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Skateboarding Spots
  • St marks is basically a bait spot now, all the ledges have had a raised 3mm wide metal strip horizontally added thus forth thus making it nearly impossible to slide/grind! i blame the kids who were pissing over all the school playground!
  • st.marks school is safe to skate again, as they have taken away all the extra security.
  • Kings park. big bowl complex, too hard to explain, hard to ride as well but the locals have got the carving down well, takes a while to get used to it I imagine....all concrete so it feels and looks great, but it does make transitions a bit 'flat' towards the tops.....all good though.....also there is a driveway/8 set with rails and ledges/ manual block/flat banks and a couple other bits and bobs.....not a bad park, reckon it gets pakced though and there's loads of mincing bladders and scum there....most of the skaters are friendly though....the ones that don't follow you copying your tricks at least.....
  • New skate park in King's Park!!!!!! Wooooooooo. Blades rule!
  • asda, nothing beta that rolling about in dirt and tramps piss
  • KINGS PARK SK8 PARK opening FEB 06... 250,000 construction, so its gonna be damn good i tell thee! SO IF ANYONES IN THE AREA OF BOURNEMOUTH.. head over to boscombe and ask in S3TUP how to get to the park.. they'll help ya out.. PEACEE WEACE
  • Ok littledown is good for bladers but no boarders.Its has many kerbs that i have waxed also there is a paddling pool which i have waxed up and it slides amazin.Most of all they haverails all the way down and they arnet high they r so long u can pull off 5 6 grinds!!!!!So if any BLADERS wanna skate down there lets hook it up
  • Bournemouth pretty much sucks- but things ARE getting better. Check out Christchurch's new skatelite facility, pretty sweet- visit a photo. Come visit. Oh yeah + one shitty park in Somerford for the die-hard..New mega concrete park opening in 4 weeks! (mid december'05)at King's Park, Lloyds replica, coping on the concrete lips and more..Courtesy of local riders hard labours and the lottery people. Don't eat at Subway, don't come to Bournemouth unless you HAVE to.
  • Bournemouth has some spots just few and far between.... get looking around. they are there just have 2 be found soryy kids i aint spilling the beans. all im saying is alum chine, westbourne back roads.
  • slades farm is cool
  • -----QUOTE--------***BEWARE*** RUMOUR HAS IT THAT ST MARKS SCHOOL (NEAR SLADES FARM) ARE STEPPING UP PATROLS OF THEIR PLAYGROUND, CALLING THE POLICE WITHOUT ADVISING US BEFOREHAND AND ALSO HAVING A NUMBER OF CCTV CAMERAS INSTALLED SOON - POSTED 10 JAN 05----QUOTE----- really? I love that spot. But I'm not so sure what you're saying cos I skated there a few days ago for a good couple of hours and it was fine... baiter's awsome too. and slades
  • yo dudes castlepoint is a gr8 place to sk8 is has a 6 set 3 set 8 set ledes smooth ground n escelators r fun to ride on too :) u may get a chase but if you go during the hours shops r open like 6ish is ur best time coz ppl arent all there n gaurds can do f*** all lol
  • The marble in the square is great and also the gardens are great for flatland stuff...GO TO SLADES FARM.. great for BMX, skating, longboarding, inliners...
  • ringwood skate park
  • k here in bournemouth the skate scene is floatin around a bit crappy! but if kings park comes along then we'll be set. until then you gotta make do with crap like baiter n slades, for parks neways. streets k, got sets n ledges banks n hips you jus gotta fnd em, cos i aint gonna tell the council where we skate am i... no
  • slades farm. and only a couple of minutes away u have st marks school through the woods which have amazing ledges with a metal edge. and the uni a couple of minutes away from there. they have lots of stairs and some flatbanks. but u dont get long there.
  • hav a look up the road from asda. there's a big red building. go round the back there's a nice easy 2 and a deformed 4 but still skateable.beware security guards come during most hours in the week on weekends they don't disturb you as much but after 5 would be your best bet.
