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  • I am a Bagpiper busking mainly in the Northeast of England but seriously considering doing a little tour over the summer hols of the uk. May pay your town a visit on the way. I notice you have the same problems with these so called buskers (Romanian's & other Eastern Europeans) Its no wonder that local authorities are clamping down on busking across the UK. The minority of Street Performers are pretty good and can hold their own but these muppets are a joke, they harras people for money and most can not play their chosen instrument, normaly a battered old accordian. the minority spoiling it for the majority. Pitch hogging etc etc. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY BECAUSE THEY ARE BEGGING FOLKS, PLAIN AS THE NOSE'S ON YOUR FACES, NO MUSICAL TALENT OR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.
  • local ''characters''lets just say if you see a guy that like talking german alot,avoid him like the plague.looks like freddy mercury on crack drinks stella,and shags his ******** hes a sicko ,really! fat baldy bloke thinks hes mitchell brother,smelly ginger blokes,lots of em, old hags shagging each others boyfriends think their hot in white stilletoes. oh a madam calls herself satine-fat ugly spitefull dyke,did i not mention there are lots of whores and brothels in bracknell! the guys here actually encourage their bits of stuff to work as whores,i supose it saves them from working. no im not bitter but bracknell people really are fuckwits with really bad hair,breath,dick cheese,hairy minges,and they all think theyre great. even families here are arseholes to each other. was once an old bloke called chicken bill,cause he clucked like a chicken-proberbly dead now but yes bracknells full of c**ts,nutters,pregnant sluts,40 yr old whores and 50 yr old pervs.dont expect nice
  • There has been the same busker in town for at least 25 years, how can you not have noticed him?
  • The man with the ginger hair who recites the bus time tables to anyone at the bus station. Also the woman who's covered in warts and always wears a yellow plastic rain mac and wellies.
  • There is this guy who's name i don't know but he knows everyone. Timberland boots, hoop ear ring, black leather jacket. He's black and i think his daughter was in my year at school. Plenty of big issue, more by where jd used to be(isn't that a testament to the place) than mothercare.
  • lots of drunks and scrounging foreign nationals along with the locals of course always make for entertainment and fisticuffs
  • People who harrase you is you walk from the band stand towards Princess Square to go paintballing, sponser a monkey, give money to the Lib Dems or something else needless. Never seen a busker, but i hear there are plenty, mostly in the little subways dotted around the town centre.
  • Cliffy Bradley - he likes the place!
  • I can't believe no-one has mentioned the chap who must be Bracknell's longest-standing busker! I remember him from when I was a little kid (I'm now 30 and he's still going) - he's usually somewhere around the Hammicks/Superdrug area, playing guitar and I'm sure he's got a big drum on his back. He used to look a bit like Jack Nicholson and has played the same songs for years and years.
  • the mad old woman who walks around with a jumper with "phil" from eastenders on the back. she puts price stickers on her forehead and talks to herself. we love her.
  • none alfs funny tho
  • erm... Brett Kinch! he's a ginger 14 year old who thinks he's sexy and harrasses pretty much everyone in town for sex, pot and fags.. hes lovely bless him but he has no KNOB!
  • The old bloke who's been busking for years in town who looks a bit like Jack Nicholson.
  • The Mormons who wonder around the town centre looking vaguely lost. Not strictly street entertainers per say but they keep me amused.
  • I once busked in Bracknell I made 23 and i have no musical talent what so ever.
  • Buskers yes, but don't give to beggars, even if it is me.
  • Strange guy making your name in chinese outta metal, get it done twice and they look nothing similar :)
  • Too many weirdos to mention!!
  • Homeless People...'Racknell is a cultural backwater..
  • The only street "entertainment I remember was the weekly re-enactment of the WWF.
  • Watch out for the fuzzy animals! Every now and then we get people dressed up in costumes collecting money for a charity, the evil fiends will make your lil' brother cry!
  • A few here and there, usually outside Superdrug, Mothercare in the underpass by the Post Office.
  • I can't stand listening to them pipe players when i'm in the dentists!!!
  • Has ne one noticed we are being invaded by raving looneys prancing about badly miming and scaring the living daylights out of anyone who passes under the age of 6, yes u know him he is the geezer by etam who is wanted for many counts of making your baby who is just dozed off to scream, i am terrified of this man and avoid him as much as possible
  • they're everywhere. dont look at them, speak to them and don't encourage them.
  • We have a couple come in to town that play the pan pipes really well so i pose the question why are they busking and not making music in pub's and club venues????
  • No buskers in Bracknell? Your writer must have visited on a Sunday in June. You can't walk 2 yards (yes yards) without falling over one of the following: - Someone in a silly hat, hopping around on one leg and miming to someone else singing, usually someone of the opposite sex strangely enough. - A one man band - A one man band with puppets - A three piece string quartet! - A flock of gospel singers - A fiddler (both male and female have been spotted) - A sixties drop out still learning the guitar (amazing what you can do with only two cords, amazing what I have considered doing with only one cord and a short piece of rope.)
  • If people selling the "Big Issue" do come under this category then I would like to say that I think the down and out who stands outside Mother care with a white stick, stinking of pee and smelling of alcohol, who normally hurls abuse and swear words at every passing female should be shot. No wonder he can't get anywhere to live or get a job, he is disgusting. My Great Dane was better presented.
  • The obligatory Pan Pipe players who appear to be playing simultaneously in every medium sized town in England on a Saturday afternoon
  • Street entertainers are far too exotic for Bracknell.
  • Do people selling the Big Issue fall into the Street Entertainers category???
  • its getting better.
  • Bloody crap buskers that have been kicked out of Reading as they have no musical talent (including a Romanian refugee who sings very loudly out of tune).
  • There is a whole bloody tribe of Indians, that can be seen in Reading as well, who play the pan-pipes and guitars etc and are excellent. As for street entertainers, look out for me when I come out of the Manor pissed. Quite entertaining.
  • I don't think I've ever seen any in Bracknell. They've probably all been stabbed.

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