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  • Always looking for a great night out
  • Not Daisy O'brians, dirty smelly expensive non event
  • Dean Park Inn up by Cemetery Junction towards Charminster, friendly an great Stowford Cider - spent many happy hours there !
  • Nags head next door to sound circus or the camel bar. Not a good place to chill, more bars than pubs in bournemouth for the stuck up clientelle.
  • Downes Wine Bar, Bar Blue, Metropole, O'Neils, Fruit Bar, Bar Vin, DNA
  • inferno! great place!
  • moon in square
  • theres no real pubs in town centre since the Criterion was shut down just cafe bars and chain pubs.this is what helps to make bournemouth what it is...........a mecca for stag and hen nights looking for a punch up.
  • No proper pubs left in town centre now,all pretentious cafe bars catering to tourists and hen/stag nights.If youre over 35 and local they dont want you in.Criterion is where "real"people used to go but been transformed into another over priced shop. Best of all the new bars is the Walkabout
  • moon in the square,cheap and popular,beer and meals
  • no pub ever served a minr? obviously never been to christchurch?!? moon in the square is a top place and cheap?!?
  • Jumpin Jack. For an almost cringing Magaluf feel night out there's plenty of not too posh fun here. Worth a look if you don't fancy dressin up but want a dance and laugh. Worth going for just to drink out of a bucket ! Honest !
  • the place down the road from the wood shop near the st james or whatever
  • the sqare is the only cool place 2 drink.
  • Christchurch is brilliant for the smaller pubs however if in need of more alcohol after closing time dont be convinced(you probably will, its happened to me plenty of times) to go to HYPE, it sucks, however a good game of pull the pig can be played in there!It is full of sweat pigs and bush pigs!
  • Gander, Moon in the Square, Tap and Hobbit, Brasshouse. Richmond Arms in Charminster is buzzing in summer, but packed with students. May take you a while to get served.
  • I am a minor most of the time
  • three litte tree is da best!!!!
  • Down with the eye-sore max
  • Have never been to any and never will
  • GOAT AND TRICYCLE; By far the best and only 'real' pub in bournemouth, a fine selection of ever changing real ales that are expertly kept by Dave (landlord) and Mark (asst. manager). superior home cooked food, prepared by the lovely Wendy (landlady) and Dave (landlord). Very friendly pub. lots of things going on; Marks'charity meat draw on friday nights, key in the box on saturdays ( people have won up to one thousand pounds!!!!) and of course Bernies' legendary sunday night quiz. voted on the radio to be bournemouths best local, CAMRA pub of the season, managers of the year etc. etc. go there to have the best pint ever!!
  • Bournemouth has a great nightlife. Bars and pubs are always changing in popularity. Woodies was wicked when they has £1.50 bicardi breezers, but now it's expensive and therefore offers nothing. Yate's is very cool, try their jelly shots and if you're daring a blob! Good music, nice older crowd, friendly door staff! Tokos, Bliss and Brees and Klute are all rather lovely, but slighty pretencious bars, VERY expensive, but attracts a beautiful crowd of people...don't bother if you want a lairy night, you'll be straight out the door! Slam is best avoided, generally crap. Circo still does £1.00 drinks before 9pm and is still pretty cool. The Brasshouse is nice and big, good to watch the footie in, but is quite young and 'common'. The K bar is lovely, is also a club and restaurant. Slug and Lettuce attacts a nice crowd. My reccommendation is that you start up at the Lansdowne, where KFC is and do a pub crawl all the way through town till you get down to the pier and finsh off at one of the night's at the Show Bar, preferably Jazz Juice which is such a laugh, dress up 60's and 70's! Bear in mind this will probably take about 8 hours so start early!
  • the gander on the green
  • Consortium, quite cool, Hogshead if you are on the pull and Casa for a great coffee, that takes forever to serve. But its all pretty expensive
  • BRASS HOUSE - bouncers are wan**rs but atmosphere is fantasicly hot!! Yates Wine Lodge - Kool with good food 2... and Woodys (above Redzs) is amazing
  • Litten tree is ok, bit posh tho. Brass house??
  • Some nice little suburban locals: The Brunswick in Charminster, nice and cheap with permanently free jukebox; The Porterhouse in Westbourne, a very civilised place by today's standards, no music, good real ales; the Crown and Sceptre in Northbourne, hard to find though it sticks out a mile above surrounding bungalows, unassuming place, nice people. The Cricketers in Springbourne, Bournemouth's oldest pub (1867), no-nonsense, cheap, good food, and a pool table at 50p a game! The Thatched House in East Howe Lane, a spot of tranquillity in an otherwise unremarkable neck of the woods. The Athelstan, the Cranleigh, the Queens Park, the Richmond Arms (though busy)... All the above are 'pub pubs', nice places to pop in for a quick pint with a mate. Just proves that not all pubs have been modernised by chains blinkered to tradition – you just have to find them.
  • Moon In The Square (In the square, funnily enough) is good for a bite to eat and a drink. No music playing, so good for a chat. If you want something more lively, try the Tapp and Hobbit, opposite the Moon. (ooooohhhhhh, hold me down, I feel anouther youthfulness joke coming on. Must be the sea air that keeps us looking like children!)
