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  • the golden farmer if your in the know known as the farmer,has a good bar,and a ruff bar,changed hands more times than mcartneys ex changes her prostetics,full of ''freshed faced'' dimple ridden louts,mix this with a load of 40-70 yr old bracknell born/raised blokes and its just a matter of time before under age and conviction are uttered in same sentence. redlion,blue lion and the bull are all no nos,unless your a biker,a baker,or a whiskey tooting slob 6am in morning kinda guy/gal! market inn/fruit & furkin/the goose changed its name too many times still same crowd,full of sluts,perverts,immigrants,fresh faced arses,old faced arses,busy pub even as doors open they poor in,can be usefull to park your car for free though. in general pubs in bracknell are full of old school bracknellites and the offspring sporn from the devil himself. basically your not welcome unless you hold a birth certificate stateing your surname being one of around 10 surnames in bracknell that offer privalages of not getting your head kicked in,but be aware that sertain clans adorn sertain pubs. canney man-full of pimps,yes i mean it!,whores,yes i mean it,jak the lads drug dealers,addicts,AA types not nice unless your off your tits. one bloke in there who drinks day noon and night has even wet his trousers on a number of occasions in public,he still lurks about thinks hes gods gift to women need i say more!
  • The Manor has got a lot better since they banned smoking inside the pub. It attracts a different,less rowdy crowd and isn't as busy as it used to be. Avoid the William Twigg. It's a rough estate pub with no windows full of locals who don't like strangers or anyone who can read and people seem to wander out with tv and car stereo shaped plastic bin bags under their arms.
  • The golden Farmer Yip Yip Brr!!
  • the bull pub, dirty and full of losers
  • One near honeywell or go to the Beir Kellar if you want to pull a 30+ bird.
  • The manor, the goose, barred from thebull, sometimes the twigg, not as rough as people claim, and the green man.
  • lots of pubs unfortunatley they are mostly fight central and full of sluring chavs
  • The Canniee man in Hanworth Ran by GRS inns! This lot could run a p!ss up in a brewery. Pub old run down and one to be avoided
  • the runner
  • Definitely the Weather Vane....Go there!
  • Still to find a decent pub! The Manor was cheap and cheerful, but is now non-smoking, so no-one ages 18-30 will go there now! The Cricketers in Warfield was ok, until they employed a rapist chef! Best place around is Sheperds House, Moss End.
  • The Royal Oak pub in bracknell does have music. Every thursday there is Kareoke, Fridays is the Disco and Sunday they have a Quiz. They have Sky so if there isn't anything on that night they will watch the football or have a musci channel on. it's lively and fun. it is a local pub but they don't stop people coming in just watch what you say to the locals, they all look out for each other. so whoever wrote is was boring and had no music your wrong as i have drank sown there for a year and a half now, i know all the locals and enjoy my time down there. it's even so friendly i got myself an evening job there.
  • The Royal Oak pub in bracknell does have music. Every thursday there is Kareoke, Fridays is the Disco and Sunday they have a Quiz. They have Sky so if there isn't anything on that night they will watch the football or have a musci channel on. it's lively and fun. it is a local pub but they don't stop people coming in just watch what you say to the locals, they all look out for each other. so whoever wrote is was boring and had no music your wrong as i have drank sown there for a year and a half now, i know all the locals and enjoy my time down there. it's even so friendly i got myself an evening job there.
  • The Royal Oak pub in bracknell does have music. Every thursday there is Kareoke, Fridays is the Disco and Sunday they have a Quiz. They have Sky so if there isn't anything on that night they will watch the football or have a musci channel on. it's lively and fun. it is a local pub but they don't stop people coming in just watch what you say to the locals, they all look out for each other. so whoever wrote is was boring and had no music your wrong as i have drank sown there for a year and a half now, i know all the locals and enjoy my time down there. it's even so friendly i got myself an evening job there.
  • South Hill Park is still the best place to go to avoid the Bracknell chav population, although the prices are extortionate and it's v. dull in winter. If you haven't been there for a while you are in for a shock as they have ruined the bars and taken away all the atmosphere and most of the clientele. The Cellar Bar remains the only true haven.
  • Silver Birch is good. depending which night you go you might find pub quiz, bingo, karaoke or live music or the famous Roger's disco! Always fun, rarely any trouble
  • boot in bullbrook. william twigg in great hollands. bridge by train station. red lion in town centre by McD, old manor is the worst for kiddie drinking. i recommend the boot. old man pub with jukebox and pool table and sometimes live bands. best your gonna get.
