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Cheap Food
  • OMG I Totally Agree, Herbies Pizza is the best pizza in bracknell, they changed their phone number, my heart nearly stopped till i got a leaflet, for pizza lover's its 01344 422227, Luving it !!
  • Has to be Herbies Pizza, The BEST PIZZA IN BRACKNELL, you have to try their Garlic Bread its AMAZING, they have friendly staff, great variety of pizza, and well make one customised to your taste if you want!
  • Every estate with some shops has some sort of take away food. Try Bullbrooks Hot Wok for chinese, or Harmans Waters Fish'n'Chick'n (was Dorothys under previous owner) - dont expect it to be cheap though but same goes to eating out in general.
  • tescos thats it mate
  • The Bus Station Cafe has to be tops for typical "greasy spoon" type food. Great value and and heart-stopping fried breakfasts. Also the Market cafe, on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Tony's burger van tbh, classic.
  • The Indian at Gt Hollands shops is brilliant.
  • Don Beni's
  • Definately the Kebab van on the Eastern industrial Estate, opposite Bullbrook. Bestest Kebabs ever! Be nice to them and they are good to you. The one on the Running Horse is rubbish and the one near KFC is ok, if you can ever get to it past the lorries, oh and the Police are always there eating, so that's why they are so chunky!
  • Kebab vans at the sports centre( shell garage really) The rugby Club and behind the point.
  • Frankie and Benny's by the cinema at the Point is great - American/Italian food at reasonable prices. Awesome desserts too.
  • I do believe Bracknell has more kebab 'vans' per square mile than any other town in the UK. Answers on a postcard
  • there are plenty of crappy takeaways situated in all of the rough shopping locals
  • birch hill shops are really gd coz day gotta bettin shop,take away,chemist,waitrose,fourboys gd for cheap things i am always down der n i am a towney n we dont beat people who look at us.
  • Frankie and Bennys at The Point (next to the cinema and bowling alley) serves excellant Italian and American food, reasonalby priced. Best are the calzones, spaghetti with meatballs and baked cheesecake or ice cream sundaes for dessert.
  • LOVELY jacket potato stand in the centre, but costs 2.50 each... nearly the price of a whole meal at McDonalds! Really Greasy stall that sells mini doughnuts (you can actaully see him pouring in tesco vegetable oil into the boiling pot). Unless u grab a spat-on pub lunch, or a greasy McDonalds or Burger King, dont bother eating in Bracknell!! (Shepherds House, Moss End is 100% brilliant though!)
  • The BEST pizza I have tasted is Dominos by far. friendly service no hassle and always on time(01344300900). Tastes much better that any other with fresh dough. TRY IT.
  • Sultan Balti House in Great Hollands, sit down or take away. I would recommend sitting in the restaurant. They let you take your time and it's great food. SoLoCo, at the train station for take away lunches..excellent made to order sandwiches salads and baguettes.Reasonably priced too. Amoy Chinese takeaway in Great Hollands...Chicken Satay to die for .
  • shakiras in town centre. kohr i noor in preistwood. chinese/indians in most local shopping centres. beware of kids outside looking to mug/ blag ciggarretes.
  • flying fis easthamstead
  • wildridings chinese (mmm) or KFC (next to the sports centre)
  • Best place I have found for food is the running horse, its great value, for good food and plates are huge! The chinese takeaway at forest Park serves great chinese food and always have a queue for the same reason!
  • The Amir Restaurant in Binfield, lovely food, great service. Owned by the same man who owns the Koh-I-Noor
  • The jacket potato stand by Boots is the most amazing place to get food from in the winter.
  • The Passage was always good,
  • The Atrium Bar (opened 2001) at South Hill Park very good pub food, although portions vary in size!
  • The new Pizza Hut at the point... really not worth considering - Hours of waiting time, a friend of mine got so fed up waiting in the que for a takeaway she phoned them for an order and then waved at the person answering the phone!
  • Shikaras, definitely the best place to nosh out after a hard day's drinking. The food is good the sevice is great and, depending on the day you might get some cabaret, but there's always an opportunity to have a dance with your Julie!
  • Jamiesons, Binfield. Absolutely the best food for miles around. Book early to avoid disappointment. The Shakara changed hands and went so far down hill it buried itself. Haka Chinese isn't bad.