  • best pub is brass house
  • PUBS?!?! where do i start? ok, uve got slam and circo which do their extremely cool offer of £1 a drink 6pm-9pm friday nites. And with elements and urban literally right by them uve got an after bar club 2go to! But if ur not into bars, with club music and the random old scary lookin bloke with a dodgy moustache lookin at all the "young" erm, "ladies", then theres plenty of other options. Like the Moon in the Square, v nice! Or, Jug o' ale, Brass house, 2b big TV screens, ideal 4rugby and footie matches! or Edwards, a very "ya, ya rugby" type place, where else? Woody's, erm, the list is endless im sure!
  • Artful! and yes, I know it's not there anymore but anyone who was gettingdrunk throughout the 80s on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. This is a big Hi from the three scruffy, long-haired lads at the table nearest the gents. We salute you if you were ever there - and apologise if we were obnoxious.
  • Bar Med is pretty good.
  • My fave is The Gander which has recently had the downstairs stage area refurbished. The bands are (without exception) of a high quality, attracting tribute bands and original bands both local and from afar. Recent bands that have made an appearence are "Glorious", Kava Kava (Glastonbury), G13 and many more including the "Axl Rose" who appeared on Stars in their Eyes. Pop in and see us if you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, brilliant music, good value for money food and friendly people!!! We're not as scary as we look!!!
  • The Brass House is very nice and the bar is absolutly huge.
  • The Gander, Holdenhurst Road, used by Metallers, Punks and Goths. And plays real music.
  • Relaxed and cheap is Yates opposite the popular Jug of Ale is always having special offers and gets a smartish crowd average ages 21-30, who go there before heading onto the clubs. In Southbourne try the Malt and Hops, another popular pub.
  • The Foresters is by far the greatest pub in town - see Charlie the alcho-pop in action
  • Thousands of "plastic pubs" have sprung up in the town centre catereing for the townie element most should be avoided. The Firefly and Firkin is okay, although avoid the dodgy one man and his bontempi nights which seem to happen from time to time. The moon in the square is quite relaxed (no music) but still busy, but the door staff tend to make up dress restrictions if they don't like the look of you (no baseball caps is on eof the best so far !!). This is true of most of the pubs in town and believe it or not there are pubs where you can't where trainers I mean it's only a pub for gods sake. For a chilled out evening the Sandacres at sandbanks is your best bet. Good atmosphere whith no agro townies, pool tables and a great location.
  • L'Odeon, next to the Jug of Ale is now called FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) and is a lap dancing club! Bring back the telephones!
  • For the real ale enthusiast, the Goat & Tricycle (G&T) has the best selection of independent brewer's wares. Ashley (where's me hair and up the Gunners) & Sandra make all welcome. Watch out for "Uncle Bill" and the Trekkies though !! Although it is a Wadworth house, don't let that put you off, they regularly have about 8 ales on and only 3 or 4 are Wadworth's. Don't touch Mandy's cider though, you'll regret it !!! Signed by the railway twins.
  • Good pubs include L'Odeon, The Artful Dodger, The Goat and Tricycle!! and Woodies.
  • Or: Jug of Ale, Moon in the square... L'Odean is NOT good and NOT a pub anyway!
  • And, again: The Jug of Ale. Located within 2 minutes of the city centre and just round the corner from the Cage/Zoo and next to the Artful Dodger and Fagins bar.
  • Best pubs are the European, the Moon in the Square, Rick's/Pumphrey's (Cocktails upstairs - Rock pub downstairs). The Punch and Judy in the Triangle is a good place for a quiet pint/watch footy games on Sky. Best pubs to relax in are out of town, in Poole and Christchurch - as are the really great clubs like The Manor in Xchurch and The G-Spot (one in Blandford, one at Matchams).
  • I couldn't find the Firefly & Firkin anywhere on this page. IMHO this is the best pub in town - lively atmos, great beers (brewed on the premises), friendly staff and it's cheap too! Also what happened to the Moon in the Square? Again, a bloody good pub (if you don't mind the lack of music).
  • You forgot the Gander-best pub in town!
  • Veritable plethora in recent years: brasshouse expensive yet sedate by day. Pretentious and loud by night, but good atmosphere. Worth a look. Edwards: suave arty friends-esque haunt, again a tad expensive but you pay for that sort of decor. JJ Murphy's: where European was, typical Irish pub but a haven from bmth's youth. Royal Exeter: hotel pub for family or quiet drink. Good for Sky footie. Criterion: a bit staid and worn, best left to locals and my old German teacher. Woodies: stay away if you are much above 18. Ridz: arse joint which replaced my favourite pub. All the above are within 5 min of square.
  • Out of centre: Five Ways: opinion divided. Suburban pub, mildly rough but okay during day. Iford Bridge/Riverside/Neptune: variously located Brewer's Fayre places, all out of same mould. Riverside has best location in Tuckton, Neptune on beachfront at Boscombe.
  • I think someone forgot The Bank, the point of encounter for foreign students. Definitely cool!!!
  • I used to go a lot to the Five Ways pub with a French friend (we were English students spending three months there) to play pool. Nice nights!! This pub is a "real" pub 'cos you'll find normal nice people there, drinking a pint or two after work!
  • The Hop & Kilderken in Winton offers a wide range of beer and good food for hangovers, a sort of locals/students haunt that has a generally good atmosphere...Where would we be without chicken tikka and chips after a saturday night out???
  • Newer ones include the Litten Tree, the Tapp and Yate's Wine Lodge

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