  • the bournemouth university has loads of cool stair sets and some flatbanks. u can go for about 15 minutes till u get chucked out
  • ok listen up thee are loads of skatboard spots around and in bournemouth first of all u can go to asda its a good place to meet and a good place to skate people say u get kicked out but u dont and even if you do just leave and come back in 5 mins. thee is a really nice ledge oppisite asda (unisis) but you only have about 5 attemps before you get chucked out.the square is pretty good but i dont go there that much any more because of the townie situation on the top of asda there is a slope where the cas go up that is pretty good with some heavilly waxed blocks but you can only skate it after 8 on weekdays and sats but on sunday asda closes at 4 :) the pizza hut near muscliff has got a really nice 6 set its HIGH and theres slades its pretty crap if you go through the woods at slades there is a school st marks it is amazin to skate and there is the uni lokk for the spots theres a massive set some little 4 sets a 3 set and loads of other stuff BUT GO TO POOLE it is better no townies start on you
  • a skatepark try maybe
  • slds rcK
  • well you will see me and my mate down kings park and the road oppisite to leap is smooth and theres a waxed curb near there that i did like anything. and theres a stair set outside of st james school and church theres normally some bladers down there. its 5 or 6 i cant remember and also a rail but its roundish. peace
  • the square is the best. i cant do anything but i try 2 kick flip 24-7. i can land them 1footed.
  • Hengristbury head-car park is awsome for beginners!! its a smooth surface and has little ledges going right through the carpark only about 3 or so inches so gr8 for beginners!! and its always empty. :)
  • in the square, especially now they have put down all the nice marble walls and paving.
  • Down the end of Richmond Wood Road there is a church with a 2 with a path down to a big 4 with a bad landing and a 6.Usually it's ok to skate there but the other day me and my mates got kicked out.Howard road has a kerb which i waxed heavily.Don't go there on weekdays or the council are put on to you
  • slades has just been revamped and is covered in nice smooth concrete! opens on the 24th of may 2003 woooooooooooo
  • check the 7 set by the town hall annexe its pretty sweet 4 sk8ing and getting pissed
  • if u go in2 the town centre and face toward new look (which is a very good fit girl hang out type thing) and look just up that hill and there is a really nice 5 set leading onto another 5 set (quite good 4 small runs eg (my best 1)kickflip the 1st 1 and 180 da 2nd) ps u will c som nice lookin ledges in da town centre but dont sk8 em cause me n quite a few of my mates actuly got arested der befor
  • There are 0 skate parks near where i live and the closest on is just about fallin apart and thats slades farm. When are they gonna get a skate park at Kings Park and an indoor on not a snaz new high class one just one with a roof and walls thats free to gain entry or cheapish like 2 to 3 quid then you can get rid of the problems on the streets near iford like all the stones that get chucked at cars and all the graffiti just because the kids have some where to go and bust a move on their bikes or boards or even blades. Just get your act together and "DO SOMETHING"!
  • There's a bowl just on the road from Cabot Lane to the back of B&Q, Poole. Yeah, and Slade Farm.
  • New Bench and Rail but in at Edwards carpark. already in a mess with rubbish and stuff everywhere though. sort it out! This better not be instead of Kings Park!
  • In the square
  • Slades Farm Skateboard Park - May 2002 - For your info - There is currently a business plan submitted to the Bournemouth Council by a company going by the name Sladesfarm Skateboarding Ltd (or very similar) to redevelop the park. They have applied for lottery funding to assist their venture. The venture they propose, which is not 100% clear is to build an indoor park, some of which will be to competition standard and some of it that will not be. When they carried out a door to door survey in the local area they mislead all of the people they spoke to myself included. They said they half would be comp. level and half not. They would charge for the comp. standard part whilst the other area would be free!!! However, upon further investigation into the matter, it appears that over half would be the paying part (not sure to what standard it would be) whilst the free part would be very small. The trouble is who can afford 21 a week to skate at a council owned park that has been developed by a private company and who intends to make approx. 50,000 per annum from the venture. When the survey was conducted in the area I was personally told it was to be a NON profit venture, but i guess that was a misleading statement. If anybody has any thoughts or wishes to take some action please contact the Ensbury Park Residents Association by contacting the Columbia Road Post Office in Columbia Road, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, Dorset, by post. I understand the business plan has been submitted to the council and a meeting shall be required by local councillors to debate the issue.
