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  • Great new group for meeting people .. we go to bars, clubs etc
  • Bumbles ha ha, pure cheese in one of the bars bar but good fun
  • Not alot that isnt the same cheesy dance crap, drum and bass, trance, crap. Å couple of alternative / student nights at 176 and consortium or sound circus, again.. if you want something different, best bet is southampton.
  • Spearmint Rhino. Beautiful & friendly ladies
  • Well, the best rock club in Bournemouth died years ago, but you could go to the Villa (used to be the Hothouse, but it is nowhere near as good now). Cagneys do a rock night, but it is a bit sad. The Gander (upstairs) is experiencing a revivial - yeay! But more on the live music front, as they have ditched the pool tables ... Malt and Hops in Southbourne still does a rock night, but it is a bit grim ...
  • Bar Blue
  • boscombe,bournemouth
  • Frenzy on the Pier at the Showbar is Bournemouth's premier hard house event.
  • Don't even bother going to the SPEARMINT RHINO! Went there for a stag do and it was an awful place. One of the English girls there had a right attitude. A bad atmosphere all round, avoid!
  • Best Place ever to visit on a nite out in Bournemouth is Elements and Disco Fever the Biggest club in Bournemouth. Then theres the new club censo. Which was Berlins very good.
  • For a great night out. Try the Triangle. Start the night at The Branksome Arms with a few cheap drinks. Then try the classy Zinq bar. A stylish coffee shop by day and a great bar at night. With friendly drag queens always looking for a laugh. Rubyz nightclub is a great gay club with a friendly welcoming atmosphere gay, straight or Bi you will have a fab night. Upstairs plays classic gay anthems and a mixture of chart and urban music. Downstairs plays harder dance music. Poppers on sale at the cloke room!! All in walking space from each other.
  • The Villa Ska/punk/indie/metal/rock/alternative
  • K1 is probably t6he most versatile venue in bournemouth with a stack load of new and existing nights from monday to sunday hers a shortlist but the best place to get on the guest list , check out the massive photo galleries , or find out whats on is the website = MON 4 ROOMS AVALIABLE FOR ,FUNCTIONS PRIVATE HIRE TUES : SALSA ADDICTION (used to be thursdays) WED : starting july NEW SKOOL BREAKS says it all ! THURS : starting july CANDY an all new R&B FLAVA FRI : from june 24th COCOSHEBEEN now joins K1 uks longest running D&B NIGHT ROOM1 check web for guests ROOM2 BREAKS& DIRTY HOUSE with bmths finest HAT&LLYAL,DOG&IZZY,CHAP ROOM 3 THE FIGUREHEADS live rapp&hiphop see it to believe it SAT: GOLD ROOM 1 DJ DODGE soulfull us house ROOM 2 HAT&LYALL breaks ROOM3 ARTWELL dancehall ,r&b ROOM 4 VIP MARTIN HOWES eclectic grooves SUNDAY : K1 COMEDY KLUB see web for listings
  • CAMEL is a relatively new Moroccan type place with a real souk bar theme, come and smoke the various flavoured tobacco, some patrons have been known to drop their own stuff into the mix. My friend and i saw the most unbelievably beautiful Lebanese girl in there a few weeks ago.....jaw droppingly stunning. CONSORTIUM has great band nights every now and again, good acoustics nights and at other times a good mix of breakbeats, hiphop and drum n bass. Good clientele too, seems to stay remarkably free of the stag and hen fraternity. FRUIT on Old Christchurch Road is quite cool, loads of vodka variations, quite intimate and very comapct function room downstairs. K-BAR good for more obscure dance nights, i like this venue but it suffers the same curse that anything non-cheesy/mainstream suffers....loads of guys and hardly any girls! Good stand up comedy nights on Sundays for a fiver. Other than that keep your eyes peeled for FISH SEEKS BICYCLE a local events collective who throw ace parties and channel anything they make back into their set-up. Good beach parties at Branksome Chime in the summer. Obviously there are many, many other bars too, some good, other less so but the chav joints and so-called 'style bars' have had enough publicity.
  • The Opera House, Boscombe. Thursdays are now Urban Underground, RnB, with Jay Rachet. Fridays are still going strong with Slinky, Saturdays are now Refresh with big acts like Pete Tong. Sat 30th is Junior Jack and Kid Creme. We also have a 4am licence over the summer every fri and saturday!