  • the silver birch is the place to be on a friday &saturday nite open til 12, dont bother with shikras it is shite, colours now riley's dont bother
  • old manor bit rough but ok if u know people colden farmer the tramps of bracknell go there shit hole
  • manor is shite,no music...bring back friscos i say!!! red lion is OK, thats about it really everywhere else is crap.
  • The, ahem, William Twig is to be avoided AT ALL COSTS... actually Great Hollands is in fucking general (i used to live there so i can slag it off right?) full of pikeys, dirty glasses, it stinks, theres blood on the walls and shit in the toilet sinks!
  • South Hill Park is the only place you can go that's not full of tossers, but they've ruined it by changing the bars. And it is sometimes full of tossers in the summer.
  • The Woodcutters pub in Forest Park is a old style pub with beautiful gardens and friendly locals. A lovely atmosphere and no screaming kids, young teenage mothers or those who cant handle their ale seem to inhabit this last a nice place to drink in Bracknell!!!!
  • The Manor- nice for a quiet midweek afternoon pint. Being a Wetherspoons it is very cheap. However, Friday nights and Saturday nights it is definately one to avoid.It is a very similar story in the Bull and the Red Lion. Bar Original is just extremely overpriced. The Birch is ok,with two crazy old ladies who once asked me "Do you have your fanny pierced dear?" The twigg is to be avoided at all costs,South hill park have screwed up the 'atrium' bar by sticking glass doors on an 18th century building and turning it into a non smoking,uncomfortable chairs place. The Theatre bar is no longer open most of the time. However on a good note, The Pippen is now worth a visit.
  • I meet my husband in the Red Lion, used to be quiet a laugh in there especially when Ian did the disco (Kitch but fun), now everyones gone, still some of the old crowd are still to be found in the Goose (used to be the market. The boot has become exetremely odd recently. Don't ebven think about the twig, Bull or the Golden farmer (in fact avoid all estate pubs). The Brigde is a nice place to spend a Sunday afternioon.
  • Don't know how old your review of the Newtown Pippin is but.. Every other Friday night is Rock Night and the in betweens are Alternative Night.. we also have Table Football,Pool table,2 Dart boards and a great New Pub Menu .. New management.. a new regime
  • The Old Manor is no longer a Berni Steak House (which was very good and hats off to the Rossis from those who remember them).
  • Frisco Jacks is now a pizza hut, still empty during the weekday evenings so no change there.
  • The question in any pub is "Do I trust what comes out of the tap... 1. The Manor, cheap drink, if you manage to get served-it doesn't matter how many are behind the bar-the management have a lot to do with it "I'm 'avin' a FAG!" 2. The Boot's been done out; very good food, very good drink. Still have a long time to wait to get served. 3. The Bull. What a chquered past. Today (11.1.03) they have a great couple running it. The pool table's back in, daft twats that had it taken out in the first place! The place is filling up again after a very quiet period-it's a drinkers pub! 4. The Red Lion. Good drink, good atmosphere, no unusual tobacco smells! The music is loud at the weekend but great before tripping off to Shikaras for a curry and a dance.
  • All the comments above are out of date or just plain bull****.... South hill has been taken over by the Ciabatta brigade - the main old pub is now non-smoking!!! Still, there are other bars there, though it's not the same. Bracknell is a violent hell hole. The old manner and the Goose (ex firkin, ex market inn) are apparently bearable, though I did see some REAL Nazi's (the fuhrer was mentioned!!) in the goose the other day, and the old manner became a violent place - don't know if it still is. Avoid other pubs...
  • God help us.... If the people drinking in Bracknell start looking any younger I'll be applying for OAP staus at 26. Please Hogs Head, Bar 38, anyone, rescue Bracknell and give us a trendy pub.
  • Fook All! Unless you want your head caved in.
  • The Boot has been done up...I think...
  • the pubs in bracknell serve anyone drink even underage i no pubs such as the manor, the oak, the running horse, the prince and i could go on and on
  • for a fresh faced croud try the gooose
  • All Bracknell Pubs are very bad indeed - except possibly the Manor, not because I drink there but because I have fond memories from the glorious eighties!
  • The Bull at lunchtime. Now whilst you egt scummy riffraff looking for fights at night in here, the times Ive been a luch all anyone wants is a quiet drink. The barstaff are friendly and the food is such good value - cheaper than mcdonalds, better for you and tastes better. The Goose has to be my favourite pub in Bracknell - its been refurbished and this may sound geeky but the non-smoking area has a library of weird books as decor! Barstaff are friendly, the interiror is so luxurious and at the right times you can be easily left alone in there.