  • Fish and Chips doon da 'Hollands
  • NO everything doesn't have to be fried or served with chips
  • pizza hut, chippy, maccy d's, burger king, passage to india (get pissed for a tenner there... not too bad!!)are all in the town centre. umm for the best chinese takeaway try gt. hollands shops
  • Koh-I-Noor Priestwood: The best ever, always great service, great food, and reasonalble price - try it! Try Frankie and Bennies at the Point (recommend the meatballs).
  • FRANKIE AND BENNIES!! I cannot BELIEVE noone has included this place yet - no mushy pizza like herbies, pizza hut or dominoess- they make the doe from scratch, all fresh ingredients and SO gooodd - not that much more pricey than pizza hut either and is real, true, proper pizza. This place is next to the cinema and if you enjoy real food, go here. Bonus - lush cocktail bar within.
  • The Balti King at Easthampstead shops is the TOP place to go in Bracknell, try it.
  • Berni Inn which is the Manor was the first steak house around Bracknell, good food and Mr & Mrs Rossi welcome hosts
  • haka, the king of all chinese take-aways! 01344 862832, easthampstead!
  • Haka chinese take away is heaven as is Dorothy's Fish and chip shop but if your looking for a good meal/night out The horse and groom is nice as is the Yorkshire rose in warfield.If you prefer something more exotic try Frankie and Bennies at the point, nice Italian place foods good and price reasonable for what you get.Pizza you can't beat Domino's.
  • Mcdonalds is shite, Burger king is shite, Kentucky is shite, they need a quality resturant not the hilton way too expensive.
  • Dorothy's Fish and Chip shop in Harmanswater do great food and when youre pissed up, the local kebab vans look appealing too.
  • Has anyone noticed that the price of pizzas in Bracknell appear to have trebled. 2 pizzas and garlic bread cost me 28.00 quid. I can buy the same in a supermarket for a third of the price, and its nicer!
  • The chinese takeaway at Birch Hill Neighbourhood Centre is just fab, Sweet n sour chicken a must!!
  • Someone got a deep fried mouse in their KFC bargain bucket one day.
  • Yorkshire Rose, Warfield.
  • Bring sandwiches!
  • Back on to the Kebab van's, The Running horse carpark WAS the best for many miles, but has had 3 changes of managment in the past year, food is precooked and reheated, where as it used to be thrown away if not sold that night. The Southern industrial estate has recently moved on through low sales. I am at present checking the others out BUT seem to be returning to Market Street (Behind the Point) where the portions are big, price is fair ALL chicken and burgers are cooked when ordered and the donar is greatnot too greasy and not too dry, only down side is they don't griddle the donar before serving UNLESS you ask really nicley. Staff are VERY friendly and have a laugh with you.
  • shikara (indian where simpsons was) is crap. stick with the passage, koh i noor, sultan balti house in gt hollands or the new one in easthampstead shops
  • Best pizza? HAS to be Herbies Pizza. Best kebab? At the moment I go to the one in the Southern Industrial Estate. Best chicken? Has to be KFC. Best Chicken Fajita's? Has to be my house...follow ya nose!!!!
  • Uh Maccy D's but thats about it.
  • There's a drive-in KFC, a Beefeater and a Harvester.
  • Passage to India nr town centre is OK. Dominos Pizza now in the town centre. Best Pizza, though, is Pizza Bakery in Easthampstead. Superb burgers too! Dodgy Simpsons Nightclub nr town centre shut down (good riddance) and is now an Indian
  • Best Things: Bar Torino for heart stopping coffee and excellent food - if you like Italian style grub. Office fave : Pollo Milanese in a crusty baguette. Well done Franco! It's not cheap though - so you won't see many inmates from Bracknell College in there.
  • Koh I Noor, Indian Restaurant, excellent food and service.
  • Loads of other Chinese, Indian and pizza places (most do free home delivery too).
  • Pizza Hut
  • There's McD's and soon to be open BURGER KING (next to the new fountain).
  • Koh-I-Noor is indeed top class.
  • Also there is Herbies pizza place (they deliver free as well).
  • There's loads of Kebab vans, the best being in the car park of Bracknell Rugby Club.
  • I agree about the restaurants and eating out places - not enough good ones. I had a 'bad' experience at the 'Wooden Hut' in Binfield back in September of 96. My parents paid for us to go out for a nice family dinner. The service was 'appaling', the food was way over-priced, they didn't ask us if we were enjoying our meals at over 16 pounds a piece - not recommended!!
  • 36.5% of Bracknell's popuplation is made up of Pizza delivery boys. The many roundabouts were designed to allow them to 'get their knees down'.

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