  • i wasjust reading the skateboarding stuff.. i would just like to say that the townies that beat up cars at asda are f****n t**ts.. asda was real cool.. and also the top of the pavillion is ok for street skatin..and be warned that there are townies all over bmouth especially sega park and the peir.. but the gypsys have gone now thank god!!!!
  • by the way people little down shut down. the monument has been anti skatered with gravel and iv nearly been arrested many times skating around town. 1)the uni. bournemouth university on fernbarrow road has a 4 set a 3 set a 9 set nice ledges and gaps and a huge gap with about 2 metres distance and 3 metres drop. 2)slades. many new ramps including a 5 foot spine, new 4 sided grind box and a driveway, also floodlite. now it's a brilliant park. and if u ever see a tag sayin h.s.t or team homicide it's my skate team.
  • At little down there is a really cool tiny wall[good for boardslides]and you can try ollieing over it to.the car park is really smooth and the paddling pool is goood for ollieing into and grinding on.At ashdown leisure center over the road is a grinding pole and mini ramp and a few other ramps
  • i think you can wipe ASDA car park off apparently some townie skaters smashed up some cars that means no one can skate for more than 5 mins before you get kicked off it makes you want to cry dosent it DOSENT IT OH YES and your mum ASDA IS DEAD from ed and fat wills
  • After all previous attempts have failed - Bournemouth Council is again trying to develop a skatepark in Kings Park. This time its at the Ashley Road end. The plan is to get the local skaters to form a fundraising group and raise money towards the park. The park is likely to be outdoors and free with possibly a second indoor phase according to how much money is raised. Interested people can let the Council know via its Website or by writing to room 112, Town Hall< bournemouth
  • Check out the steps at the war remorial, you can do flips down and see if you can ollie up them. Behind the band stand there are some wicked planters to grind. Next to the multi story carpark near the Consortium are some office blocks with some tempting architecture. Also check out the centre, they have just built 3-4 foot marble planters and two sets of 6steps.
  • I think you can remove Littledown from the Bournemouth page - it was dismantled Nov '98 Colony UK will have a piccy of the new sk8spot in Poole, in Canford Heath, by the time you read this.


  • Wish i new where to find those fit skateboard blokes. (sigh)...
  • We recently moorned the passing of the steps at the pier approach which have made way for an IMAX cinema. In town the war memorial has some small steps and blocks which can be fun. Watch out for Parkies though. The car park behind Marks and Spencer has some large painted kerbs, but beware the surface isn't up to much. The large in front of the BIC is fun for cruising down. There are also some steps with blocks outside the law courts in lansdowne. Asda car park is under cover and super smooth, but most of the kerbs have been ground to death. Still fun though and the main spot if it is raining. The sovereign centre in boscombe also has a covered car park and some fun kerbs. Beware on Friday and Saturday nights the Opera House club employs "security" staff to protect their patrons' cars. Even though the skatable area is too high to be used they usually want you to leave. They are usually polite at first, provide they are capable of speech. The loading bay for safeway at the sovereign centre is also pretty good but a one shot deal as security is pretty tight. The skatepark at the littledown centre is more of a rollerblade park really. They do have a nice mini ramp but that's it. You also have to wear one of their lovely helmets and pay far too much. The skatepark at ensbury park (slades farm) has recently been modified with the addition of a tarmac section in the middle and the filling in of the upper and useless part of the snake run. A metal fun box has been added. This is still the main skate spot in bournemouth. There is a mini ramp and couple of grind boxes in the park at East Howe. Unfortunately the area is a bit dodge and you are likely to be competing with teenage mothers and such like for time on the ramp. A bit further out but well worth the trip is Sandbanks. There are steps, drop, kerbs wide open space, whatever you want.(even home made fun boxes and jump ramps from time to time). They have recently passed a bye law banning skating, but this is only enforced by the lifeguards or the car park attendants who go home at 6pm neither are there at all during the winter.
  • The Litteldown park bieng pulled down to make a car park. But luckily there will be a new indoor park and an outdoor park at Kings Park!!!!!
  • Locals street spot at weekends. Raging harder than ever. Street ramps (sometimes a min quarter), steps, walls, benches. All smooth concrete, all floodlit. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are best. Reasonably good relationship with cops. Friendly crowd. Drop in, skate, have fun. Slades Farm old council skatepark near Kinson. ASDA car park, Promenade.

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