  • I've been going to the Red Lion every day for the last 3 years and never seen a schoolgirl in there. Still I live in hope!!
  • The Old Manor is the classic boozer, having broken in many a budding Bracknell drinker. Everything from Hooch to Stella for the perfect friday night fight.
  • South Hill Park and all the people that go there. Sorry, NO TOWNIES ALLOWED. Could all under age persons go to The Manor. Many Thanks
  • Just a short taxi ride outside the concrete jungle we have The Three Legged Cross in Warfield - low ceiling, short on space,friendly hosts and regulars. Further afield The Jolly Farmer in Hurst - the best food in the area.
  • The Royal Oak was a real old locals pub, small with low ceilings, no muskic or games machines, just chat and locals
  • The Red Lion The Bull The Goose
  • hmmm..... hasn't bracknell got a great choice. any on housing esates - dont bother, you'll be pushed out.. as in literally told to piss off?! in town - the mannors a good laugh. the boot, hmmm yeah, think they're re-doin it or something, dunno but its gonna be closed for 3 months.. god where will the youth of bracknell drink now?!
  • The Manor, what can i say?frequented it during my final year of A'levels trying to find inspiration for courswork but not my scene anymore.Prefere the rugby club kinda helpfull that i work there!!!!Friendly staff,cheap booze,nice atmosphere,Juke box and Pool table not mention the men!!!!However membership is required but can be obtained on the door for 10 a year as a social member.If thats not your scene try the Runner cleaned it's act up recently and been refurbished nice place to go now much better than before.
  • Runing Horse again ... visited last week, new manager, quite pleasant, but sort out your service its shite!!!
  • The notorius Golden Farmer is the place to be for a good pint and a traditional pub fight. Voted Community pub of the year twice, the award upset the local's saying it gave the pub a good name.
  • Who on earth got paid for praising the Running Horse Pub? I think you have been mis-led my friend, it's awful and it is full of under-age drinkers, the local bike and pals and should be driven past quickly. The Running Horse used to be sited where Ethyl is now, then it was a very small, friendly run country pub, that's when it was great. The best pub is the Forester's on the London Road heading towards Ascot. But if you want cheap then Bracknell Bowling Club is your answer- mind you its members only.
  • hard pushed to decided what to recommend theyre all pretty awful!
  • The manor is always packed on a Friday lunchtime - so don't even think about it, okay!
  • Hey no-one has mentioned the Runner - the spectactular pub on the huge roundabout - the only pub in Bracknell where you can get away from the normal dregs of Bracknell - no druggies, slappers etc - and a perfect pint!!!
  • Well...I hate to say it but I do tend to go to The Manor a lot. Don't know why really...the people are crap, the service is crap, there is no pool table and it smells of salt and vinegar. It does have good cheap drinks and it is very large for a pub....that is about it!!! (If you are into quizes I believe The Green Man pub to have the hardest quiz EVER!)
  • This list needs updating. The old manor has turned into sssssss*********tttt. full of morons. The bull and the twigg are also crap.
  • Frisco Jacks - Great during the afternoons, between 5-7, then all the usual Bracknell Riff Raff arrive, and the place turns into a boxing ring and a place where little skinheads who think they are 'Hard' start trouble!! Good entertainment if you like boxing (although not always so much fun when you are involved - especially when the bottles come out!!)
  • new town pippin harmans water sad s--t of a landlord & landlady a must see before they go OH PLEASE GOD
  • There are a few good pubs in Bracknell especially the Silver Birch in Birch Hill
  • The Canny Man in Great Hollands, well near it anyway. I don't know where it is exactly but it's near the spar. Me and my mate Gems can be seen there on a Saturday night, usually outside, watching as the talent goes in and out, or summoning them to greet us. Whichever comes first.
  • The Weather Vane - also does meals.
  • All the pubs in bracknell are pretty crap really. Old Manor is best for good beer, but is full of students.
  • The Red Lion (packed full of schoolgirls on a Friday and Saturday).
  • The Manor (no music but has excellent real ale festivals every now and then).
  • Rumour has it that the Market Inn will be transformed in to a 'Firkin' pub.
  • South Hill Park really is the only thing that makes Bracknell bearable. It has 2 bars and the Cellar Bar where live bands and comedy are, plus art galleries, theatres and a small cinema. It's the place to go if you want to get away from legging clad pram pushing teenage mothers.
  • The Bull (nice).
  • The William Twigg in Gt Hollands (even nicer).
  • The Prince of Wales (Thought I would add that.

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