  • Please can you add my event onto your site please. Shhh... A NIGHT OF SEXY HOUSE MUSIC Shhh... finally comes to Bournemouth on the first Saturday of every month @ Club Basic in Firvale Road, BH1 2JA. If you like uplifting vocal piano house tunes then this night is definately for you. Launch Party Sat 05th March 2005 Dj's Steve Chambers (gallery, turnmills) Dan Riggs (rare groove records) Dom Coquet (h.o.w toko) Si Brown (pornslippy) R.O.A.R 10PM till 3AM £3 Door Tax £2 with valid N.U.S Visit for free guest list
  • OK, ignore going to the Opera House anymore on Saturdays! The police had to intervene with their drinking policies. They've changed it so it's not pay £15 and get free drinks, it's now, nothing really! Now don't know where to go on Saturday nights.......
  • To anybody who likes Northern,crossover etc then Cagneys under The Hilton on Westover Rd is the place.Every 3rd saturday of the month starting April 16th.If you like a good night with no hassle and quality soul music from the 60's thru 90's then get down there.Tell 'em Dave M sent you.
  • Shhh.. the brand new event in Bournemouth is set to cause a stir. The night boasts of the finest Djs in the country and focuses on quality house music. Definately 1 to watch out for. check for more info
  • just wanted to inform you clubbers out there. Maison at the Show bar Pier Approach is now every month and not 2 weekly the next main event is 26th Feb then monthly after that. If you want some good funky house music this is the best place to go. Never missed a night there in 18 months Fantastic and a good crowd that go there . Its also on until 3a.m
  • opera house fri nite slinky is the best place 2 be, sat nite gotta start off in moon in the square then 2 walkabout then off 2 element. circo's pretty good sunday nites. Avoid jumpin jaks unless u LOVE cheese
  • The Opera House: It has under 18 nights in all the holidays. Usually on Mondays. Boys if you fancy a shag go there. It's Kackers galour! Me and a mate were walking past once and there was a HUGE queue outside of 12-15 year olds in denim mini skirts, pink halter necks, or for the more elegant just bras. Reebock classics, and gold chains. Townie girls for you there is a queue of Jeans, Classics, and undone checked shirts. Oooh and a hell of a lot of fake Burberry! Mmmm Classy!
  • oppy house (the opera house to outies)
  • Maison is quality if you like your House deep, dirty and jackin. It's fortnightly held at the showbar, but alternatively if your a cheesey bastard go to Elements.
  • the Venue has reopened again- but its crap. The Zoo and Cage shut down long ago and were replaced by Elements and Circo- which are pretty good especially at weekends. Berlins is a great place for sleazy blokes and cheesy music- excellent on Tuesdays (student night) and Thursdays. The Brass House's drinks are a little pricey but the atmosphere is good- especially on Thursdays with Karkoe!! Toko and Bliss are pretty expensive but really nice, classy, fashionable bars- Toko being the better of the two. Slam has some young patrons especially at weekends- but the music is okay. Walkabout is class! Cheap drinks on Wed and Thursdays- definately worth a visit. Yates and Bar Med are pretty cool starting places too- if you go to Bar Med get a jug of Pineapple Cocktail!! AVOID Alcatraz and definately the Great Escape, Jumpin Jaks at the pier is also pretty crappy. All in all Bournemouth is a pretty darn cool place with some EXCELLENT clubs and bars!!
  • the villa man. and club x. crazy goths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • the Hot House if its still there - Bournemouth's one and only hybrid of alternative metal/rock/indie/grunge with a surprisingly diverse age range in the crowd.
  • Little Black Book at Cagneys Nightclub, Hilton Hotel, Westover Road, Bournemouth every month is a really funky night out. Great crowd up for loads of fun and crazy games happening all night. You can try speed dating too which is a laugh. Good drinks promos. Tickets reasonable price at £6/£5 NUS Check it out at
  • elements,circo,opra house,slam,urban,jumping jacks,great escape,toko,bar med,bliss,gossip in canford cliffs is very very very gd,alcatraz,fyeo strip club!!!so is spear mint rhyno!!!!ambassidor!!!!!!redz.consortium,casa are all amzing!!and klute and bress and edwards!!!!!1
  • Love Retro, the monthly 70's Disco and 80's pop night which has just started is pretty cool and a nice break from the full on comercial venues that dominate the Bournemouth clubbing scene. I think it's on the second Saturday of every month, but check the webiste at to be sure as I wouldn't want to lead you up the garden path!
  • Dont do clubbing...went to The Pit back in the early nineties...they had indie night and it was fantastic!
  • The Villa nightclub, the only place I've found that plays decent music, and I've never had a bad night out there!
  • The Opera House on a saturday night has been downgraded to chart and cheese. The place is less than half full and has no atmosphere. I thought Richard was supposed to be a business man. Obviously using it as a tax loss now! Very dissapointing, Bournemouth has lossed the best venue for a saturday night.
