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  • good cinemas i think its 12 screens in all,not worth travelling too,your still gonna get verbal/physical abuse with 30mile radus ie-bracknell,slough,readin,staines all overrun with asbo breeding mutants to put it tamely
  • I prefer to travel to the Showcase at Winnersh, but if you're going to the Odeon in Bracknell, it's worth the extra quid for the seating upgrade.
  • UCI (or Odeon as it now is) is badly in need of being refurbished. It opened 15 years ago and hasn't been changed since.Unfortunately it won't happen until they regenerate the town.
  • The Point is awful, you queue for ages to get in, even longer for food and you neeed a small mortgage to pay the bills. Better to travel to Winnersh which is 10 minutes a way.
  • UCI. 10 screens, they did screen brokeback though
  • the point but the seats are a bit cramped and you have to fight your way through a mass of chavlets
  • yes, we have a cinema!!! (something i gleefully moved out of Windsor for) Its always dirty though and you have to queue for an hour in the freezing cold for a ticket.
  • UCI. Still chav central but its the best youre gonna get near Bracknell
  • Ten screen cinema, with over priced food and too long queues for refreshments. too many films start at the same time so if you q for yr hot dog you miss the start of your film.
  • one cinema full of 12 year old thugs trying to buy alcohol.
  • uci or ugc(really fun to skate)
  • oh with the gum on the seats and the rampant sex in the back its an absoloute pleasure to sit there listening to the crap movies.. with the cripple servin you popcorn and spilling it all down you usually!
  • I now live in Slough and much prefer the UCI in Bracknell
  • The Point in Bracknell is ok, clean and comfy, however I tend to alternate between that and the multiplex at Winnersh to make a change
  • AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE INFESTED MONKEY! As one of the poor souls who has had the misfortune to work there, I can assure you that you'd gain more enjoyment out of gnawing off your own big toe than going there. The place is falling apart,it is grossly overpriced, the staff are profoundly miserable on account of being treated like vermin by both the 'guests' and the management and it only shows blockbuster no-brainer films.
  • South Hill Park is showing more mainstream stuff these days and is not bad on price, but it's a bit cosy.
  • It's a flea pit, costs more for the grub-and that doesn't mean the tickets are cheap, they aren't!
  • The UCI, but only if you don't mind two 17 year olds shagging in the back row and their ugly and single mates throwing popcorn at you.
  • not so bad sneak in have a laugh see a movie for free and have a giggle with you mates
  • the point has bowling, cinema, pub, frisco's, masquarades, arcade and UCI cinema which aint too bad
  • Point has gone downhill. Went there recently - outside (frisco prats)we had side side-step pools of vomit and the revolting individuals who deposited them. A great meeting place if your young, stupid and looking for a fight - not too good if you fancy a sobber night at the pics. Cinema insidde not too bad though.
  • UCI - needs updating, it is dirty, grotty and generally unpleasant
  • The Point. Good for something to do, also has bowling, arcades and a bar. A few too many abusive 8 year-olds demanding cigarettes, and if you want a fight there are plenty of Shane's waiting for any excuse.
  • Better entertainment is provided outside the cinema in Bracknell as for no fee whatsoever you get the amusing experience of watching lots of 13-15 yr olds trying to prove that they are townies. Lots of boys with high pitched voices trying to beat the crap out of anyone that's smaller than them. Lots of girls with less clothing on than the majority of Ibiza in the Summer months. And yes this happens reguarly in the winter too.
  • UCI Cinema at the Point is good.
  • uci. bloody rip-off, go to the showcase, they've got well nice moving chairs.
  • A 10 screen cinema which is ok but doesn't cater for students needs(lower price tickets)Bowlings ok but last resort in my book.
  • Bracknell cinema is great, but the old flea pit is still sorely missed by some of us long term residents. It had character, itchy seats, you could smoke, and a back row that was well used. They were the days!
  • usual soulless multiplex. Try the much more intimate SouthHill Park
  • It's far too cramped and I always end up getting mugged on my way back to the car, so have plenty of candy on your person and that may distract the youthfull misfits while you make a quick getaway!
  • So John Nike is planning on building a brand new cinema - why?
  • The UCI has the BEST nachos and cheese for miles around! I dare any other cinema to say that their's is better!
  • The point. With bowling, bar, 10 screen cinema, shit nightclub and townie pikes in reebok classics who're happy to swear at you.
  • It's cool having the UCI in Bracknell.
  • The UCI at the point holds a cinema and bowling alley, but it's nowt special, your better off at the showcase, Reading. They've got rockin' chairs. On springs! Joy!
  • Hollywood Bowl - 10 Pin Bowling at the Point, under the UCI cinema. Recently had a complete refit & looks much better for it.
  • The point is really good for films. Nice and comfy, and big screens. Pricey grub though.
  • UCI multiplex at the Point. Good films at South Hill Park Arts Centre, too.
  • I normally travel a few miles in to London to watch a film.... the cinema is OK but you unfortunately have to contend with the patrons of 'Frisco Jacks' and the Hollywood Bowl...

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