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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Grahame Taylor's head
  • Grahame Taylor
  • Dani Harmer (famous for playing CBBCs Tracy Beaker) is from Crown Wood. Kezia Obama (famous for being President Obamas stepmother) is in Bullbrook.
  • girl from that spanish soap,with marcus tandy-the young girl snooty one-she used to be seen alot shopping in bentals.
  • "The Binfield Bikers" aka Pedro Rix G and Paul D hang about in Bracknell, they've made countless art films, both comedy and serious and enjoy a Ray Mears style lifestyle on the outskirts.
  • steve the hat! where are you now???
  • Sharron davies and Sarah hardcastle of swimming fame as well as David wilkie ( i got his autograph when i had my appendix out). Lewis moody of england rugby used to be here, his parents still are. The boxer Mccreesh, hoddle-my mate ross went out with his daughter, Andrew mckay the shadow northern ireland sec., Sarah Ferguson, The sultan of \brunei's brother Jefrei has a mansion in Binfield and me one day
  • they mostly live in the neighbouring areas of ascot and surrey. who can blame them sensible or lucky people
  • ME! (as if)... Fergie lives up the road (more Ascot way), Glen Hoddle lives near Ascot too... Henry VIII used to hunt here.. so its been about 400 years since a famous person really came near this dump!!
  • Anyone with a modicum of sense
  • um........darren day used to live here. so did duncan goodhew i think.
  • no one acept some girl who has her own show on bbc tracey somthink
  • Well quite a few films have been made there -'Villan' with Richard Burton where they filmed a wages snatch outside what used to be Clark & Eaton in the Southern Industrial estate. There's a classic line in the film where Burton is standing across the road from Clark & Eaton (where Boehringer Ingleheim would be) and, looking at Wildridings, says "What a dump, work all week and screw the wife on Saturday". Casino Royale, the bit where David Niven is being chased by the remote controlled milk float; all that was filmed in mid-sixties Bracknell - great ariel shots of the town. I got Sean Connery's autograph when he was filming 'The Offence' in Wildrings and around Bracknell - his character lives in Point Royal in the film.
  • Didn't Henry VIII live here, or hunt here !!
  • The French World cup/Euro 2000 and current Bolton footballing superstar Youri Djorkaeff is living in Bracknell under the alias off Stuart Jefferies - who pretends to work for Bracknell Forest Borough Council!!!!
  • Christian Bale went to Edgebarrow (in Crowthorne its close)
  • The infamous DeeJay Random and the Steel Devils.....internationally known!
  • Apparantly Kate Bush used to go to school here in bracknell... the fact that she's now a recluse living in isolation is completely unrelated, of course.
  • Julius Caesar, wonnit?
  • Julius Caesar
  • gary lineka was spotted by urs truly in the UCI cinema
  • Any celebrity must have either gone downhill or gone mad to move here. Plenty around Ascot and Windlesham though (Brian May, Glen Hoddle, General Pinoche etc.)
  • Andrew Parker
  • Gary Waddock ( ex QPR and still manager of their Youth team ) Lives near Tesco's Steve Wood, ( Ex Millwall Defender ) lives in Crown Wood. who ever posted about Geoff Mcreesh was spot in , Lives in Ralphs ride, really nice bloke and is curently world championship challenger. Glen Hoddle is always around the Bracknell kids fottball tournements as his son plays for Ascot under 9's. They live between Bracknell and Ascot.
  • apparently, my bruv saw lenny henry and dawn french at uci? old jim'll fix it lives somewhere in crowthorne??
  • Why has no one mentioned Geoff McCreash (sorry if the spelling is incorrect) brilliant boxer, and lives in Ralph's Ride, a real gentleman....
  • Sharon Davis actually lived in Crowthorne. She was then Mrs John Crisp and I new them personally. John was a great guy. What else can I say.
  • David Wilkie. Oscar Wilde ,i think?
  • Tony Hart and I've seen Morph a few times too.
  • DJ Onion and the world famous Box Clever - The Swan
  • brother (cant remember name) of dave woozley (crystal palace defender) plays for bracknell town rolf harris lives sort of nearby in bray
  • chesney hawks?
  • I work in the UCI cinema in Bracknell and regular visitors include Lenny Henry + Dawn French, Gary Linekar, Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew and a couple more that I can't think of at the moment.
  • Quite a few Chelsea FC old-boys live in the area, and play a charity match each summer at the Football Club (Larges Lane).
  • Errr, I think Sharron Davies is pretty local.
  • Ace swimmer from way back when, David Wilkie.
  • Gary Mabbutt The old time Ledge at the Heart of Tottenhams FA Cup winning defence, Now he is old! ahhhh.

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