bournemouth, people can always tell if you live in Bournemouth. It's quite funny really! However, this is also a worst thing!
  • Sun sea and sand
  • lidl greggs (pie shop) the gardens the square ( which is now the terriotory of the alternatives hurrah) the bridge in horse shoe common a favourite hang out of ours the liqour store the trampy tissues salesman Slades farm where would we be without it
  • Sandbanks because it makes you feel rich.
  • Bournemouht is not full of old people Its a young town. Its a lovely place to llok at and its a fun place to be.
  • Breakfast club @ k1
  • Cool Cats Watersports Sandbanks Tel 01202 701100. Had a really great Hen Day sailing, windsurfing and powerboating.
  • Unlike any other town in Britain...a cross between Bay Watch and the Streets Of San Francisco.
  • Coming from bournemouth myself. bournemouth is a fantasic comminuty and everyone is extemly friendly!!! ideal place to live!! and party
  • The beach in the summer!!!All those summer nites spend drinkin under the stars!!
  • The beach,sea and babes.
  • The beach, the sun
  • Hot surfer guys,pubs and clubs,bongo bongo and standout,the gardens in the summer,the beach,shakeaways,obscura,the flamey thing,the metal section of HMV is quite vast,the T chest,borders...
  • clubs-chocolate-vinyl-girls-sports-djing-k-bar-money-chill out -ellusive records- sunshine-holidays-white labels-french house
  • Being in a place where you could always feel at home. A wonderful bay stretching on forever and a beach like no other in the world. Surfing with your mates, getting drunk at weekends and lying out at night, looking for satellites and shooting stars. Good days.
  • The Beach, the best mates in the whole world, walking along the prom from the pier to the Chines and the view from the top of the West Cliff to the pier.
  • the beach- i kno itz pretty sad- but... thatz it really
  • Bournemouths really cool in the summer especially along the back wall of Sandbanks when the sun is in tanning mode!
  • Charminster Road! Helvetia Bar, closes at 2 am weekends. Really cheap delis... really cheap everything come to think of. It's completely different from the rest of the town. Worth a visit.
  • It's my home town, I slagged it off when I lived there, but I moved away 2 years ago, and I miss it terribly. Believe me Reading just ain't home!
  • Climate and easy going atmosphere.
  • Riding the #5 bus from Columbia Rd to the Square - every time i visit from the USA i ride this bus -- its like an old friend when i come to visit
  • Hazy summer nights in Bar Med or on the beach under the stars!
  • Strong student element gives the town a younger feel than most citys even out of season.
  • 23 goal Mark Stein.
  • AFC BOUNEMOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB!!!! - mid table tut tut...those were the days, This year promotion, tomorow the WORLD!!!
  • Great beach Skaters friendly Not too much skate harassment, if you are sensible Clean streets some fine looking ladies
  • The Noddy Train - it's bonkers!!
  • The friendly people! I felt so welcomed during my language course. People come to talk to you, they don´t care if your grammar isn´t just right and they´re just so magnificent! And then of course: we! Like me, many students come to Bournemouth every summer, and I think it´s a good thing. The more the merrier, right? And girls: We do NOT come there to steal your boyfriends!
  • The football, the beach, night time at the right time, my mun and dad. Going back for the odd weekend.
  • Number of hotels/ sandy beaches/ countryside.
  • All the foreign women in the summer.
  • The sea! The women esp. in summer, The Sun.
  • Night Life, especially Saturday nights. We usually start in the Moon, go on to Pumphreys, then Woodies. At about 11, we pile into a club, whichever looks like it'll be good that night / cheapest.
  • Westover Road snooker club - 24hr of glorious baize. Members only but you can sign in for a quid. Hot food as well.
  • AFC Bournemouth - Second division football at its most mid-table. Still a chance to get away from all the pretentious wankers in Madisons, and be with a load of grown men making twats out of themselves on a terrace.
  • Definitely, the people.
  • Cleanliness - Pleasant environment in the town, the place is unlike most other large towns / cities, and it has won the Europe in Bloom award this year. Not particularly exiting, but it makes the town a lot nicer place to live.
  • We had a wonderful weekend in Bournemouth. Stayed at the Stakis Hotel, had a gorgeous Chinese meal at the Oriental Views in Old Christchurch Road on the Friday evening and a marvelous Italian one in Gino's on Saturday. Most impressed with the beach, very clean and tidy and the walks along the front were great.
  • Well what can I say except the women are the best you'll find in Britain. The college is great, the clubs are the best, the beach is blinding (in summer), great atmosphere and did I mention the women, well they are the Best by far, I LOVE THIS TOWN.
  • Having been to Bournemouth just two or three times, I would like to say that is the the nicest place I have ever been to. I haven't seen the BIC but if it is anything like the NIA or the NEC then I'm sure it is quite good. I love the way you can walk from the town centre to the beach WITHOUT having to cross the road (if you go through that mini-park). It is supposed to be one of the safest places in the country and I would really like to go back there one day. I would certainly recommend a visit to Bournemouth because the place is really good.
  • I now live in Washington Dc but i grew up in Bournemouth and my heart still lies there. Best thing: AFC Bournemouth - if they manage to survive and the foreign students who make the town so cosmopolitan. Worst thing: The run down nature of the center of town - not like when I grew up. (or maybe it is just nostalgia.) Best quote: "Even the grass is blue" Former Labor Party General Secretary on Labor prospects of winning 1977 Bournemouth East by election.
  • Hand feeding the squirrels in the lower gardens with monkey nuts.
  • Walking from Bournemouth to Hengistebury Head with a French girl, drinking pints of beer at night in a pub... feeling like I was in another world!
  • A walk on the deserted beach in winter.
  • Loads of yummy men. specially in the summer. ALthough Bournemouth seems to have loads of mad people.
  • The best thing about Bournemouth is obviously the sea. But throw that in with the brilliant weather down here and our new cannibis café (Dutch Experience 2) where else would you want to go for the summer?
  • The uni is a very cool place, very friendly and cosmopolitan. Legends cafe/bar is just THE BEST place ever! It does over 40 types of milkshakes - inc Dimebar, crunchie, terrys choc orange, turkish delight.....but it has the best atmosphere - so laid back it's unbelievable, gay friendly, and they have these 2 'residents' who must be about 100 years old who sit in it every day and sleep.......I LOVE IT HERE!
  • Good for the sick and dying - lots of alternative health and medicine. Safe, clean and quiet. Conversely hedonistic students (University and foreign) will have a ball. Gay and lesbian scene centred between the Square and the Triangle - pubs, clubs, cafes.

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