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  • bracknell is nice i know i bought a new golf gti in easthampstead the guy was moving to braintree i live in romford i was a little shocked when a bird outside the tower block with a crack problem wanted me to do it there and then in the bin area being broadminded i didnt care i bought a new car had a pipe and a shag what better eh i was laughing all the way round the m25 its nice to know theres life after essex im moving to basingstoke even southend isnt that great the reason she give me was she wanted more child benefit for the habit
  • Roads, being a New Town mean the roads are well planned - meaning you can get through and around Bracknell quite quickly, and maybe have some fun around the numerous roundabouts around Bracknell if you have a good chassis. New Cut Price Warehouse AKA 'Arrods (notably not Harrods). Good to just have a look around and buy some goods at genuinely good prices.
  • realising your not part of a go nowhere do nothing shag everyone clique
  • Harrods! aka the new cut price warehouse
  • The little bastered who broke into my car a few days before christmas a couple of years ago and stole my ruddy tax disc! not realising the presents I had just got my husband for christmas were in the boot! inculding a watch and a playstation 2!! never underestimate stupidity of youth!
  • Like I said before "Point Royal" Tower Block because it's featured in loads of classic British movies like the Sean Connery film "The Offence" (1972) and I believe the Jenny Agutter movie "I Start Counting" (1969). So no don't demolish it, restore it and perhaps make it private instead of council and ensure new tenants treat it with respect too!
  • South hill park
  • Bracknell is pretty laid back.
  • We are in the Royal county and that will carry us all through life
  • 27/10/05 South Hill Park rules! Me and my friends go there all the time and it's one of the few places to get away from all the townies.
  • 27/10/05 South Hill Park rules! Me and my friends go there all the time and it's one of the few places to get away from all the townies.
  • lots of roads going out of town makes escape a pure pleasure
  • The point, coral reef the fair wen is down. sporty!!! town, john nike
  • Lots of activities for families - basketball or hockey games, South Hill Park, bowling, cinema, The Look Out Centre with 'be an ape for a day' ropes course, Coral Reef pools and slides.
  • all the kebbab vans that are open to all hours selling meat that is 6% unidentifed to the drunkereds like me in all my travels bracknell is the only place that seems to have them everywere else has shops. keep up the good work boys.... right off to muzzys.
  • Train links, OK bus links, we have a good College (even though it looks crap) close to countryside and space... M3 and M4 close but if ur lucky enough to live on the outskirts of Bracknell, you wouldnt think it.
  • Nothing in Bracknell
  • South Hill Park, Mill Pond, the Look Out & Discovery Centre
  • south hill park. skatepark. so much cheap dope.
  • everyones cool most of the time if u know them no muggins so dats cool.
  • you can take your stress out on the townies and their sheep cause they're not actually hard at all
  • Bracknell! I lived in Bracknell for nearly 30 years; from the demolishing of the old High Street and the Regal and from the time you had to wade through mud from Wildridings to get to the Green Man. Now I live in High Wycombe. Bracknell is like Las Vegas compared to Wycombe. All those bitching about Bracknell should spend some time in Wycombe then you would find out what hell on earth really is. Yes, there really are some places worse than Bracknell and not that far away either.
  • The complex roundabout system that makes sure that one wrong turn and your heading out of bracknell. And also the ability to miss bracknell altogether due to the roundabouts.
  • Being able to walk/cycle without having the pain of the busy roads that we have in Slough, much better place to bring up your kids
  • The best things about Bracknell, are the local parks, the flowers around the town centre in the summer are gorgous and Bracken and Bramble the councils horses that take the water cart round for watering the plants!
  • The A239M and the train tracks.
  • Bracknell Festival, some old (getting older by the day) friends, motorway acess good for escaping. You don't have to dress particullary oddly to freak people out, I had to really intensify my look to get even the odd glance in London. You always know when its Monday coz of the broadmore siren. Its nicer than Hatfield.
  • young girls that are willing to have sex on....any night....without being pissed.marvellous.
  • Shikaras and the town pubs
  • It's home. It's not so scary after 4 years here. It's a big Technology Town. The M3, I'm outta here........
  • Caesar's Camp. No Pikies, limited chance of theft, peace and quiet!
  • Er...
  • moving house
  • the best thing about bracknell is knowing i don't live there, and can go back to the comfort of essex after i've given my bracknell blokie a good seeing to!
  • South Hill Park The angel outside Princess Square The Welcome to Ascot road sign!
  • Probably one of the best things about Bracknell you would never know from reading the comments here. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Every crime is below the national average (violent crime is very low indeed) with the single exception of thefts from cars. And of course the reason that is high is that as this is a wealthy area most people have cars, and have a tendency to leave their laptops inside.
  • Bracknell festival, South Hill Park, the A329M out of town, The Old Manor.
  • driving out of priestwood.
  • The bus out of town.
