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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • eddie moores is now closed, we always go to Dave Allan Music in Winton, has to be the best music shop in the area, family owned and run, fab service, great deals all year and a great atmosphere in the store, luv it!!
  • I think I just died and went to guitar heaven. One shop full of acoustics (counted 200 on display) and in the other nevr seen so many used Fenders and Gibsons. How come this shop is hidden in Ringwood? Move to Bournemouth or Poole guys!!!!!!!
  • Music is Life on Christchurch Road - they're between Boscombe and Pokesdown and have a great range of good priced guitars. Got some good advice and good service - will use them again!
  • I must agree eddie moores have gone down hill! use langdons instead much better for guitars!Watch out for the veryy short little rude man in eddie moores!the liittle gopher!
  • eddie moors music boscombe
  • BOSCOMBE!, nothin outstandingly good in central bournemouth but in boscombe theer half a million second hand shops and eddie moor's music is ace.
  • Guitar Mania in Parkstone is as good as they say. Loads of great guitars, cheap, helpful, great vibe, bought my taylor acoustic guitar there. Went into boscombe to try out Eddie Moors but it was full of wasters, freaks and transvestites - and that's just the staff !! Guitars had rusty strings and in poor nick, don't bother.
  • byfar the best general musical instrument store in the area is Dave Allan Music in Winton, family run, fantastic service, best prices in town, cant do enough to help, now the leading shop in the area, love it!!!!!
  • Langdon's Guitar shop- Boscombe. A Nice Place to visit.
  • Eddie Moors Music 679 Christchurch Road. Very friendly staff and the now have an on-line shop @ CHECK IT OUT :)
  • Eddie Moors Music - bought my daughter a saxophone there recently. All the staff very helpful and friendly, and made no fuss when we kept the shop open well past normal closing to complete the selection & purchase without pressure. Another family were still in there musing when we left.
  • a slight trip out of the town, but discountdecks do stacks of dj gear, out near fordingbridge worth the trip.
  • Has to be Eddie Moors Music at 679 Christchurch Road. Very Helpful and friendly staff. Very low prices too.
  • the current staff at Eddie Moors seem much more friendly and helpful - the guitar dept people used to be a real pain.
  • looking for acoustic guitars and found new shop - Mister Pinks, 918 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Great range, great prices, great service.
  • Langdons in boscombe is the best!great, interesting and well priced new and used stuff, friendly service. Theres something different in there everytime i go in.Brilliant!Now..somewhere not to go - guitar mania, They are - unwelcoming, unfriendly, unhelpful, will never drop the price of anything and over priced. There just interested in buisness and not getting you a good deal.There's nothing new in there, its pretty much the same stock al the time.i dont know how they stay in buisness.I was in there looking trying out an accoustic, i came out the accoustic room to where all the staff were and they were all singing their version of sterophonics 'just looking' - he's just looking, he's not buying. After that i have vowed never to go back. The next day i bought an accoustic from another shop - oh well their loss.
  • theres only one musical instrument shop in bournemouth worth visiting and thats Dave Allan Music in Winton.Family run,, all instruments, music etc superb service, great prices,
  • There's a new kid in town - Absolute Music Solutions, based on the Nuffield Estate in Poole, they're great for hi-tech gear, PA systems, anything to do with recording and DJ gear. They have helpful, friendly staff and a smart showroom. check out their details at :-)
  • Bournemouth: Up, up past all the shops there is a music shop, but it's more classical...Violins, and flutes and stuff. Boscombe: Along with the antiques shops, Pikes, and old shutdown cafes there are a couple of good shops for guitars!
  • just to let you know .....langdons electric music now has it's website pretty sorted ! check it out at
  • "Music is Life" music shop, Christchurch Road, Boscombe. Excellent for sheet music and bits and pieces. Family business.
  • Forget Bournemouth (Boscombe) full of wasters and as such the music shops there won't let you try anything out. Just go to Guitar Mania in Parkstone. All the gear, cheap enough, plus probably the best acoustic room I've ever seen.
  • Brand new shop in Christchurch - Summerland Music in Purewell. They Specialise in affordable guitars, amps and accesories. Pop in or have a gander at
  • I stopped using Eddie Moors in Boscombe after one of their staff was basically insulting in his attitude and despite complaining to the boss never had anyone get back to me when it was promised I would get a call. Instead went up the road to Langdons were the guys couldn't have been more helpful - guess who got the money! - (and good prices). I have spoken to Becky at Strummin Monkeys when thinking about selling some surplus instruments and she was very helpful too so give them a try. Poole Percussion also helpful. Guitar Mania have good gear and very helpful but not always keenest on price.
  • a few, mostly classical shops though. Great guitar shop in ringwood however called oasis i think!
  • Don Strike in Westbourne arcade - its been there since 1920.
  • Eddie Moors in Boscombe
  • Strummin' Monkeys, cool shop in Moordown
  • Hi, was reading your guide on musical instrument shops in Bournemouth. You mention cash re-cycle up the road from me but you don't mention my shop - Strummin' Monkeys [a proper musical instrument shop!]Specialising in all things band related i.e: guitars / bass, percussion, P.A's, mixers etc - We have a large selection on popular artists chord books & play along c.d's. We've been open for 10 months now and are very popular with youngsters & pro's alike. Perhaps you could mention us? check out our website to see the shop - Thaaaaaankyou! x Becky
  • if u go along ashley raod toward the wessex mega bowl then along that parade nearest the train station there is the best drum shop i know of and its called Poole Percussion
  • The one in Boscombe, Eddie Moores I think but I dont think they sell bagpipes!
  • Eddie Moors music in Boscombe is great. I've been going there for years.
  • don't bother with boscombe - full of nutters and wasters. Head for Guitar Mania in Parkstone. Loads of amazing guitars I will never afford, but I did buy my first acoustic in there and they were very fair and helpful.
  • Guitar Mania in Parkstone is the biggest and best. Hundreds og guitars and really cool and helpful staff.
  • Has to be Eddie Moors otherwise known as skiddy floors
  • Boscombe/Pokesdown has a road with several music shops
  • guitar mania in parkstone
  • Langdons guitar shop is the best in Bournemouth, its near boscombe down old christchurch road.
  • Okay as far as i know there is no music shop in Bournemouth but there is a groovy, v. friendly and not out to rip you off shop in the Arcade in Westbourne (small towny thingy near Bournemouth) called Don Strikes ! CHECK IT OUT!
  • Eddie Moors - Boscombe and Cash Recycle - Winton

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