  • K Bar, Great Escape or Klute for the more discerning locals
  • Elements- wicked on Fridays, Saturdays and especially Wednesday which is the student night, has a nice atmosphere and music to suit every taste! Nice door staff, but don't go in big groups of lads, you won't get in! Berlins on a Saturday if you want a cheesey night, but as far as talent goes, both men and women are minging! Urban is cool cos it has video cameras in the toilets and you can watch the men being silly and vice a versa, even funnier when people don't realise they're on camera. Platinum is new, very nice. Opera House should be avoided like the plague! Unless you are a pill head in which case you deserve the shittiness of it.
  • The Villa for some decent rock
  • i have to agree that the opera house is the main attraction, but avoid Wednesdays school disco on the first wednesday of the month, also forget about thursdays, Elements is ok and has the usual monkeys working on the door, ignore them and you will enjoy the night
  • The K1 bars,restaraunt & club superb decor exellent atmosphere the bars open 7 nights with mondays showing new & cult movies , wednesdays is mad with all ya can eat for a fiver - mexican,curries,latin very cool , Thursdays live jazz ! Fridays you got Danny Milano in BAR1 playing funky house in the VIP bar which is very tasty & YOU CAN HAVE IT FOR PRIVATE HIRE its MARTYN THE HAT plays funky breaks & beats Then you have the nightclub downstairs open til 2am with those cheeky chappies BOB POVEY & JON COOMER the purveyors playing the best in us house & garage not 70s& 80s Then theres saturday nights my god what a weekend DJ BOB POVEY playing the best latin house & us grooves you could possibly here & DJ LE CHAPEAU in THE V.I.P droping some exellent french house & if thats not enough then you can go down the club & check out the suberb quality soulfull us house & garage from DJ DODGE & reular guest GARETH COOKE top jock at the ministry of sound . & if thats not enough when the clubs finish the K1 bar reopens for THE BREAKFAST CLUB yes somewhere you can go from 2am untill 6AM to have a full english breaky ,coffee relax watch a film & listen to the chilled sounds supplied by Bournemouths best MR martyn the hat So if your in town & you aint checked the place out you dont know what your missing there websites cool tooooooo
  • someone has deffinatley 4gotton bout JUMPIN JAKS!!!!!!!!!!!the best party in town! honest! its on the pier approach, right by beach, so if u get hot....... ha ha! they play all sorts of music from the 70's to now. all sorts of ages, whether your 18, or middle aged. very good night out, if u like a good laugh.
  • BERLINS is the cheesy one - expensive since they had the re-ferb SLINKY - is the club 2 be at well done rich carr. Bliss and Toko r kool 4 u snobs - now open til 2am Elements is another classic, make sure u go 2 circo 4 the cheap drinks (£1.50)
  • The Opera House!One of the best if not the best clubs in town. The atmosphere on a sat nite is amazing! Slam if ur lookin to get into a fight with a random person.
  • Opera House in Boscombe, Circo in Bournemouth (but someone just got shot in it). Stay away from 'The great Escape' and 'Alcatraz' in old christchurch rd they are £5 a time and quite frankly I'd rather go to 'the' Alcatraz than these places.
  • go to urban and the old fire station, both brilliantly layed out clubs with world class dj's on most saturdays. (best on d'n'b and hip hop nights)
  • The Opera House in Boscombe is good for a fun cheesy night on a Thursday (cue youthful clientele jokes!) cheap drinks galore! Also, check out Dicky Darr's school disco, first wednesday of every month. Wear school uniform, and party your pants off!
  • The last BREAKFLUID was f****ing excellent - best ever! cant wait until the next one
  • bloody marvellous place..such a good atmosphere and the wonmen are beatiful
  • elements on wed night, suppose to be a student night, so how come the drinks are still soooooo expensive. No one mentioned opera house on Sat, sometimes overshadowed by slinky {Fri} but still v. good night, drinks V.V.V.V expensice1 Be warned!
  • elements, circo., slam, bliss, bar med, urban etc../.....
  • Elements, Urban, Opera House, Hype (where an excellent new DJ called John Chant plays!) and plenty of others. but they're all v expensive so but ur drinks sumwhere else perhaps?!
  • The Zoo and Cage is now been re-named Elements, and has opened Circo, an ajoining bar offering drinks at £1.20 before 9pm!!!