  • well,nothing really, cos its a ruff loada shit!
  • That i don't live there.
  • Give it some credit, compared with Crowthorne, Binfield, Winnersh, or Egham, it's got some night life.
  • The Bracknell Bees, Superleague Champions 1999-2000 (Millenium Champions). The smallest club in the league walks away with the biggest prize. What a Party that was.....
  • Shops in Town might be Shite but at least you can walk though town without having to worry about traffic, there is parking really close at hand a lot of which is free ( if you know where to go)
  • Remebering it as it use to be
  • The roads out of Bracknell, The railway line out of Bracknell
  • What can be better than living in a crime ridden concrete jungle?
  • The m3 and m4 are within easy reach so when you are on it , you can say bye bye to the concrete experimental disaster!
  • having fun at laughing at all the mucky estates eg:birch hill, great hollands,hanworth,priestwood(council), bullbrook and easthampstead(council) and last but definitely not least bullbrook.
  • knowing as soon as i finish school i am leaving all you losers behind!!!
  • the alcohol that you can buy? the train station that takes you to nice places??!
  • The fact that you know no matter how long you are away you will always be able to call Bracknell home and never ever get lost in the dark!!!!Even if you do just find another roundabout and turn around!!!!That and with the exception to a few well chosen people everyone is friendly!!!!
  • having so much to do within one town: ten pin bowling, cinema, ice skating, dry slope skiing, sports, coral reef, i moved here from london 9 years ago and wouldn't change back!
  • Driving iout of Bracknell
  • Bracknell Sports Centre, its been in Bracknell donkey's years and is excellent, or so my grand-daughter of 3 years tells me, the "whoosh" park there is ace!
  • The M3 & M4 will get you away very quickly. It's still perfectly acceptable to wear white socks and stone washed denin jeans for a troll round the town centre on a Saturday afternoon
  • It's cheap - theres nothing to spend your money on.
  • Laughing like a drain at all the people who bought houses on Martin's Heron and who are now complaining about the smell from the sewage teatment works - serves you right, it never used to smell when it was a forest and the trees helped stop the smell from spreading! and wait until they all start subsiding - they are all built on underground streams, much like most of Birch Hill/Roman Wood, ask some of the residents there how they felt when a lot of the properties started to subside due to being built on underground streams ha ha ha!!!!
  • The fact that I have just got a job the other side of Reading so don't have to ever come to bracknell again!
  • the john nike centre getting a mention in the ali g video out just before last xmas.
  • The best thing about Bracknell is not living there. Knowing that you can drive straight through it - as fast as possible
  • At least it keeps all the jacked up little shits in their " mega cool " Nova, Fiesta, Escort, Capri in one place
  • They're due to re-build the whole town centre soon!
  • The Ice rink, the Superleague ice Hockey team (Bracknell Bees) who I would recommend anyone to go and see at least a couple of times. Loads of leisure activities.
  • South Hill Park has to be it.
  • Best thing about Bracknell: well signposted, so it's easy to get out of. I was born and brought up in Bracknell, but fled when I was 18. It's flat, unfriendly and is great if you like vast areas of concrete. The only decent thing I can think of about Bracknell is that it has a superb arts centre - South Hill Park. Unfortunately, lots of local residents are busy campaigning to prevent the council subsidising it, in the hope that it shuts down.
  • Bracknell is a 'handy' town to live in i.e. close to the countryside, close to other centres and only 40 mins on the train to London - the great escape!!
  • Major HQ's for large companies i.e. 3M
  • Not being there!
  • Walking 'round town, seeing all the people makes you think "Yes I am normal!!"
  • The new fountain in Charles Square shopping area has been useful in the hot weather, and is quite fun. But basically, I'm not surprised that there's so little info on your Bracknell page - it is a bit of a non-event as a town...
  • The best thing about Bracknell is my mobile disco. I cater for all ages and occasions and charge very competitive prices. (Can I have a free plug? Yes: Mail Dave Ruddle at
  • The best thing about Bracknell is being about 12-16. There are loads of things which that age group are most likely to enjoy, such as ice-skating ten-pin bowling, multiscreen cinema, McDonalds etc. For the older or more discerning person Southill Park might have the odd interesting thing, otherwise nowt!
  • It's easy to get anywhere from Bracknell - M3, M4, M40, M25, Gatwick, Heathrow are all within flobbing distance, and it's on the main line to Waterloo train station.
  • There's loads of lovely young girlies strutting around the town centre in short skirts and tight tops in the summer, and on nice warm evenings at South Hill Park (not that I look at all).
  • The small fountain outside McDonalds/the Bull when someone fills it with Fairy Liquid.
  • It's not far from loads of countryside (Binfield/Twyford/Shurlock Row/Winkfield etc.)
  • Best thing: Partnership with Leverkusen, Germany
  • Leaving.
  • Loads and Loads and Loads of little Slappers (Where Protection)

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