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Skateboarding Spots
  • Longhill skate park
  • Chiz did make the stairs at the market it took him about 4 or 5 goes i saw it
  • In town, down by the Catholic church, nr princess sq. theres the park down by lily hill between town and havey down
  • Groin was the first to get 4 wheels out at King's Cross, he phoned Knappy at 2am to tell him!
  • 27/10/05, new(ish) skate park at Mill Pond, hot guys. One problem, chavs roller blading. sports centres ramps been taken away!!!
  • I hear it was da Groin that first nailed the stairs at the market. Oh and the guards at Arlington friendly? They launched stones at us which we deflected with our boards. Old Skool
  • Ahh you have forgoten where Chiz and all the old school skater learned the throw on hadrails. The smallest rail at the time...... Yep out side the Police Station. Chiz never actually landed the stairs at the market he was just the first person to try it! I was there! Also Mono isnt the last of the old School still skating you have forgoten the master Groin ha ha. Grion can still rip it up with the best of them at a drop of a hat, he's even been seen doing his all time favorite tricks (impossibles and preasure flips) a little bit tipsey well he was drunk as a skunk.
  • two locally the sports centre and longhill park great for urinating down and vomiting on
  • Longhill skatepark in 'chavey down' just outside Bracknell on the way to Ascot is an awesome park, nice community, mainly BMXers but all sorts are welcome. Its getting demolished and restyled very soon though, new park looks very cool so that's worth a look. There's also a new park at Mill Pond near McDonalds (Wildridings/Great Hollands area). Its a fairly compacted council job but it flows really nicely and has plenty of diversity, with a volcano with triple hip, spine, mini-volcano, driveway, 1/4s and roll-ins of varying sizes, and a couple of grind rails and grind boxes. Definitely worth a look, I had a lot of fun skating there, lots of different lines are possible. As it happens there's also lots of good street spots nearby with gaps and stairs ranging from pretty tame (3's+4's) to pretty gnarly(8's/10's).
  • bracknell sports center
  • Yes, the 12 set-stairs down to the market have been nailed, to my knowledge 'Chiz' was the first to clear them back in about '91. He was also the first to make the stairs at the point and the first to hammer the handrails there (throw-on's). The Original Bracknell skatboard crew consited of: Buggs, Knappy, Scrotum,Mono, Chiz, Tiger, Groin and Fritz. Mono is the only original Skater still riding. The Original vert ramp was completed in '89 and cost 11 grand!!! One side of it was burned down by local idiots about 3 years later and the council replaced it with the steel monster that still stands. Mono was responsible for getting the fist ramp built. Noteable vistors to the ramp were: Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Ray Underhill, Mark Saito, Steve Saiz,Aran Dieta & the H-Street team, Sean Goff, Gary Lee, The Abrook bros, Pete Dossett, Ian Cocking, Mike Manzoori, Jason Lunn, Gary Valentine, Lija & Loads more. There Was a pretty heavy scene back in the day and Bracknell Had the best vert ramp in the the UK in the Late 80's- early 90's. Latest news for 2005 is that Bracknel Council Are building a new concret park on the old Longhill site. Plans include a bowl and various street obstacles, it shoiuld be open by June 2005 for a rad summer.
  • wow thats a hard one... townie central good ol' 12 set
  • Skateboarding spots.. there is Long hill skatepark in Martins heron. Princess square carpark if theres not loads of you it's a great spot to skate if you don't get caught by security. South hill car park is cool for skating I guess.
  • Bracknell cinema(uci or ugc.cant remember)anyways there is a 6,5,4,3,and 2step.the run up to the 6 is so smooth but kinda short.round the back next to sum bar is a sick 2 step ledge with is so smooth.there is a big pole nearly in front so dodge the same office as the blue rail(now skate-proofed) if u go round back there is a HUGE medium wdth wall flatbank which is the end there is a drop.another office nearby(the place is a bust) is some nice stairs,ledges and a fountain area with a nice grass gap.
  • longhill bracknell sport center theres some shite thing the council put up all over bracknell just 2 ramps a bench a rail and a little hut fun waste of money i say.
  • there is a big twelve set don the market end of bracknell (right next to herbies pizza) it pretty big and have looked at it each time i visit the town. has a big green rail in the middle for the gnarlier of bracknell visitors. i know of no-one who has either sent themnselves down the stairs or the rail. its a nice long downhill run up and a flat landing. not and horrible set but worth trying.
  • south hill car park/ birch hill
  • Red ledge.
  • longhill Park
  • Entire Contrete jungle that is 'Rackenll'
  • check out the new streets around near warfield near TESCOS for lots o smooth streets good 4 ya flatland
  • Yeah Bracknell's quite good - you have to watch out for the pikeys though, there are hundreds of em around, and they have a serious problem towards anything that isn't in their crew. They swarm around in huge groups, but just remember - their huge puffa jackets make them look bigger than they really are.
  • about 10 years ago Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade came to Bracknell skate ramp to do a demonstration. It was Rad. the end
  • oh..?? longhill park, dunno, just up the road from my mates house..?
  • If I see anyone skate boarding I tend to shoot them! "Skate or Die" is their shite motto...the ones I see conform to the latter!
  • New Skate Park opening today 31st July '99 just outside of Bracknel on the way to Ascot (hang a left at the renault garage roundabout and it's 1/2 mile on your left). One quater into death box into split hip quater, and large flat bank roll in into fun box, mini to come in August.
  • Bracknell is worth travelling miles to get to if you know where the spots are. I've had mates who skate Southbank say that they wish that they could skate Bracknell more often. Admittedly the place is a dump for townies and princes to hang out but if you come to skate and find the spots, you won't be disapointed.
    • Blue rail-about foot and a half high 5 inch diameter, 5 meters long, shallow, grass banks down each side.
      This is the one in the Playing Fields vid (the one Alex Moul does).
    • Flat Bank-outside Princess Square, good for flip fakies.
    • Bus station - real good metal benchs.
    • Train station - rail-round the back of the train station multi storey, flat well long 2 foot high rail.
    • Arlington Square - like something out of a chocolate vid or something, lots of blocks steps, guards (better than most, more friendly), shallow bank, curbs, blocks down steps, massive triple set.
    • Point - ripper set of 5 into 6 steps (see John Cattle flip over them in sidewalk surfer) Handrails, sets of 3 as well.
    • Various multi-storeys, gaps over pavements off ledges, benches, bandstand (good to grind), Library hand rail, Magistrate Courts steps, Library steps and parallel small (tiny) bank.
    • Tescos - big flat lots of curbs and a gap from the garage down to the car park and another gap round the back (this one's out of town a bit in a place called Warfield, near to me, where I'll be found most evenings when I'm not in Bristol studying.)
    At present I skate Bristol a lot and I think that for skating, due to the close proximity of all the spots, Bracknell compares favourably to Bristol.
  • Big, solid ten-foot Rareunit vert ramp for people who can really skate (rather than [attitude alert!] fashion victims who are into little trwiddly flips up kerbs). But it's a metal ramp so it takes ages to dry and is quite frequently too wet or too muddy/dirty from kids playing on it. (Bring a broom to clear the rubbish off!) At the back of the Bracknell Sports Centre, about a mile or so from the station. Sports centre good for food and drink.
    [1997]: The vert ramp is being mended and repainted. A competition to raise money for a mini to stand along side is going to happen in the summer with any pros who are over for the summer 97 comp at Wembley.
  • There's load of industrial estates with decent enough car parks to piss around in. See Mercury/ICL, BMW, Town Centre for good 'uns. Watch out for security nazis.

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