  • Best and most well known is The Opera House (In Boscombe) ..Slinky on Friday night is of International standard with the best DJs in the World..Lighting system is pretty good..Sound not the best but kind of rock concert style relying on huge bank of speakers at the front of the dancefloor rather than "surround" experience. Damn good night though although drinks in the club are really expensive (You could still make a fortune selling drinks at half the price Richard!) - Other club worth a mention is The Pier Showbar..Friday night, Hard house called Cheeky Little Monkey. Zoo and Cage is shit.
  • the villa is good, but be careful of some of the local girls- they can be evil!
  • I'm a regular at Club Xclusive and The Villa which are the only alternative clubs in Bmth. The people are great and really friendly although don't go there if you ger squeamish at the sight of piercings!
  • Showbar at the pier. Has superb big-beat night called Breakfluid once a month(ish). Has had Freddy Fresh, etc, etc.
  • Cheeky Little Monkey at the Showbar is pumping. The Opra House is good especially Slinky night. If you want a quieter night but with music check out Bar Med.
  • The Cage and Zoo. The Opera House.
  • The Manor, Matchams Lane. Best night out in a chilled atmosphere.
  • K club! Up the hill from the Moon, 70's and some 80's - small and lively
  • Venue closed in Jan 1999. Now the major clubs as The CAGE & ZOO next to Slams Bar and the OPERA HOUSE in Boscombe
  • Scafaros - a new gay pub/club has just opened on the sea front. Great atmos, and a great place for us exiled Londoners to party.
  • probably one of the best night spots of the eighties. Today sees a change ...for the worse! The clubs now tend to be individual in their outlook towards music policies, not such a bad thing, but they all seem to have the same music policy!!
  • The Academy nightclub. Renovated by John Butterworth in 95 and now sold to Richard Carr this is once again a top nightclub with capacity for over 2000 people with one of the largest dance floors in the south. Bigger than the Cage and Madisons put together. "The Opera House", formally known as the Academy is the best club in the whole of the south. Thursdays: Hot N Horny. Student night. £2 to get in great music and open until 2am. Fridays: Kiss the Furture. Room 1 - uplifting house/hard house Room 2 - drum & bass £ 1 per shot £ 1.50 per bottle open until 3am. Saturdays: Curious Room 1 - the best house anthems and club classics Room 2 - Brip Pop and 80's classics £ 4 before 9.45pm open until 2am. It's the place to be if you like the club scene!!!!!!
  • The Venue (in a suburb of Poole called Parkstone) and Madisons in the town centre. The Cage, good club. The Venue has a breathaliser outside to see if your over the limit for driving - good idea.
  • The Hothouse Just north of station. (grunge, Indie, Rock, Alternative), Madisons still the best, Cage and Venue awful, also The Show Bar has good club nights.
    Last I heard the Hothouse club has been taken over by the Gardening Club (of Covent Garden fame) and has moved to another venue. Said to be good.
    The Hothouse is now called The Gardening Club with live music during the week and Club Nights at the weekends.
  • The Cage is actually a bloody good club, but it seems as if the people who have contributed so far aren't really into the mainstream club scene, preferring the minuscule Hothouse (more like a youth club than a nightclub), and the more ravey Madisons.
  • Unfortunately, Madisons has closed since the council decided that the floor was going to fall through but the Uni has just renovated the old Fire Station into a cafe / club / venue and has some top nights including Fridays which are organised in association with The Ministry. The Academy is still a top night with guests like Carl Cox.
  • Extreme on Holdenhurst Road for indie fans. Alcatraz at Lansdowne pulls the foreign punters. Watch out for bump'n'hustle every month. Top rated night in the south (BIC/Pavillion).
  • The cage is great as is the opera house although on Thursdays there often seem to be quite a few underage kids. The Fire Station is an excellent cheap and friendly place to go if you are a student or know some one who is. Berlins is bizzare with some good drinks promos.
  • The Hothouse /Gardening Club and Gardening Hut closed ages ago due to lack of punters. Real shame.
  • Xtreme, the only "alternative" club has now closed, rumours abound about the re-opening of the Hot House but nothing ever seems to happen. Those wishing to meet mind boggling stupid teenage girls could do a lot worse than the Cage, Berlins or the Opera House. For completely of their head white trash try the Manor, just outside Bournemouth for bangin house and dilate pupils. The best option for a night out is the Show Bar on the pier approach. Various events on Saturday nights, Jazz Juice (70's Funk and Disco), Shake your Mini (Northern Soul MOD type thing) and The Big Beat Breakdown (Drum + Bass, Hip HoP and Big Beat)being the ones to look out for. Watch out for the high proportion of designer label clad "lads" who all look alike. Beware, it is very difficult to find any music other than bad house and garage.

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